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Starting Point

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I figure we all have a breaking point where reality sits in and we realize we need to wake up and smell the coffee and make some changes that will help us in the long run. Then I also figure we all need to start somewhere, you cannot just wake up and jump in the middle of weight loss or the end of it. We have to start from the beginning and work our way down. I feel I am appreciating this more, rather than the pill in the bottle.

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SINESTRA 6/16/2007 1:25PM

    Not only do we have to start at the beginning, but we have to be content with baby steps. We can't do it all at the same time, at least I know that I can't. I had to concentrate on one area at a time. For me it was first get used to 3 well balanced meals a day. No more fast foods, no more just coffee for breakfast, no more 4 slices of pizza for dinner. I planned 3 well balanced meals and concentrated on that until it became a habit. Then I worked on portion control. My well balanced portions were too big, so I learned to measure, measure, measure. Once that was under control, I added the 8 glasses of water a day and lastly I worked on daily cardio and 3 times a week strength training. However, all the time that I was concentrating on just one thing, the pounds still came off because I was at least doing SOMETHING good, even though not EVERYTHING at once. Keep on going, one step at a time. At least you are facing in the right direction!

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

When you truly want something, what do you do to get it? You prioritize and make way for your wanted item. Okay now that we have that straight I can move on. Right now my priority is to get my weight down and take better care of me. So make way because I am pushing off the pounds. I know at one point in my life, I didnt exercise because I didnt have the time to do it, I was too busy, too tired, or wanted to see a certain show, whatever excuse that kept me out of the gym was the one I used. I dont like the gym, I would rather go walking. Now its like I am going to get my time in no matter what. I am doing it. I will hit my one year mark soon that I have been working out and doing my thing to lose weight. I need to think of my reward for a year gone by. I have no clue as to what I am going to do. I have to create a list as to what I have been wanting, needing and more. This road isn't easy but as time goes it has become more appreciated and a vital part in my daily activities. I feel a difference when I don't exercise. I am glad that things are better for me in it today.


I wish I could give TOM his walking papers........

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

He is on the way and its not looking good. He always brings his friends, Munchie, Cramps and Mr Moody. Their extra baggage isn't light either. I feel like telling him to just leave and never come back. IF only it was that easy. Ughhhhhhh

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KEENIEBOY 6/13/2007 9:43PM

    Girl I feel you on this one. I usually see Munchie, Cramps and Mr. Moody two weeks before TOM gets in town. As a matter of fact his friends came today so in about two weeks I'm see TOM!! I wanted to eat everything in site today. Although I didn't eat everything but I did eat alot!!

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What do you want?

Monday, June 11, 2007

What do you want??

I want to lose weight, I want to get down to a size that is healthy for me, a size that I feel I am at my best physically. I want to be more active physically. I want to have a fun filled life. No worries about jelly rolls, pudges, and jiggles.

What are you going to do about it?? How are you going to get there??

Exercise, Eat right, and work on plans, achieve goals. Strive for the best that I can be. I don't want to be anyone else. We are all different so therefore we have to learn to do what works best for us. This is so much of a trial and error period that it takes a moment to learn how to do things to get to where we want to go!!! I am going for what I want, and I will get it!!!

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WALKOFFPOUNDS 6/12/2007 1:33PM

    You will get there. We all have struggles during this journey. But we must remain focused and realize what we really want.........we can no longer live for the moment! We have a goal to reach , gotta keep looking toward the prize!!

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SINESTRA 6/11/2007 9:20PM

    Congrats on your weight loss, positive attitude and determination. You have done an awesome job! I started by reading this blog and just had to go back and read all of your blogs. Your attitude and determination never faltered! You knew what you wanted and knew what you had to do and you stuck with it every step of the way. That is a true example of success. Best of luck on your continuing journey. You WILL be that 5% that takes it off and keeps it off.

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Failure is not an option!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

I was thinking about last week and how I was feeling like I was failing on my plan. I went into a panic mode. Panic Mode - I feel this is where you have been sticking to your plan, (ie. eating well, exercising, losing weight) then you have a munchie attack or feel like you don't want to exercise, so you feel as though everything has just gone down the drain. Well we need to realize that one day, one moment is not going to bring the weight back on, its what we do afterwards to correct that moment or to get back on track. Plus a treat every once in awhile won't hurt. I need to realize this. Its hard not to panic, because we have been working so hard and the last thing we want to do is to go back up the hill when we have been working so hard to go down the hill. I panicked because of my fear of gaining the weight back.


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