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Monday, May 05, 2008

[pout] Being sick last week with some stomach thing on Tuesday and Wednesday means that I was forcibly tossed off the wagon, so to speak. I didnít lose anything this week but thankfully I didnít gain anything either. I still weight the same as last weekís weigh in; 266lbs. So, Iím a little sad about that. I didnít get much done this weekend either. I pretty much loafed around and watched movies. I didnít even get dressed. I am such a potato.


Am pleased

Monday, April 21, 2008

Iím finding that with just my healthy food choices that I drop a pound to a pound and a half a week. I weighted myself this morning and thought I droped only half a pound, which I didnít mind because I hadnít really done much this week except eat right, but when I input my new weight I found I had miss-remembered my weight from the week before and I had actually dropped a pound and a half. Iím very pleased.

Iíd do better if I got off my butt a little more. I plan to walk a little during my lunches at work. At least, I will until it gets too hot. Being sweaty at work is not a good idea.



Thursday, April 17, 2008

I went for a short walk yesterday at lunch. I only managed 10 minutes because I only took a half hour lunch. Itís been really busy at work lately. I was all set to play some racquetball in my basement last night but ended up getting a migraine. I had to leave work at 4:00pm to go home. I was stupid and didnít have my medicine with me. By the time I finally left and got home, the migraine was really bad. I took the Imitrex the doctor gave me but it ended up being less effective than it normally is. I guess if I donít take it as the first sign of the headache it doesnít do me as much good. I slept most of the evening. Now I only have one pill left and that stuff is expensive too.

Tonight, Iím going out and I didnít get a chance to take a walk at lunch today. Iím wearing pants that have a long hem and I didnít want to ruin them walking around the truck yard. Tomorrow, if the weather doesnít turn on me, Iíll take a long walk because it will be casual Friday and Iíll be wearing jeans.


Off your butt!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Okay, April. Here we go again. Get off your ass, Reona. Youíve dropped 12 pounds and yo-yoíd all over the place. Stop it. Spring is here and youíre sick of your weight. Youíve almost got this health thing down; all you have to do now is exercise more. Get off your butt. Stop talking about yourself in the third person.

You have to sign up for the day trip for Beltane and not kill yourself volunteering for the Pagan Picnic in June. And youíre still talking in the third person.

For some reason, I only seem to get any exercise on the weekends and thatís because I end up going out. Which ends up meaning a lot of walking. I almost never work out during the week and I know I could drop more weight if I did. I have the time but not the drive. Plus I get so tired during the week. I know. Excuses, excuses. Even 15 minutes of something would do me good. Blah. emoticon


Racquet ball tonight.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Okay, Iím better. Crisis over, so to speak. My face calmed down and is back to being semi-normal. I still have a few red spots that need to heal but at least the area around my mouth doesnít look like itís going to peel off anymore. And I didnít gain any weight either. Which was amazing in itself but I actually lost half a pound. I know, itís just half a pound but Iíll take what ever I can get.

Tonight, we beat the crap out of the basement concert wall with a tennis ball. [twang thump twang thump twang thump]

And apparently I canít curse on this site. Well thatís a pile of horse poopy!


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