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Bad Battery?

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Yesterday the carpet cleaners came and did the house in an hour. We had the windows and doors open and the overhead fans running to help dry it out, and later in the day I turned the AC down to get the humidity down. Today it looks like we have brand new carpet everywhere, but the price has doubled in the last four or five years, and went up 33 per cent from last year. I think the guy must be making really good money.

I also had the leg come completely off of the table we bought in Milwaukee, and which is about the only one I've found that fits comfortably in the dining area in this house. The BW used to push it around, and one of the legs came loose, and kept getting looser and looser. It came off completely, and the screw never does get tight in the hole. I looked at it carefully, and realized that the body of the leg never seats against the table top, so I tried drilling the hole deeper by hand, using one of my own 3/8 inch bits. It didn't help, so I looked again and noticed that I hadn't completely scraped away the edge of the countersink hole. After working on it for a long time, there was always a little more than a sixteenth of an inch gap there, so the leg would not be supported. I finally just bought some more five minute epoxy glue (3200 psi), along with the rest of the pavers and lumber for the patio extension the BW wants, and poured some down the stripped screw hole, along the countersink, and around the bearing surface where the leg doesn't touch. After the leg set for an hour, it was solid as a rock. After 10 years the table is really solid again, but we will never be able to take the legs off so it packs into the van again. On the other hand, the van has been gone for eight years, and no one plans to move.

Other than that, I have33 pavers, four treated two by fours, and a plan for a small extension of the patio (after I get some aggregate and a lot of sand to raise and level the bed for the pavers).

In between the carpet cleaners and the visit to Home Depot, I went to lunch and found out that Murray is really 92 - not 91 which is what I thought. We were at Tiffany's, and I had a really good Ruben. I drank water as a penance, but I hate healthy Rubens. Grant's, out in Yakima, had the healthiest Ruben I ever ran across - the rye bread was toasted instead of grilled in butter, the corn beef was thin and the cheese was thin, and the sauerkraut was dry. Grant's made fine beer but served healthy food, and sometimes that isn't what you really want.

Today I did the first half of this month's safe driving seminar - and the universal remote gave me fits. It started the day by claiming the battery was too low, so I took it back to Ella for charging. She sent it up with a runner, but it only lasted a short while, so I was working with videos periodically. One lady came in and fixed things for a short while, and I could stop and start the video for a while, but then it stopped OK but wouldn't start again. I didn't think I could get my DVD out of the blueray player after the class, but I did figure out an emergency button from the "battery low" screen that brought everything back long enough to get it out. Nothing else would work, but at least I haven't lost any hardware.

Now I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the battery will be good tomorrow. I never had that problem before, and I did get to show all but one of the videos today, so it should be fine tomorrow, or the battery is old enough that it won't take a charge any more. That universal remote is all they have, and I have been using it for three years, so maybe it's on a death spiral.

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THINRONNA 2/8/2012 6:11AM

    Nice job figuring out how to fix that table. I have to fix a toy baby crib ofr my daughter with some of that stuff but I want to wait for a day when the kids aren't around to trouble it.

I love a good Reuben! My favorite sandwich and you cant't get one over here...sigh.

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MS.ELENI 2/7/2012 9:36PM

    Another busy day for you.Who did your carpets and were you happy with the job they did.

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A Random Train ot Thought

Sunday, February 05, 2012

The carpet cleaners are coming to do the whole house tomorrow morning - at 8:00, so the BW is going to have to get up. I plan to take the day off, except for getting ready for the safe driving seminar on Tuesday and Wednesday, and storing everything loose that we can get out of the way of the cleaning crew. I also am going to have to figure out how to get all the stuff out of the BW's room, so I can paint it. I have to do the whole inside of the house before we get new carpet (the BW's rule) and the flooring guys don't want us to remove all the furniture - just everything in the furniture. When I look around (I have four six foot tall bookcases, in addition to a lot of other stuff in my room) I think we need to either do a major declutter effort again, or rent a storage area to keep all the extra stuff for a month or so.

It was a major thing when we sold our house in Indianapolis - after we gave away everything the kids would take, put a lot of stuff on the curb that people would steal overnight, and stored the stuff that the BW couldn't part with (for three years, until she let go of it) the auctioneers came and filled a big moving truck with the leftover junk that I didn't think was there. I couldn't believe that we got $3,000 from the crumbs - I guess we gave away a lot that time.

This house is a bit more than 1/4 as big, but we have been living here for 8 years now, and it's crammed full, along with the garage and the 9 by 12 shed in the back yard that I had to build. We're going to have to do a major declutter effort before getting new floors.

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THINRONNA 2/6/2012 2:51PM

    That is the good thing about moving all the time like we do...we travel light and I declutter about 4 times a year so things don't build up. We do have a whole house full of things in storage in the US though...the children well be so surprised one day when they see all that we really do own!

Decluttering is a good thing....

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MS.ELENI 2/5/2012 11:48AM

    That is why I will never move. Let me know how the carpet guys do on your floors. I need my living room done

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AZMOMXTWO 2/5/2012 11:28AM

  good luck

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Lunch Bunch and Lentil Soup

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Today the BW took me to the Dunedin Garden Club meeting in Weaver park, and we go the tour. I was surprised that the wood from a slash pine is so hard you need to drill a hole in order to drive a nail into it - I always thought of pines as softwoods. I also didn't know that redbuds, hickory trees, and a few others would grow here - I always thought of them as Ohio (or at least northern) natives.

We finished off by going back to walk the 700 foot pier out to where the water is deep enough for a decent sized boat to tie up - about 9 feet. Sutherland Sound has very clear water near shore - you can look down through three feet of water and look at the sea grass and ripples in the sand, but where it's deeper is gets dark (murky?).

Yesterday Jack and I expanded to four guys. Jack and Murray wanted to do controlling things - Jack wanted to add up our ages for a name for the "Club" - 331. Murray wanted to set up some goals. I think we beat both of them down - besides, every time we gained a guy or lost one the name would have to change, and we are admitting that we're OLD guys. Everyone still had a car and gets around just fine, of course, and I still think that "old" is someone 20 years older than I am.

I used up the gallon of turkey stock that has been cluttering up the freezer today - I made a quadruple batch of lentil soup, using a Spark People recipe. Unfortunately, it turned out the way the BW likes soup (broth between the solids). It's a vegetarian recipe which called for a quart of vegetable stock, so I'm not sure if it is vegetarian, but it's good.

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TUDI4480 2/5/2012 2:44PM

    Lentil soup...YUM!!!!

Thanks for the comment on the IKEA build. It is fun. And my they do have a lot of products and choices for everything. The Grandkids took their time to pick just the right desk and chair for each of them. I do love the instructions and the visuals. I went slow to forestall any mistakes/re-dos. Good stuff.

emoticon emoticon

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THINRONNA 2/5/2012 4:02AM

    Of course you would have to change the name of the club every time one of you has a birthday too!

Sounds like a fun day!

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MS.ELENI 2/4/2012 8:36PM

    Sounds like a busy but good day emoticon

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Our Paint and Bread

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I didn't paint anything a different color - it's white over white. When we moved in here the interior doors were dark Phillipine Mahogany, and the BW hated them. It took one coat of primer and two more coats of paint to get them white. The new white is "Ultra white" and it is quite a bit lighter than the old stuff. I have to do the edges and corners twice (two coats) to make them match the rolled sections. The real advantage is that all the scuffs and chips are gone (after spackling some places, of course.) I didn't think we really needed paint, but the three done rooms are a lot brighter.

My mother was always changing the colors in the house, so we wound up painting the whole house every two or three years, but the BW just likes white. That's still a problem because to patch an area you need the same paint - the same color and the same sheen. When we were selling our house I went around and patched marks, and I found that if I put the wrong white paint in a room, it would show up glaringly from an angle even if it looked great straight on. The same manufacturer and sheen is needed if you want to cover something. From now on I will know exactly what to use if there are any new holes in the walls.

I got two loves of half whole wheat bread today. I had whole wheat, but thought it might be a higher loaf if I used three cups of whole wheat flower and three and a half cups of unbleached flower. To make sure I added four tablespoons of gluten just in case. I got two nice loafs that are exactly like the two whole wheat loaves I got last time. I think I'll just make two loaves of white next time because they were a little higher..

I finished the old bread today and had just one slice of the new (I freeze one loaf and keep the other in the refrigerator in an old bread bag because the BW has now stopped eating wheat). As far as I can tell, the half whole wheat is just about like the whole wheat - but everything is good for making sandwiches.

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THINRONNA 2/1/2012 12:54AM

    Nice! White is good...goes with everything.

The bread sounds nice...I can\t get gluten here. Sometimes things like that make me miss the states. Enjoy your bread!

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MS.ELENI 1/31/2012 8:05PM


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Done Painting (for a while)

Monday, January 30, 2012

We just finished putting everything back in the big bedroom. I started taking things out Saturday when I didn't know what else to do, removed the fixtures, cleaned things up with Spic and Span, and rolled all the walls. I had two gallons, which was just enough paint to do the walls and start on the ceiling with the short nap roller from the first gallon.

I thought I could do the ceiling and the edges and put things back Sunday, but I ran out of paint after the first gallon. It only took about an hour to do the ceiling, so I went out and got another couple of gallons.

Then, when I started I didn't feel like pouring out of a new gallon and getting the outside wet, so I started working out a full gallon of paint, which was great until I moved the gallon while I was sitting on the floor with my legs folded in front of me, and had the bottom hit my left foot. I spilled a spot a couple of inches across on the carpet.

As I was cleaning it up I had a visitor show up, and the BW volunteered to complete the cleanup. The visitor stayed for several hours, so that was the end of the Sunday painting.

Today I finished the painting, bought two new Kwikset latches - one Closet and one Bed and Bath, and put everything back on the walls and new door striker plates and latch hardware. The blinds and wall lights are up, the registers is back in the ceiling and the overthead fixture is back, and all the furniture is back from all over the house. Also, the BW is completely happy ( for a while).

Now I need to mix up some dough to sit overnight so I can bake bread tomorrow - I'm running out of bread.

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MS.ELENI 1/31/2012 10:29AM

    painting a room a new color does make room nice. But you sure do work a lot. Sorry but had to giggle a litle about spilled paint.

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THINRONNA 1/31/2012 3:49AM

    You are sure a busy man! What color is the paint and what kind of bread did you make? (I'm about out too...just a little dough left for either pizza tonight or one small loaf)

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