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Halloween Prep

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

One of my friends is having a Halloween party this year. Originally I was thinking of doing Princess Leia because Iíve always wanted to dress up as her but with the costume and the shoes itís a bit over my price range. So Iím putting together a costume from my own wardrobe. I have this burgundy lacy sleeveless top that looks sort of Gothic if worn in the right outfit so Iím going to wear it with a black skirt and black boots. With the right makeup and accessories Iíll be the perfect vampire. This cuts cost down by more than half.

Hereís the deal though, the top is a little sung. Mostly it doesnít bother me but the guy I have my eye one will be there so I want to look good; looking good means losing some pounds so that the top goes from being snug to perfect. I want to dress to impress and for everyone one to know that big girls can be beautiful too.

Having an actual date I want to slim down by is new to me. Usually itís some arbitrary date that has no meaning, but this has meaning and purpose. I know that in a month I wonít lose a massive amount of weight, but I hope that it is just enough. This is a push I need because my eating has gotten out of hand this past month as we moved into a new building at work and things got a little crazy.

Today I signed up for Sparks 30 Day Fit Food Challenge. I wish I had known about it Friday before I did my grocery shopping for the week. Iíll do my best to keep my heating as clean as possible with the occasional non clean treat. Last night I worked out for the first time in a long time, though I could not make it through the whole 30 minute video.

Weíll see how this goes. My last challenge went bust a week in. Iím not very disciplined.  Some may say I donít want it enough, but I now that isnít true. I think itís just an attention thing. Iím A.D.D. so itís hard for me to stay focused on one thing for an extended period of time. Thatís why I focus more on changing my habits because once something is a habit I donít have to think about it anymore.

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    I'm looking at challenges to join too. Good luck with yours and getting your costume together! Most of all enjoy!!!

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BARBARASDIET 10/1/2013 4:09PM

    Now that my kids are grown, Halloween is kind of pain!

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Clean Eating Challenge Day 7

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Tracking your food not only is a great way to know how many calories you eat but also how you are doing in other areas as well. I have been tracking consistently for about two weeks now and I have realized three things: 1) I donít eat that many carbs, 2) without a multivitamin I donít get that much iron, and 3) I need more calcium.

The calcium bit is tricky. During this past year I had to break up with dairy. You see, while I love it, it doesnít love me back. I know there are pills that I can take, but I like to save that for when I was something special like ice cream. I can usually have at least one serving of dairy without any problems. I switched to almond milk but I donít drink it like I did regular milk because itís more expensive so I try to stretch it out, and I donít like it as much.

Yesterday was a clean day except for the beer that I had with dinner after a stressful day at work. One non-clean food out of twelve itemsóIím okay with that. Iím really only aiming for 70-80% clean eating. Iím not getting organic meat/poultry because itís not in the budget and as I said before there are some things I just wonít give up. I want to enjoy life.

I recently downloaded Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst. I think that is it about time that I start focusing on the spiritual side of health and wellness. For me that is found in my relationship with God. I have never really included Him in the area of my life which is folly. As my Lord every area of my life is His. I have noticed that in the past when I am spiritually healthy, all areas in my life benefit.


Weekend Review

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

I was going to post an update yesterday but it was completely crazy at work and I left my laptop at my parentís house.

Weekends are the bane of my healthy living journey. This past weekend was no different It was a clean eating bust. It didnít happen. There was pizza, bear, and ice cream. I felt it Monday morning too. I was sluggish and bloated. Serves me right.

Iím not giving up though. The challenge is only lost if I end the month and there is no change. The road to healthy living and clean eating is a journey. If take two steps forward and one step back I am still one step ahead of where I was. There are three more weekends to get right.

While I did go over my calories yesterday I did eat pretty clean. The bread crumbs I coated my pork chops in werenít clean by any stretch of the imagination but they are what I had on hand.


Day One/Two

Friday, August 02, 2013

Beginning Weight: 238

I forgot to weigh in yesterday so I am using todayís weight as my beginning weight. I will weigh in again at the end of the month. This isnít a challenge where the goal is to lose weight; it is becoming a healthier eater. I believe that weight loss with be a natural side affect to changing the way I eat.

Day one did not go well. There was a snickers bar and some brownies. Thatís okay. One bad day is not gong to knock me out. Itís a process. It's about learning new ways to deal with things. For instance the brownies, which were left over from small group the night before and should have been thrown out, happened because I got stuck in traffic and it took twice as long to get home. I was feeling a bit stressed and annoyed. Not a good reason to eat I know. I have to learn to handle it differently. I could have walked on the treadmill (it was raining outside) or worked out to a DVD.

Hopefully I can learn from this.

Today had the potential to be off track. I had prepared my food for the day as I do ever morning and packed my cooler. I had to leave 10 minutes early because they are doing roadwork on the street I am off of and I wanted to stop at the ATM and get my weekly cash. In my haste I left my cooler on the counter.

All of my lovely prepared clean foods were left at home.

For the most part clean eating takes a lot of planning and preparing. Food on the fly is not so easy. I stopped at the grocery store and did my best. I picked up some cut up pineapple and plain greek yogurt for breakfast and Amyís pizza snacks for lunch. As frozen prepared meals go I feel comfortable selecting Amyís products because they use all organic ingredients have no additives.


August Eating Clean Challenge

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I love summer. From Memorial Day to Labor Day the dress code at work changes from business casual to casual and I get to spend three glorious months wearing jeans, t-shirts, and tennis shoes. Every Memorial Day I pack away my trousers, khakis, skirts, and dresses in the hope that by the end of the summer I will find them too big.

This is never the case and I am tired of it. Tomorrow I am starting a personal challenge. For the entire month of August I will eat as clean as possible (whole foods, minimal processing) and avoid my trigger foods (pizza, popcorn, sugary treats.)

I do love eating healthy (I mean, seriously LOVE it) yet I cannot seem to break away from eating junk. I have been trying to move to a more clean diet for that last couple of months. I hope that by doing this challenge that eating clean will become a more ingrained habit.

I will be blogging my way through this challenge and if I manage to make it through relatively unscathed I am buying myself this bag:

Isn't it lovely? It's a nice size, has lots of pockets, and comes with a matching tablet case that I can put my kindle in. I will be officially moving up to an adult tote bag with this baby. It's about time really. I am going to be 31 after all. Oh it also comes in black. I'm not sure which one I want.

Wish me luck!

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BHEALTHY4ME1 8/1/2013 12:40AM

  I love that you picked out the reward so definitively. I promised myself a "white purse" for one of my rewards & then never bought one. If I had chosen it first, I don't think that would have happened. emoticon emoticon

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BROADBRUSH 7/31/2013 6:59PM

    fashionista - beautiful
you can do it - i have also decided to beat up on carbs again - only i will have fresh fruit cause it is summer and in season.

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NSPIXIE 7/31/2013 6:51PM

    That bag is awesome! Go for it!


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LAINYC 7/31/2013 6:02PM


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    Nice! That's a great incentive. Good luck!

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LETHA_ 7/31/2013 3:06PM

    Good for you.

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