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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Took an Aquatics class last night at the gym. It was great! It was extremely hard to do some of the exercises though. Our instructor, James, who is FABULOUS in every sense of the us hard! He kept making us do a squatting stance and then take these water dumbells and do under water curls without letting dumbells come out of water. LOL!!! Okay sounds easy, but if you don't tighten your leg, bootie, and stomach muscles your feet won't stay on the bottom of the pool!! LOL You can only imagine! I looked like a fishing bobber trying to stay under water with those dumb bells! I had to laugh at myself a lot last night, but it was good. I really thought I was gonna be sore this morning due to all the twisting, turning, and bobbing, however I was great! My mid section on my left side is a little sore but not to bad. Definetly a good workout though. I was actually sweating in the I am gonna take the class again on Sunday. I figure for now while I am still starting out Cardio, Stretching and Aquatics will do. I really want to listen to my body and not overdue it. My best friend Diana wants me to take a Zoomba class with her tonight... I told her I had to think about Zoomba is a Latin, Hip-Hop kinda Dance Workout class. She said it was awesome so I know it is good. I just don't know if I have the energy today. ;o) Again I don't want to overdue it or I know I will quit! I will get hurt and quit and I will be right back in the same boat I was in when I began and I am not letting that happen!
So, I will let ya know how Zoomba goes if I make it! Does anyone else have any favorite classes they take they can tell me about?? Or if anyone else took Zoomba and what they thought of it??

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ANGELGIRL12107 10/13/2009 3:19PM

    I LOVE Zumba! It's so much fun! You dance to great music and no one does it the same way. You add your own flavor to it and it's a great way to just get a good workout and feel sexy! I go to my class tomorrow night! You should absolutely try it! I've also been taking a water aerobics class. I'm by far the youngest person in the glass, but I've found that you get out of it, what you put into it. And I'm tired after the class, because it's a great workout, but I'm not particularly sore. I love it! Good luck with Zumba. Hope you love it!

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First Week At Gym..... Third Week of Herbal Life.... Complete!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Okay so I learned a lot this week! I learned that dynamic stretching is better then static stretching, (*if you work out and stretching is part of your daily training then look up "dynamic stretching"!), I learned that eating a serving of cottage cheese before bed helps keeps your metabolism working while you sleep because the dairy digest slowly, and I learned that I have a long way to go!! LOL The first day of training I had to a fitness test to see where I was and what I needed to do to get to where I wanted to be. So she had me do some balancing test and strength test. LOL....okay so then we get to the, "do as many push-ups as you can," part and I was like yeah I tried....and lets just say that my nose never left the mat! LOL I know someone reading this can feel my pain through my laughter! lol...
So, I realized I am about to have a crash course in patience... I am a lets do this and get immediate results kinda girl! I have been working out a week, doing Herbal life 3 and only decided to make all these changes 6 weeks ago and it feels like I have been doing it for months!! I know it will take time and a lot of hard work and determination also. I think I am just more of afraid of getting bored with my journey and quitting. I have not done well with finishing much of what I start in life, especially diets and exercise.
In my heart this time feels different though. When I decided to do all of this, not just eating right, Herbalife, and the gym but letting go of a lot of just garbage in my life I knew this was not just something I was gonna walk away from. Instead of dieting, binging, and being depressed I decided I was going to make a complete lifestyle change, no dieting, no overwhelming long term goals, nothing that would cause me to give up! I was going to set myself up for success this time! lol and I am doing it!
One day at a time, one mistake at a time, one meal at a I suppose I am just a little nervous and keeping memories of past attempts just keeps me on my toes! It is not what I did 2 years ago, last year or last month, however what I do today and tomorrow that determines where I will be in 6 months, a year, five years even!
Everyday that I successfully achieve my goals makes me so proud of myself. It gives me determination and motivation for tomorrow! I am so thankful for my Herbalife peoples and the people here a Spark! The greatest thing I have learned though overall is that I am not alone in this and that is the most wonderful piece of knowledge I can have right now!
So, week two begins tomorrow. I will try and check in before next week if I have the energy! lol ;o)

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PENNYLEWIS 10/13/2009 2:50PM

    Sounds like you have gotten off to a good start!!! I LOVE your enthusiasm. Ive been at this for 25 months and still going. There is no going back , only forward this time. So far I have lost 60lbs. Slow and steady but I am in the best health of my life. What has kept me going is persistance. Just keep moving forward no matter what. I exercise 5 days a week. I use the elliptical. I do it first thing in the morning before I wake up. Hehe. Im done before I know it. I also do weights with 8 lbs dumbells 3 days/week. I drink herbalife shakes twice a day and a colorful meal. I try to stay between 1300-1500 calories a day. I have to say it has been an interesting journey. I have learned things about myself that I didnt know. I have changed a little only for the better. Im more outgoing and Im more confident. It has been a personal growth experience. I do have to say I was prepared for the changed outside but I didnt realize the changes that would happen inside. So far I have been able to deal with them but I didnt realize that it would happen too. I wish you the best on your quest to be an happier and fit YOU!!!!

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REDMNM1004 10/11/2009 7:03PM

    Thank u so much Terry! I need to hear those things, because my human nature says, "Get of the treadmill & get back on the couch!," lol I am not giving up though! & most certainly ignore human nature! ;o)

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TERRYN3 10/11/2009 6:57PM

    Hi Redmnm1004! First of all, congratulations on making the commitment to a healthier new you and to completing your first week! It is tough in the beginning and I know exactly how you feel. It is really hard to get started on a "lifestyle change" even when it is totally what you want to do! We don't prefer change - it is simply human nature to rebel against change preferring status quo. You know it takes 3-4 weeks to make a habit (some say 4-6 weeks!). Hang in there girlfriend! You are halfway there! Before you know it you will be in a routine of herbalife shakes and healthy eating and exercise. The fitness routine may take a little longer to be comfortable with as you work through different types of exercises to find the one you are most comfortable with. One of my girlfriends swears by walking - that's all she does. She never gains weight. Another of my girlfriends swims, both for fitness and stress management. She never gains weight either. I haven't yet found anything I liked as much as Jazzercise, but the classes are too far since I moved. Don't get discouraged! Keep on trying different fitness routines until you find the one that you love!

Remember, this is a journey and you are not alone! I'm here for you.
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The gym...

Friday, October 02, 2009

Ok so I was suppose to go to the gym yesterday to meet with the trainer since it was going to be my first day, right? Well that got 86'd due to a rescheduled dr's appt. I forgot about so that kinda stunk, however its all good. I rescheduled for Sunday at 2pm. I actually ended up walking a couple more miles then usual just to make up for missing the appt. ;o) Its all good though I am really busy this weekend anyway getting ready for my birthday celebration. I wish my friends and family from back home where gonna be here tomorrow. I miss everyone so much. :o(
Alright my feet are killing me and I have to climb the 3 flights of stairs yet one more time before I call it night...the laundry never waits! lol


My first day at the gym!! lol...This is gonna be good!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

So I start the gym today and I am little nervous, however mostly excited! I know every step I take is taking me closer to accomplishing my goal of being healthy and fit! I have to meet with Mary today, she is a personal trainer at the gym. She is gonna over everything with me, ya know how safety precautions, like how not to get thrown off the treadmill or how to get out of the steam room, lol...ya know stuff like that! I will let ya know how it goes! Wish me well! ;o)

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REDMNM1004 10/11/2009 1:40PM

    @SKYMOM101 - thank you very much for the motivation!! ;O) The training sessions I have are basically complimentary so to speak, ya know so they can get me to by more training sessions! lol I am just taking some meat off the bones and then I will do the rest on my own. I like the idea of the trainer however I also like to listen to my body and move forward as I see fit. I have hurt myself far to many times in the past and right now I don't want any set backs!! LOL She did do some dynamic stretching with me, which is awesome, and I was good and sore for 2 days but good sore. ;o) My trainer coaches a mens rugby team, and she works her guys out with the dynamic stretching and one of her players told me they are wore out more from the dynamic stretching then they are from practice. Very tiring however worth it because you sustain less injuries then with static stretching which can be dangerous! Well thank you again and I will keep you posted on my progress! LOL

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REDMNM1004 10/11/2009 1:33PM

    @Shellzolly - thank you so much for the comment. One week in and loving it! They do offer alot of free classes. I am gonna start yoga and water areobics this week! I am really excited! I use Herbalife products also in my efforts to lose weight and between the two I am seeing a big difference fast! emoticon

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SHELLZOLLY 10/2/2009 11:06PM

    I know you'll enjoy the gym I re-joined a gym about 30 mins away, but I try to go M-W-F, since I have class on T-TH. I really enjoy it because they offer alot of different classes even on Saturdays. Good Luck!


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SKYMOM101 10/1/2009 9:48AM

    Good luck, you'll do great! Just make sure the trainer doesn't have you do too much. I used a trainer who had me do squats & lunges for 1/2 hour. I could barely move for a few days after that & even going to sit down was so painful. I let the trainer have it & got my money back! But still worked out, just with someone else who knew better.

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MAYABLUE82 10/1/2009 9:45AM

    You motivated me to do the same - go to the gym. I do exercise at home, sometimes outside (running, riding the bike..) but don't go to the gym. I hope you'll get fit really soon. Take care!
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