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Going Full Throttle in July ........

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Okay here is July, I am aiming to get out of the 220 club, no offense but I want out and this last quarter to get me out of the 200 club has to move on I want to see over the horizon!!!!

Exercise, Food, Water, Rest!!!!

Exercise: Work out 60 minutes a day M/T/W/Th/F
2 times on M/W/F by walking in the evenings
3 days of strength training T/Th/ Sa
Sunday will be my Rest/ Make up Day

Food: Making sure I eat 3 balanced meals a day, 5 fruits/veggies a day and staying within my calorie range.

Water: Get in 8 glasses a day even if it means waking up early to get in a glass or two before work then after work hitting up my water!!

Rest: Get in my sleep so that I am not tired during the day and my body functions properly to knock off these pounds!!!

Plus I plan to start up my change jar so that I will have some funds saved and make my rewards list.

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M3NOMOFAT 7/3/2007 10:55PM

    Red, You are back with a bang! Work your plan Queen. I am inspired by your words and will join you in kissing the 170's goodbye. I was 1 lb short of my goal for June. So watch out July-- Red, Torinicole and m3 are swingin' and not swaying. We will get it done cause we are doin' the Dang Thang! Go Queens!

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FOXYLOSE30 7/3/2007 9:05PM

    I sure do like your well

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RIAH929 7/3/2007 12:44PM

    Sounds like a plan. I too am tired of the scale being in the 170's. I have recommitted myself to saying goodbye to "That 70's Show" this month. Good luck to you!

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TORINICOLE77 7/2/2007 10:59AM

    Red, I feel you on the 220s......I was happy to be here, but I'm sooooo over them right now, I'm ready to move on. Let's do this together. -T

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    Hello Red. It is good to see you are back and on track. This is a good plan. On to onederland.

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MBETTIS 7/1/2007 10:30PM

    What is the change jar?

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Some days this journey is so easy and some days its crazy. Today is one of the easy days. I am noticing a pattern of my hard days. Usually when TOM is coming to visit that is when my hard days come. I need to think of a way to handle him. Lol, he comes in a week early with his bags but Flo comes a week later. This is crazy. So they can't come all together. I am just glad that they will be leaving soon, I am ready to do my weigh in, in a few days, but I am not going to do it with all of this water weight. I found it kind of hard to work out this time with Flo visiting, mainly fatigue, I push myself though. I could push a little harder though.

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M3NOMOFAT 6/21/2007 6:11PM

    Let's hunt TOM down like an animal! Oh, sorry. I had such a battle this month when I thought TOM was coming, I went down swinging and he did not appear until two weeks later, with no fanfare and no punch. Other times, it is all I can to do get up and go to work becasue I am so tired. Then other times cramps and if not cramps, headache or backache.
But my dear sister, in all things we are more than conquerors through CHRIST JESUS who loved us! Greater is HE that is in us than HE that is in the world. We have total victory in JESUS' Name so rise and be healed in the Name of JESUS! And in all things give thanks for this is the will of GOD concerning you. It is well, RED, it is well...
PS I weighed and I had gained 1.5 lbs. I weighed post-TOM and have lost 4.5. Weight I say...wait...

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KEENIEBOY 6/20/2007 3:59PM

    Red I think we go through this together everymonth. TOM will be visiting me on the 26th, I had my bad cravings last week which is odd. I did not give in although I had to fight with myself. My body has been wierd this entire month. I need to go to the doctor again to get me some water pills because my feet have been swelling. I drink way more than the required amount of water so I don't know what's the problem. I know I'm not pregnant, you got to have sex for that to happen. We'll make it through the hard days my friend. We are doing the dang thing. TOM won't steal our peace.

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MICHELLE215 6/20/2007 12:55AM

  I certainly don't miss TOM, he left my life a few years back! YEA! However, I remember the fatigue I used to suffer from like it was yesterday. I say, weigh in tomorrow and then a few days later to see how much change there is. Then, you can have an idea of what your TRUE wieght is the next time this happens. Hang in there!

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MBETTIS 6/20/2007 12:27AM

    You know I had this problem... but since I had my last child it would come two weeks early, the PMS... How do you deal with a period that would seemingly never come! My God. But this month I don't remember it... wait, yeah I do, it kinda coincided with my last weeks of class. Man, that was the pits. I was up until 3 and eating the whole time. Well I don't know now.
I'll pray we all find some way to deal with TOM.
Exercise and counting my points has been helping me. I am not so ravenous like I used to be. Fatigued, yes, but I would try and fight through it. Hang in there, and yes, delay that weight in...

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PRAISEGODIMFIT 6/19/2007 11:55PM

Maybe you can do some research on natural remedies for PMS. That might help.

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A Work In Progress!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

I give to you this beautiful day a promise to do right by you. I vow to love you and take care of you, for no one can replace you. I vow to do my best to feed you the proper nutritious foods, with occasional treats. (key word occasional) I vow to drink plenty of water to keep my body working properly. I vow to exercise and strength train to have a fit, strong, sexy and healthy physique. I vow to get enough rest to be alert and think straight. I vow to bring positive thoughts and confirmations to me, myself and I about me, myself and I. I will not bring down my temple, but I will uplift it and from this day forward continue on this lifelong. A work in progress that is a never ending job. Like fine wine I want to get better in time.

signed by: Red Velvet @ 18:59 on 6.17.2007

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TORINICOLE77 6/19/2007 3:31PM

    Hey Red, we're doing this together!! I'm sure you'll be right there with me on your next weigh-in. The work outs are going okay, but I think I'm going to do Phase 1 of South Beach for a few weeks to get my eating back on track....I've been slipping some. By the way, I'm stealing your affirmations for myself. Thanks, I needed those! -T

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FOXYLOSE30 6/18/2007 8:35PM

    A work is in progress and you are working towards it. I come in agreement with your vows. Continue to do well..

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Thank you for these affirmations. I am in agreement. Signed by Slimsuccess on 6/17/07 @8:01 a.m.

Keep up the good work. You are one of my inspirations.

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Starting Point

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I figure we all have a breaking point where reality sits in and we realize we need to wake up and smell the coffee and make some changes that will help us in the long run. Then I also figure we all need to start somewhere, you cannot just wake up and jump in the middle of weight loss or the end of it. We have to start from the beginning and work our way down. I feel I am appreciating this more, rather than the pill in the bottle.

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SINESTRA 6/16/2007 1:25PM

    Not only do we have to start at the beginning, but we have to be content with baby steps. We can't do it all at the same time, at least I know that I can't. I had to concentrate on one area at a time. For me it was first get used to 3 well balanced meals a day. No more fast foods, no more just coffee for breakfast, no more 4 slices of pizza for dinner. I planned 3 well balanced meals and concentrated on that until it became a habit. Then I worked on portion control. My well balanced portions were too big, so I learned to measure, measure, measure. Once that was under control, I added the 8 glasses of water a day and lastly I worked on daily cardio and 3 times a week strength training. However, all the time that I was concentrating on just one thing, the pounds still came off because I was at least doing SOMETHING good, even though not EVERYTHING at once. Keep on going, one step at a time. At least you are facing in the right direction!

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

When you truly want something, what do you do to get it? You prioritize and make way for your wanted item. Okay now that we have that straight I can move on. Right now my priority is to get my weight down and take better care of me. So make way because I am pushing off the pounds. I know at one point in my life, I didnt exercise because I didnt have the time to do it, I was too busy, too tired, or wanted to see a certain show, whatever excuse that kept me out of the gym was the one I used. I dont like the gym, I would rather go walking. Now its like I am going to get my time in no matter what. I am doing it. I will hit my one year mark soon that I have been working out and doing my thing to lose weight. I need to think of my reward for a year gone by. I have no clue as to what I am going to do. I have to create a list as to what I have been wanting, needing and more. This road isn't easy but as time goes it has become more appreciated and a vital part in my daily activities. I feel a difference when I don't exercise. I am glad that things are better for me in it today.


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