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Do you ever worry??

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Okay, here it goes, I was watching a show on tv today on TLC channel, and seeing these people who have to go to a clinic called Brookhaven, to lose weight was very heart wrenching. I see these people who are so heavy that they were having sleep apnea, diabetes, leg sores, and other ailments, yet they were still sneaking food. Calling all kinds of fast food places that deliver to bring them food to a clinic. It was crazy. I worry sometimes that I may not make it to my goal, I worry that life will get to busy for me that I may not make it, I may not finish it, I worry that I will get too comfortable again and may lose sight of my accomplishments thus far. I worry that I may one day look and be back at square one. I look at my problem with food before and think that was my addiction. Being so proud that I never had problems with drugs or alcohol, turn out mine was FOOD. Ughhhhhhhh. I know this is just the negative part of me trying to throw me off my goals, and I am not supposed to let if phase me, and I dont plan on it. I do plan to keep going from here on out. I will make it. I will continue my stride. I dont know why on today, did I start thinkng about the WHat if's??? I am workng this very moment to change that to a date. I am going to reach my goal weight before the end of this year. I know I will, I am going to have to work hard and stop letting things get me down. I can do it. I know I can, I know I can, I know I can.......................

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AJIOTAL 6/4/2007 3:48PM

    girl im not gonna lie, it feels toooo good to be lighter and my clothes!!! lets go there! I tried on 5 pants the other night, pants that I couldnt ever get past my butt and now girl they slide right over my butt like butter. They dont button yet but girl it felt awesome!! to know I am losing and that I can fit into a smaller size and my side rolls are almost GONE! girl it feels to good and I dont ever want to go back to the weight I was and I will say it again I FEEL SO GOOD RIGHT NOW AND I KNOW I WILL FEEL EVEN BETTER AS I LOSE MORE WIEIGHT. I CANT IMAGINE HOW I WILL FEEL AT 180!!! Y

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AJIOTAL 6/4/2007 3:44PM

    I am glad I came to your page and read this blog because I understand. I read 15-30 minutes of excercise is better than none at all.

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AJIOTAL 6/4/2007 3:43PM

    I worried for 2 secounds that I might gain my weight back then I put that thought away and replaced it with positivity. I will NOT GAIN THIS WEIGHT Back! WE WILL NOT!! WE WILL NOT GET TOO BUSY TO FORGET TO EXCERCISE WE WILL NOT LESS STRESS AND LIFE TAKE US BACKWARD! Know this and own it.....!! Dont take this the wrong way :-)

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MBETTIS 6/4/2007 1:19AM

    Girl, yes you can and you already have!! That would be the enemy trying to keep you from pursuing the promised land. Health is in order, and worth having and fighting for. I know that show made you want to go and run or do some tae bo... But hang in there. you have done awesome and when you start to contemplate slipping back just remember this long laborious and tedious process, do you want to do this all over again... I didn't think so...

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ATR1983 6/3/2007 11:37PM

    Red you can do it, look at what you have accomplished so far. You will reach your goal. You can do it!

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Use the goal setter on your start page. Plug in your current weight, then your goal weight. Then tell the calculator how much you want to lose each week and it will give you a goal date.

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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Neglect was the charge. Failure to eat the proper foods, failure to exercise on a daily basis, failure to maintain a healthy weight, YOU MY FRIEND have been CHARGED WITH "NEGLECT" OMG!!!! I was abusing my own self!!! I was guilty as charged. Now I am paying the consequences by serving my sentence. It's okay because I had a corrective action plan.......

#1. Take it slow, look at my current habits and see what I need to change.

#2. Research, trial and error periods are common to see what works and what doesn't.

#3. Don't be discouraged, the weight didn't come on overnight it definitely won't leave overnight although we wish it was that way.

#4. I would say find a partner but you have to do what works for you, My partners are here on BBQ, but I workout everyday by myself. I guess you could say the people I see that are regulars at the gym are my partners we wave and say hello and keep on moving. Plus I have to go when I can due to my work schedule and my daughters school schedule.

#5 Journal, journal, journal, and be active on the message boards it helps to talk about what we are going through, as we move along through our journey and it helps us to see what was keeping us down, or what keeps us moving. We help support and uplift on the downfalls and the high points of this embark.

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AJIOTAL 6/4/2007 4:29PM

    WAY TO GO WITH THIS PLAN!! Giel I was thinking the other day, "all my life i was unhealthy and now i have sagging u know what and jst fat and out of shape!!! but i am not going backwards" when I lose all this weight I am going to have a Breat lift DO YOU HEAR ME!!! LOL!!!!!!!!

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IMANIKIRA2004 6/2/2007 11:48PM

  Red, AMEN!! I love this speak nothing but the truth!! The first part had me LMAO:-)

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I lost 2 quarters..........

Friday, June 01, 2007

Its okay I am not looking for them. LOL, I am now working on my third quarter. I have broken it up into a strategy. Take it a quarter at a time. Then its not so overwhelming. just to think of my two quarters being lost is wonderful. I just hope no one else finds them.

I saw a motto yesterday that kind of stuck to me. I cannot remember exactly what it said but it pertained to us taking advantage of the ability to change today because we dont know if we will still have the same opportunity tomorrow. I think this is so crucial because you never know what will happen, changes need to be effective immediately. I used to procrastinate and say on the first of the month, monday, tomorrow or when I get to such and such a point in my life, then I will make the changes. I am not saying that everything has to be boom, fall right into place right now, but start out small and work your way up to work your weight down.

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NUNANA 6/3/2007 11:24PM

  Cute Red' I am working on my first quarter, but it don't want to leave me...or do I keep finding his dimes!?" umh

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That is how you work it. Find something that makes sense to you and and use it as your motivation. I go 5 pounds at a time as my motivator. I have a new goal every 5 pounds. Good going.

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June Plan!!!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

I am going to have to try to drink 14 cups of water a day. I say Try because working with children doesn't always allow me to go to the potty repeatedly. I know I will be able to get the water in on the weekends without any problems at all, but the weekdays, I will have to aim for my water after hours.

Eat 5 fruits and veggies a day. I really want to get these in for fiber, and vitamins. I will eat one salad a day. That is an easy way to get in my veggies. I am limiting my meat intake.

I vow to take off one day a week from exercise a week. That is hard for me. However 3 days a week I plan to work out 1.5 hours and on 2 days I will do my regular 60 minute sessions and then 1 day a 30 minute session. I am not killing myself, just working my body baby. Strength train M/W/F.

I am aiming for another 9lbs loss this month. We will see. I think with the sun out like it is, hot it will be easier to lose. I am trying to go without food after 7pm, however if I still have any calories left and I am truly hungry, I will grab an apple. I think that will be better than anything else. First drink water though.

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FOXYLOSE30 6/1/2007 11:58AM

    Great plan, I am with you on losing 9lbs

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M3NOMOFAT 5/31/2007 11:19PM

    I like what you are doing Red. Work your plan Queen. I hope to join you in the Winner's Circle...

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PRAISEGODIMFIT 5/31/2007 10:14PM

Good plan.

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Time is of the essence

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A standard statement in a contract which ensures that all dates and times of day noted in the contract are important and cannot be ignored by any of the parties without the consent of the others except in breach of the contract.

I , Red Velvet, of sound mind and body, from here on out, agree to do my best in reaching my goal weight of 181. I agree to exercise, eat right, drink my water, and count my calories. I agree that once I have reached my goal weight all that I have learned does not go out of the ears and leave me big headed. I agree that this is a lifetime change and that I therefore must work on this daily and maintain my weight. I vow to help others along in their journey, by encouragement and sharing my story with them. I vow to never forget that this journey was not easy, that there will be times when the road gets tough and that encouragement is very essential in the accomplishments of others. I vow to be here on out the best that I can be and to reach my goal.

* Goals may be lowered at any time, however never highered over 181, because that would be a breach of contract.*

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PRAISEGODIMFIT 5/30/2007 10:16PM

I like the contract. I pretty much have the same committment. Good going.

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WALKOFFPOUNDS 5/30/2007 9:25PM

    Amen!! Keeping our commitment to ourself is the most valuable task we can do. You are certainly determined, I am glad that you are my SP friend because you help me I am having a low moment I can always come to your page for motivation.
You are an inspiration to me.

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