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So Frustrating

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

when you are eating in your calorie range and burning what is programmed for you to burn if not more. Yet you see a 4 lb weight gain in little more than 24 hours. All I want to do is scream and say screw it but I know I can't.

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ANGEL_KAYE13 11/13/2012 1:59AM

  Definitely like Reesie108 said, don't give up! We're all either there, or have been there; I'm there right now. :-/ Just don't get discouraged, and keep doing what you're doing without overdoing it. I'm sure you'll see the results, not just in weight-loss, but overall well-being!

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REESIE108 11/13/2012 1:45AM

    Don't get discouraged. Maybe water retention? Anyway, tips I've used before: 1) drink more water, &/or 2) exercise more, &/or ) do stress reduction exercises. &/or 4) talk to a positive encouraging friend.
Been there done that. I lose weight even though it is very difficult to exercise, for me.
Just keep on going and best wishes for your success.

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Friday, November 09, 2012

So bad me!! I had started the HCG diet again like I did at the start of my weight loss thinking it will be a good kick start eh not into it this time around. I lost my first 20 or so lbs on my own then wanted to try it because I had heard good and lost the rest but 10 on it. I have no issue with it and I modify it to fit my body and lifestyle with my doctor's approval. Well yea I would rather stick to doing what I know best and that is tracking, working out and eating healthy. I realized there is so much yummy healthy good for you stuff out there and if in 6 months of recovery I've only gained 10 lbs with out working out(which I have to do) then I am okay with that.

So I saw a big jump on the scale when from yesterday. I didnt ease off like I should have oh well so today I have tracked and ate good I am happy. I will lose what I put on for not easing off and eating normal yesterday. I got my new piece of equipment I am dieing to try out once I am done with my house work and I will do my nightly kettlebell routine. Here is to being back on track and doing it the way I know best.


I am a little disappointed in myself

Thursday, November 08, 2012

I read my last blog and I was 189 lbs I was so happy then. I went in for my tummy tuck finally and that has taken a very long time to recover and get back into the swing of working out. The PS keep me out of the whole working out thing for a while because of how much tighting he did and how swollen I was (I stil have swelling) Anyways pre surgery weight was 202 dammit to hell that even pisses me off. I gained all the way back to 211 Since last week and finally saying screw this I am ready to get back to the way I was I am now 204. It has taken a lot of patients and it's bringing me lots of tears because I am seeing photos and thinking OMG I can see the gain. I will get this and will get back to where I was no matter how hard it is.

LOL I've had other blogs but not posted on here so I totally didnt fall off the spark trail

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REANKANESMOM 11/8/2012 3:09PM

    Thanks Barb :) I appreciate the much needed support. I honestly was like what the heck are you doing to yourself knock it off. It was a few days of battling but I won if that makes any sense.

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BARBWMS 11/8/2012 3:02PM

    I know you will make it back.. one step at a time! Life will always have ups and downs but you are back in charge. Good luck... let us know how it goes. I bet you're back to where you were in just a short time. And congratulations on not falling into the trap of just giving up. That's impressive!

Barb emoticon

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Still alive

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Been busy with the holidays here at home and school for my children so I have kinda fallen off the blogging and sparkin. I am back though and feeling great. I gained a few lbs during thanksgiving but have lost it all and then some. I realized it was not real weight because it came off really quickly. I now have to watch exactly what I eat because in that time whatever it was made me really really sick not like food poisoning sick, just did not agree with my tummy one bit. Anyways I have hit 189 lbs my goal is 187 by January 15th or something like that. I am trying to get down to 180 by my year goal which would be put me at 80 lbs lost. I have to hold steady there till my tummy tuck and I honestly might push that to March hold steady till March and give me that extra few weeks to lose an extra few lbs. Yes I know 2-4 lbs may not make a difference but to me it will.

I ended up quitting my job due to my back but just got some good news that I can go every other week or ever two weeks depending on how I am doing and then once we see I am good with that I will be on a maintenance phase. I skipped trigger point injections because the physc doctor put me on new mediation. Cymbalta and ativan well I tell you what I feel like my old self :) and I love it. Anyways I am going back to moving my daughters room around LOL and cleaning the house.


Been lagging but kicking but with milage

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Okay so first off Halloween really screwed me. I allowed it, I allowed myself to forget about the diet for a day and hang out with my kids. I know most of it was water since it came off rarther quickly and put me back down under my last weight in. It put me at 191 which was like a huge yay!!. So anyways I joined an event on facebook 90mile November. Goal is to get to 90 miles walking.running.elliptical.swimming.cyclin
g etc..So far since the first I have done 18.6 miles of jogging/running and I am loving it. Such a great way to lose. I have dropped not serious weight but some ounces and inches which I will take. Things are tighter today then they where this time last week. I am curious to see the end results. If I keep it up I will hit more then 90 by the last day of the month so I think I will get to 90 and then switch back to zumba or just keep it up. I am really enjoying running. I never knew how much of a stress reliever it is.

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TATTER3 11/5/2011 1:17AM

    keep Sparkin'!!

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