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Having a down week...

Friday, February 21, 2014

I dunno why I can't seem to get out of this crap mood I've been in all week. Today has been the worst day so far.. I feel like I'm over trying to be better, I'm exhausted & just want to go back to regular days... I can't even find the motivation to work out.. I have all the resources just can't do it.. No matter what anyone's says to me it doesn't change not being motivated... Do I want to lose 50lbs by July? YES but does it look like that's going to happen?? NO!! Ugh what is wrong with me? :(

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FEBECG 2/28/2014 9:23PM

    Hey there Sandi!

I've been thinking about YOU and thought I'd come check and see what you're up to.
Hmmmm.. need to jump start again...?

First, a visit to the Dr. is a great idea. Rule out any issues.

Secondly, maybe back up some, stop trying to do it all... accept you have to start slowly... maybe just do one exercise for a week. Then do another for a week.

I know it's hard to go from nothing or next to nothing to something.
I began mid Jan. and barely walked much, then I joined the gym, and wow! now I'm walking almost 3k steps a day... plus playing wii daily.

So I'm thinking maybe you need to start slower... build up. Maybe you're pushing too hard, then your body says "whoa, slow down, time to break!".

I'm here for you Girlfriend, and want to help you take it one day at a time!

:) hugs, FebeCG

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LE7_1234 2/22/2014 8:27AM

    I was going to suggest hormones, too, but if you're sure that's not it, I second the recommendation for a checkup.

".. I do have other things on my mind to, my biggest issue is just getting up and moving.. I want to but CAN'T.. "

When I start feeling this really strong resistance, I can often trace it back to my head planning exercise that my body just can't handle at the moment. Like I want to run instead of walk, or workout for an hour, when my body would really be happier with half an hourů.

As soon as I reset my goal, I can jump up and move.


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.DUSTY. 2/22/2014 1:53AM

    Have you thought about hiring a personal trainer for 3 or 4 days a week for a month or so?

If you've paid for one and you know he or she will be coming over or you will need to meet them somewhere and knowing that canceling an appointment will cost you, that just might get you going.

It also sounds like you've been feeling down for several weeks now. It might be a very good idea to get a check up.

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POSITIVEHOPE 2/21/2014 11:46PM

    (((Hugs))) it's tough feeling like that. I had a particular weight loss number in mind at one time. I wanted to lose 100 pounds in one year. I saw other people had done it and really got in a funk because it didn't seem I could do it. I let it keep pestering me day after day. I lost 80 pounds that year. That is nothing to be discouraged about but I managed to make it seem small and stupid. Don't do whist I did and give up. I regained 60 pounds before I restarted this journey.
You my friend have accomplished something very worthwhile. There are so many people on this site that would trade journeys with you in a heartbeat. Let go of the number and the calendar date. Remember how much nicer life is in your smaller size. Your heart thanks you for your effort and so do your lungs. Be proud that you are honest enough to say you need support out loud. I'll bet you couldn't do that before you started this journey.
Lift your shoulders and raise your arms in a victory pose. You are Wonder Woman in the making.

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REDVIXION 2/21/2014 7:40PM

    Thanks Ladies I'm trying to stay positive it's just really hard :( DELHSI
it's over all but I don't think it's the hormones I'm 2 days past.... I do have other things on my mind to, my biggest issue is just getting up and moving.. I want to but CAN'T.. I can't fight the feeling.. I keep trying & trying & nothing..

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DELHSI 2/21/2014 7:33PM

    Sorry you are having a down week. When we lose motivation then it's so hard to regain it. I imagine though, that even those who have lost and kept off their weight had times where they lost their motivation but I guess they just pushed on through. Maybe that's the key. I know it's easier said than done.

I'm curious - is it just with the healthy lifestyle that you are in a funk or are you noticing you are in a funk overall? Not to be too personal, but are those stinking monthly hormones creeping in and playing a factor? The blues/depression maybe?

Maybe just commit yourself right now to small goals - how about 5 minutes of exercise and watching water and then in a couple of days add on to it? This way you are still working on a better lifestyle but not overwhelmed by it....

Hang in there! emoticon

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    Don't be so hard on yourself, girl! If you are feeling bad about not feeling motivated then you are still moving ahead, right? You are letting yourself feel what you are feeling, and that's good!

Even if it looks like you won't make the 50 lb by July goal, still take what you've lost so far and put it in the bank. You are on your way.

You've got this.

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Getting my form right..

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Today was night 2 of my arm & squat challenge.. I realized after last night my form wasn't right on my squats bc i didn't feel a thing.. So today at work everyone was showing me what I should be doing.. I listed to them and man were my thighs i have co works/friends who help me get through this stuff. It would have been horrible to finish the whole month with nothing to show for it bc my form was off.... Here's to a GREAT week full of motivation :)

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HELLOADDISON 2/19/2014 9:06AM

    I am glad you got this straightened out! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DNJEN471 2/18/2014 10:22PM

    emoticon having supportive friends sure does help! emoticon emoticon

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Tonight it starts...

Monday, February 17, 2014

Tonight I'm going to start my workout routine including 2 challenges arm & squats,, I have 7lbs to lose before my biggest loser weigh in on the 1st.. Hope I can keep my motivation.. Wish me luck :)

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CHRIMSONFYRE 2/18/2014 6:54AM

    Good luck! emoticon

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REDVIXION 2/17/2014 9:03PM


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FEBECG 2/17/2014 7:39PM

    emoticon I'm right there with you rooting you onward!

You can do it! You can!

:) Febe

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.DUSTY. 2/17/2014 6:44PM


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WINNIE1978 2/17/2014 6:22PM

    Good luck with your weigh-in and the challenges! emoticon emoticon

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Ready to fight this feeling....

Saturday, February 15, 2014

I have been in a CRAP mood the last week or so. Not sure if it's the weather or hormones or just a bad week.. I have still been doing ok for the most part with my food in take.. I did make homemade banana bread last night ans have been eating it ever since... Also had mash potatoes for the first time in 1 month 14 days.. I'm not really mad about just disappointed. My exercise is still at a stand still.. Tomorrow I'm fixing up our spare room and making it my space with my elliptical, weight bench, free weights and punching bag.. My mom also gave me a great idea, I'm going to have my bf trace my silhouette onto one of the walls and every month we will trace it again so I can see my progress.. I'm really excited.. Time to get back on track, I have goals to meet :) wish me luck :) emoticon

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DISNEYDIVA79 2/16/2014 1:13PM

    I'm right there with you, trying to get myself back on track with exercise and get the scale moving back in the right direction. You've got a great plan in place, so just stick with it and before you know it, regular exercise will be second nature and those silhouettes will be regularly shrinking. emoticon

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SUSANYVONNE68 2/16/2014 9:11AM

    I hear you, I think the mood has found me too. I just feel like why bother? I just read 9 motivational reasons to stay motivated. That sorat helped, maybe it will help you too. Hang tough, girlie, we know you can do it. I really like the silhouette idea as well, not only does it give you something to work towards, but its a visual to inspire you as you shrink and firm up! Awesome idea! I can't wait to hear about it in the future!!

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WINNIE1978 2/16/2014 8:23AM

    Having a room dedicated to exercise is great!

We technically have two rooms... we have a loft where the treadmill, elliptical and stability ball are located and then a spare bedroom is where we keep the Bowflex and dumbbells.

I really need to decorate the rooms a bit... put up some inspirational quotes, etc. I'd so indecisive though that I'm having trouble figuring out exactly what I want to do.

The silhouette idea is awesome!

emoticon emoticon

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E_SAT55 2/15/2014 10:07PM

  ohhh that's a really fun idea! If you feel comfortable with it, you should share pictures of that silhouette after some time

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I'm up & I'm down...

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I know what I want and I know what I need to do but I just can't get motivated.. I'm still doing good on the food part.. Working out is just not my thing.. I have all the time in the world considering we don't have kids but as usually I keep making excuses.. how do I get past this & get my butt in gear?? HELP!!!

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BESTSWEST 2/17/2014 8:21AM

    Nutrition is the most important dont beat yourself up

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STARFISH1961 2/14/2014 9:06AM

    I feel you! I've lost around 50 lbs. here on Spark and hate to exercise, so I try to just move more. I take stairs more often and park further away and try to do a little something every commercial break, even if its just moving my arms in circles or walking up the stairs a couple times. You will be surprised how small workouts can get ur heart pumping and that fat (crying) lol .I do enjoy walking when the weather is nice and water arobics really burns the calories and u dont even know ur fat is crying so that is refreshing too! Check out my page if you like, Good luck and keep Sparking, counting those calories is my favorite thing to do each day, it keeps me accountable and motivates me to not give up!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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WINNIE1978 2/13/2014 5:24AM

    Fake it until you make it. You don't have to love, or even like exercise in order to do it. There are some days that I don't even want to look at the elliptical, but I make myself do at least 10 minutes. If I'm still not feeling it after 10 minutes I can stop, but I almost never stop with just 10 minutes. Getting started is the hardest part.


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.DUSTY. 2/13/2014 12:38AM

    "Motivation comes from doing, not thinking. The longer you sit and think about something, the harder it becomes to do it. If you think too much, excuses may paralyze you."

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EDDYMEESE 2/12/2014 10:04PM

    It is definitely tough...sometimes all you can do is get out there and exercise, even if you don't want to. Start by doing 10 sit-ups, you know? Just keep adding to it. If you expect yourself to get out there and work out like crazy on day 1, you know it won't happen! So just start a little bit at a time :)

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