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Meat Slop Success

Friday, January 27, 2012

The second batch came out fine. I put the cabbage in first, then two cups of water and two big onions, garlic, two tablespoons of curry powder, one tablespoon of dried basil, and a big handful of crushed red pepper. I put the meat on top of the pile, and simmered that for nearly two hours, checking from time to time for sticking, but it was just as if I was making bean soup - no sweat. After the meat sort of dissolved into the rest of the stuff, I put the two cans of tomato paste in, and that took care of all the extra water. The BW said it reminded her of spaghetti sauce, which is reasonable. It's basically just meat sauce over cooked cabbage, and it's a strong red. Unfortunately I forgot to leave the red pepper out until it's served because the BW doesn't like the bite, but she still said it was good. It's a little strange having so few different vegetables, but a very simple recipe.

I only had about four quarts left to store, but I'm good for a few days while I finish the bean soup and meat slop.

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ARTJAC 2/4/2012 10:09PM


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THINRONNA 1/31/2012 3:47AM

    Nice! Sounds good! I'll have to google it to see what it is all about...

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MS.ELENI 1/27/2012 9:56PM

    glad it turned out good

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    That's really great. I'm glad it turned out good for you and that even the missus had some. Low in calories, high in protein and complex carbs. I'd like to make another batch, but they're calling me into the salt mines this weekend.

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MARYSABEAN 1/27/2012 5:10PM

  Congrats! You overcame and succeeded.

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Meat Slop Adventures

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I had a stab at meat slop yesterday. I used two red cabbages, a package of ground turkey breast, two red onions, lots of garlic, and two cans of tomato sauce, plus curry powder, crushed red pepper, and basil. Unfortunately, I browned the meat first, then added water and the tomato sauce, and then the cabbage, onions, and garlic. It would have been great but the turkey and tomato on the bottom stuck and burned to a one eight inch thick crust Ė which messed up the taste. Then I went back and got two large (12 oz) cans of tomato paste, which thickened up the mess and made it look a lot better. It still tasted burned, but I packaged it up (about five quarts) and put it in the refrigerator.

Then I woke up this morning at about 4:30, and thought about it for a while, and decided that I didnít want to eat the burned stuff, so I ran it down the garbage disposal and went back today to get another set of ingredients. Only tomato paste this time, and I bought smaller cabbages. I put two cups of water in the bottom of my biggest pot, threw in the cabbage first, the meat last, and saved the tomato past for the finishing touch. At this point everything looks good Ė after the first hour it looks like a normal batch of soup that I would have working Ė the liquid is just visible between the solids, and there is nothing stuck to the bottom of the pot. Iím hoping that it will turn out to taste better than the first batch.

All of this comes from not reading the directions again before I started. I donít normally use either tomato paste or tomato sauce Ė just diced tomatoes if I put any in, so Iím not up on how to do this.

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THINRONNA 1/31/2012 3:45AM

    I have never heard of meat slop. I have the same issues with worrying about burning meat if I brown it first in things though. I usually brown the meat then take it out and put the rest of the stuff in and then put the meat in again last. It is good that you tossed the first batch...that burned taste would have always been there.

I'll bet the new batch tasted good!

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    Let me know what you think. Did you spice the second batch like you did the first?

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MS.ELENI 1/26/2012 6:13PM

    I use tomato paste a lot and it needs liquid. Maybe you had the stove top too hot.Or not enough water.
Hope the new batch tastes good

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A Long Wait, But Good Outcome (So Far)

Monday, January 23, 2012

I just took six huge rolls and one normal sized one out of the oven Ė and burned a knuckle again. Thatís twice now. The BW wanted more rolls, and to keep from baking them every day I used up all the dough left on our largest cookie sheet. The last row ran together, and the only way I can get the tray in the oven is to turn it sideways. Since it doesnít have any ridges or walls on the sides, itís tough to get hold of it cleanly.

We rolled out at six this morning, hit the road at 6:40, and got the Morton Plant at the right place at 7:20, just one minute early. Then we waited a while, went upstairs, and I got prepped, ready to go (paper gown for clothes) by 8:30. Then we waited until 12:00 before they started me moving toward the operating room. My rear really hurt, even though I did get up about once an hour.

The operation, when it did finally start, lasted just one eye-blink. Then I went back upstairs and spent another hour waiting until they finally let me put my clothes on again. While I was pulling my pants out of the bag my pocket watch dropped out of my watch pocket and fell about 18 to 20 inches to the floor (concrete under vinyl). It still reads 2:30:45, because the second hand never did move again. Unfortunately itís a Timex, which lasts forever if buy it a new battery, but no one wants to repair them. Itís luck I had two running Timex watches, because I havenít seen a Timex pocket watch for quite a while.

Anyhow, I got no pain meds, instructions to take the bandage off tomorrow and shower tomorrow, and go see the surgeon again in 8 days. I guess itís all over, and maybe the pain in the neck (a little lower) is finally gone. Everyone seemed to know all about this, but they donít tell you when you get the bypass. I asked the doctorís assistant too, and he swore than it would go away when I healed up. There were a lot of surprises in that experience.

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GLC2009 1/31/2012 9:09PM

    hope you're all better now emoticon

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    This is indeed a good outcome so far.

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THINRONNA 1/24/2012 4:17AM

    Wow! I go away for just a little bit and here you are getting yourself cut open! Don't scare me like that! I am glad it is actually a seemingly minor thing and that you are on the mend. I have never heard of such a thing. Take care of yourself!

p.s. that stinks about the burn from your oven! I get those all the time in my line of work. Years back I went to work in an office as a consultant and the other office workers were stunned at the look of my arms from burns. Now you can barely see them and I work at a place with better ovens so it doesn't happen as often or as badly...but it still happens.

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MS.ELENI 1/23/2012 9:23PM

    I didn't know it could happen. You sound good. But take it easy for awhile.

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"Under the Kinfe"

Friday, January 20, 2012

The BW and Annie have been bugging me to see a surgeon, so I finally got a copy of my CAT scan from November 2010, made an appointment, and saw a cardiac surgeon on Tuesday. The wire used to hold my sternum together after the bypass surgery is sticking up and has been bugging me for more than two years. Apparently that's a fairly common problem, and I could either gain 50 pounds so it doesn't hit the skin, or have some minor surgery where he opens a hole and cuts off the loose end of the wire. I go under the knife Monday morning. The BW will drive me home, and I decided to stop taking aspirin even though I was told to keep taking all my medicines.

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MS.ELENI 1/20/2012 2:09PM

    I didn't know that could happen. At last it should feel better once it is fixed

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The Ooma Works Well

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Well, the Ooma is up and running, and the only thing I noticed is that there is a slight delay in the sound between when the direct sound gets to me and when the electronic sound (from a couple of rooms away) shows up. That is what happens then I leave a message on the answering machine using my cell phone. The Ooma answer voice has five levels, from silent to loudest, and the loudest is quiet compared to the cordless phone answerer, so I set the Ooma to answer after 9 rings and the Uniden to answer after six. That way we can answer the phone by hand, and telephone solicitors tend to get tired and give up, or not leave a message even if they get to the machine.

The sound is very clear, and for $3.47 a month we could afford to keep it even if we did use the cell phones for everything. Another surprise was that I used $145 worth of air time in three months, which is pretty close to the $50 that Brighthouse quoted, and the BW used a fair amount, but I don't know how much because I didn't check her original balance. So we may eventually go back to the minimum purchase on the cell phones and just leave them in the cars. I will have to call all the doctors and let change our phone number before we do that, because they are all calling the cell phones now.

So far we haven't had any telephone solicitations, campaign, or charity calls, so maybe the new number will be unlisted. That was a big advantage of the cell phones.


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