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Monday, July 19, 2010

This morning was clear and beautiful when the sun came up. We had 1.3 inches of rain yesterday evening, and it was humid, so the grass was covered with dew. I spent the day shopping - at Sam's Club, Costco, and Publix. I also did a bunch of paperwork for the Kiwanis and visited the Post Office and Suntrust Bank.

There were a few other errands, and the BW wanted to watch one of the movies I recorded last night, called "On Borrowed Time," so we did. We had leftover linguine for supper, and I brought home a 12 pack of O'Douls for her because she was cleaning out the garage and needed a particular cold drink.

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S3XYDIVASMOM 7/19/2010 11:32PM

    It's hot here, as well. No rain in sight. We're supposed to take the kids on a walking field trip on Thursday with the temperature in the mid-nineties. I'm really looking forward to that. NOT. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MS.ELENI 7/19/2010 10:57PM

    On Borrowed Time," sounds like a sad movie. I watch the mystery theater movie you mentioned last night.Did you watch it?
I stayed in house all day.It looked hot out there. Bill likes a cold Odouls on hot days.

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Pretty Lazy Sunday

Sunday, July 18, 2010

This morning I cut the grass, then read the Sunday front page and comics. The BW took my cell phone with her on a bike ride, which prompted me to go get a new sim card for her phone and buy a year's worth of service. We now have two active phones again, one for each car. They're very low cost. You buy $100 worth of time (400 minutes) and it lasts for a year, and if you renew at the end of the year the leftover minutes roll over. I'm up to $380 on my phone, but she decided it was too expensive and just had a phone with no service for a year. That means she could call 911, but not home, which she has wanted to do a few times.

While we were full-timing I paid $100 for 600 minutes every month and was grateful for the low cost. We never used the 600 minutes, but the service was to call anywhere from anywhere, and if you're moving all the time that's what you need. The little GO phones also let you call from anywhere to anywhere, for 25 cents a minute, so they're very convenient when you travel.

I wrote a couple of checks, to Consumer Digest and Reader's Digest, and now I run to the store for some linguine and washed spinach. The Spanish Rice with Chicken I made yesterday we had for lunch so that's no good. I have today's recipe from Spark People that sounds good (Skillet white beans, spinach & tomatoes over Linguine) and the BW decided it was as good as the turkey burgers she was thinking we would have because she didn't want to go to the store.

So that's it., and we'll be done for the day except for the new Poirot on Masterpiece Theater (or maybe it's Mystery) tonight. They're all new this year, and all in HD, so it' worth watching a little TV.

It was a pretty lazy Sunday.

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S3XYDIVASMOM 7/18/2010 10:07PM

    You sure get a lot done for a pretty lazy Sunday. emoticon

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MS.ELENI 7/18/2010 5:58PM

    Bill and I were talking the other day about how much we depend on our cell phones. It does make life easier for us. We never come close to our minutes either as we have the fave 5 and we call each other the most. We use ours when we go to grocery store or Walmarts.
I am thinking about going out to Fred Howards and see if I can get pics of sunset. I don't know why as Bill is right when he said I already have some.They won't look much different. emoticon
We had our grass mowed yesterday by a guy that bags it which makes Bill happy.
Enjoy TV tonight.

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Dead Paper Shredder

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Yesterday I spent an hour and a half using a dental pick and a pair of tweezers, picking away at the cutters in the jammed shredder. After I thought I had it clean, I put it together and it still wouldn't eat paper, but some more shreds showed up, so I picked some more. Then I tried again, and it still wouldn't work.

Then I finally got a little smarter, because things looked a lot the same, so I tried three times, and the cutters stopped at the same place (I looked at the bottom where they showed) every single time. Then I measured the depth the paper went in, and tried sticking a strip in a clear, pristine space, and still nothing.

THEN I finally realized what the two pieces of warped spring washer were - the clutch was broken. I had thought from time to time that the BW had jammed this thing, but I'm not dumb enough to blame her, so I kept complaining about myself. The paper wasn't jammed, the machine was broken. So I decided to see if I could disassemble the drive and fix up a jury-rigged friction connection.

Six of the seven screws came out just fine, but I could not get the seventh one out. I considered just taking the two pieces in my hands and doing a Godzilla imitation while I ripped them apart, breaking a corner off of one of the plastic housings. Instead I decided that the shredder had reached the end of it's useful live, dropped everything in the shred bin, carried it out to the 95 gallon trash can, and dropped it in. Then I felt that I had done something useful.

We had that shredder before we moved in here, in February of 2004, so I know it's more than six years old, and probably seven or eight. It was useful for a long time, and I would just buy another. I though it cost 40 or 50 dollars, and we have plenty of money in the furnishings fund.

Today I thought of all the places that sell shredders and decided that it would be a good idea to check out the prices online before I drove around all over town, so I looked. The least expensive one at Staples was $50, plus tax, and Amazon had a tiny one (desktop) for $20, but with $12.03 for shipping. Most other places had prices starting at more than $50, but one had a $20 shredder with free shipping. It only takes six sheets of paper or a credit card, and it didn't promise to eat a paper clip, but for the price I decided to save my afternoon and just buy it, which is what I did. It has a 3.5 gallon basket and looks as if it's the same size as the one I threw away, and we never put a paper clip through the old one. It was just overtaken by old age.

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MS.ELENI 7/17/2010 10:14PM

    I think I will drag mine out and start using it.

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S3XYDIVASMOM 7/17/2010 3:24PM

    Our new shredder appears to be just fine. Yeah! We decided to treat this shredder gently and not even try to put in the 12 sheets the manufacturer claims that it can handle. Our old shredder which does strips only is still going and I have this thought of running them simultaneously and really taking care of all the paper work around here.

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Stubborn Paper Shredder

Friday, July 16, 2010

Well, so far it has been a pretty good day. I walked by myself, then with the dogs, had a couple of meals, did a few chores, and finished up with the exercises for today. I just got a check at the front door - our secretary brought me a dues check for on of our Kiwanis members, but it's too late to deposit it in person today, so I recorded it in the check register, but waited until I get a receipt on Monday to enter it in the dues record and P&L program.

My next challenge is to take our cross-cut shredded apart and see if I can pick out all the paper stuck in the thing. It fills up fairly quickly because we're always getting statements of one sort or another that we don't want to keep. With your name, address, and an account number it's chancy to put them in the trash, and it's pretty easy to just pull the top off the shredder and push the residue down. Unfortunately, if it fills up faster when you do that, and eventually it's full and it gets jammed. Then you run it backwards. I have done that many times, but this time it didn't work. The shreds got jammed in key places, so the shredder runs forward and backward, but there are enough little pieces of paper in there that you can't get any paper to go through. I have picked at it, first with my fingers, then with a fine tip pen, and then with an awl, and there is less paper after each tool, but always too much to get a sheet of paper in the machine.

So my next step is to take a small phillips head screwdriver and remove seven screws from the bottom to see what I can do with the case off the thing. Wish me luck. I may be buying another shredder, and emptying it every time it's full.

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S3XYDIVASMOM 7/16/2010 9:33PM

    We just bought a cross-cut shredder today. We were at Sam's Club with instructions to buy a shredder. We had purchased a cross cut shredder a while back, and it croaked the first time we used it. So when we saw that that was all that was available, S3xy Diva Que3n made a quick call to Watermelon Head to see if he still wanted one, and he gave us the go-ahead. I guess you've already had more success with yours than we had with ours. I'm hoping that this purchase will not be another disaster.

Comment edited on: 7/16/2010 9:34:51 PM

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MS.ELENI 7/16/2010 4:55PM

    Good luck . i have one but don't use it.I know I should.

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It's Tomorrow

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I did get up and walk by myself and then take the dogs, have breakfast, and then go for the Mohs surgery. I turned out that the dermatologist is interested in history, and I promised to bring him one of the Cartoon History of the Universe books. He also spotted another possible cancer near the big one, which he biopsied, and took off the one he spotted first. I was surprised that he made such a big hole in my forehead, but he finished up with about 15 small stitches, which pulled everything back together. I don't know where all the skin came from to close the wound.

He also thought it would be a good idea for me to shave my head and come back, so I guess I will. I won't lose too much hair anyway. My head hurts, my right eye feels a little funny, and he said I might have a black eye. I don't know why the eye should be black - the cancer was a good way up on the forehead. Anyhow, it was a bigger deal than I expected, and I came out easier than usual. Some people have two and three excisions before everything is gone. That gives you real incentive to catch these things while they are small.

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PLAYBLUES22 7/15/2010 3:00PM

    Sweetie happy to hear the procedure went well, now try and get some much needed rest emoticon

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MAEJONE91 7/15/2010 2:45PM

    Absolutely. I'm so sorry you're going through this. Wishing you health!

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MS.ELENI 7/15/2010 2:20PM

    Take it easy today and tomorrow. You might find you like the Yul Brenner look.

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