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A change of plans.

Monday, October 24, 2011

I've been so busy lately, I've been craving a day to myself. No kids, no husband, no partner, just me...doing something wild and crazy my house. Tomorrow was supposed to be that day.

Right up until my phone rang this afternoon ::sigh::

It was my pregnant daughter...crying and frustrated. She asked if she could come stay with us for a few days. She and my 6 month old granddaughter. Like I could say no? girls are here, my little boys are thrilled, and to be honest, having spent the last hour cuddling pudgy baby, I'm fine with it. My house will get clean eventually, right? So now I'm looking forward to a 3 mile run with the partner in the morning, followed by some serious baby cuddling. WAY more fun than cleaning.

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LGAR519 10/25/2011 2:30PM

    Love it. I don't houseclean either, unless I'm backed into a corner.

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FITKAT62 10/24/2011 11:50PM

    Saved by the bell!

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What is it about 40?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Seriously, it's NOT a cut-off, it's just a number!

Twice in the last 2 days, I've seen references to 40 like it's OLD or something. Puh-leeeeeease! Not even close! The first was the blog of a fellow sparkerwho was celebrating her 40th, and her children and younger siblings were giving her a hard time. The second was this morning on the message boards, where I saw someone ask if they could "still" get in shape at 40. Huh? What? Let me give you 2 examples from my own life of just what you can do after that magical cut-off age of 40.

My business partner and best buddy, was 44 years old, about 50 lbs overweight and a 2 pack a day smoker. One day he tried to run up a small flight of stairs in his multi-level house, and couldn't do it. Right then, he realized he had to make some changes in his life. That New Years Eve(yes..he's a cliche) he smoked his last cigarette. He joined a gym and started working out so he wouldn't put on more weight, because he knew how easy it is to do when you quit smoking, and he got addicted to working out(because, if you're going to trade one addiction for another, you should always go from a bad one to a good one) and he good now. He also feels darn good....which is even more important. He realized that if he could make that kind of change for himself, he could probably help others do it too. So he went back to school(yep..WELL over 40) and now...he's been a personal trainer for the past 3 years. He'll be 50 in a couple months, and for the first time, he's doing something he LOVES a business that we're both very proud of, and is helping people change their lives in a very significant way.

Then there's me. I had my fourth child at 40 years old. At 42 I started training for a half marathon (even though I'd never been a runner, and had been battling a weight problem pretty much all my life) at 43 I ran my first half marathon. At 44 I went back to school and COMPLETELY changed careers. I was an advertising sales rep, I'm now a massage therapist....could I have changed much more than that? At almost 47 I started my own business (with the guy I just told you about, of course) and for the first time in my life, I'm not only doing WHAT I want to do, but since it's our company, we're doing it THE WAY we want to do it. I really wish someone had told me sooner that 40 was the cut-off for the good stuff, I wouldn't have worked so darn hard...LOL!

Honestly, I don't think there's any sort of cut-off..or any age that's "too old" to do anything(other than maybe wear really short skirts and boots. Stop look ridiculous!) and if you're telling yourself you're too old to lose that weight, run that race, learn that new thing, change that job to something you love or anything else, you're wrong. You can do'll take a lot of motivation, and a good amount of work, but imagine being able to say you did it. I once had someone say to me "I'd go back to school, but by the time I finished I'd be FIFTY" like that was a reason to not do it. Know what? God willing, you're going to be FIFTY anyway, why not get there with a new accomplishment under your belt?

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LGAR519 10/23/2011 3:41PM

    When I look in the mirror, I see an old woman looking back at me! But when I look at my reflection in a glass, I see a 67 y/o woman who has never been in better shape. In fact, I don't recognize myself. and the best is still to come. I just wish I hadn't waited so long! Sounds like you are doing great!!!

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PANDAS10 10/23/2011 1:51PM

    Thanks for pointing me to your blog!
I really do realize that turning 30 isn't old, or bad, and that I have a lot of life left.
It really was more the feeling that I wasted my 20s, my youth, and a decade of time that I can't get back. If I don't wake up now, will I ever?
I know that I need to stop fretting over the past - I HAVE learned from it, and since I don't get a do-over, I MUST move on and make the best of my time from here on out.
I'm more scared that I'll make the same mistake, wake up at 40 and still be in stuck in a rut, with worse health problems, and no goals met.
It's refreshing to see someone make huge life changes and sacrifices and come out better for it... most people never take the chance.
Thanks again!

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JAZZEJR 10/23/2011 12:40PM

    Love this blog. Hats off to you! I'm well over 40...and 50...and 60, and I still get excited about learning and doing new things. I think I returned to school for another degree with each new decade. Now I'm running again, and I do weights in the gym and walk with a girl 1/2 my age--sometimes I have to run to keep up with her. I still enjoy my work because it's totally different than it was when I first started it 43 years ago. People come to me with their computer questions (I'm really not all that smart; computers are just not all that complicated). My daughter is 40; she has the same spirit as you. Age is just a number--it can lie just as the scale often does. Enjoy your life! Revel in each new accomplishment. It's a great gift to your kids too! They believe what you do more than what you say. emoticon emoticon

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Friday, October 21, 2011

WHY am I so darn tired? Must be the week having caught up with me. Ugh! I'm supposed to run with partner guy tomorrow morning at 8, sure hope I can find some energy by then. Tomorrow we're also speakers at a luncheon, talking about the health benefits of massage...and of course why working out with a trainer is a good idea. Haven't really written anything, but since we're pretty passionate about the subject, and we only have to talk for about 15 minutes, it should be a breeze.



Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I finally have a new phone. It's currently smarter than I am, but I'm gaining on it. Sheesh! I have to keep reminding myself that taking on new mental challenges keeps the brain healthy. So if I keep dropping my phones and upgrading them...I'll avoid alzheimers, right? Right? No? was a theory.

In other news, they've approved reopening the pool at the rec center that my partner and I contract with. There's a good chance that when they do reopen (in February) I'll get to teach water aerobics! I taught about 16 years ago, and I'd love the chance to do it again,

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REBECCAMA 10/20/2011 7:35AM

  Way to go on the pool stuff! I don't have a smartphone, but congrats on that too!

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

is my word of the day, even though I'm still the proud owner of a broken phone and an old phone that's reminding me why progress is a GOOD thing. Also despite the fact that I got my hair cut today...and BOY is it short...this is going to take a little getting use to. Of course, by the time I get use to it, it'll be longer.

We had leftover vegetarian chili for dinner tonight (anyone know why some foods, like lasagna and chili, get BETTER the 2nd day?) so since I didn't have to make dinner, I went for a nice little run after my husband got home from work. I had meant to make today a rest day, but I'm so glad I didn't (See? Told you I'm getting addicted to this stuff!) I went for my run, came home and took an awesome hot shower, ate dinner, then ended the evening with a nice glass of wine. Ahhhh! Perfect!


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