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Doing great...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

This is my second day of my new job and I love it. The people I work with and for are wonderful. They are very compassionate and caring, which is a complete change for me. I'm used to working for selfish, ignorant people, so this is a nice change of pace. I am doing fairly well with my lifestyle changes. I still haven't had a drink, and I am eating more fruit and veggies than I ever have. I can tell my self esteem is boosting a little more each day. We have a wedding coming up soon for my new aunt and uncle-next weekend actually. I am preparing the food-none of which is on my it should be a real test for me. I know I will eat some, but I will be happy if I keep to small portions. My sis will be here and we are doing this together, so at least we can support each other. If my sis, my friend, and I complete our goals, we are rewarding ourselves with a trip next year to Chicago. Add that to good health, talk about an accomplishment!
Anyway, time for rest...and another great day.


Made it a week....

Saturday, March 17, 2007

This week has been easier than I thought. I am in love with new drug of choice-replacing the booze. I feel a little better every day and feel like I am gaining some control back. I haven't had a drink in 16 days, and my wonderful, sweet Brent has been by my side all week. 10 years with him have motivated me to be a better person.
I bought more fresh fruit and veggies today-looking forward to the new recipes I am trying this week. I love what I have found at recipes, organized goals with actual achievments...motivation...pride. This has been the best week I have had in awhile. I hope I don't lose this momentum or motivation.
I look forward to an interview as well this Monday at the place I wanted to work. Very excited about that.
Anyway, I am gonna go relax and watch Star Wars!


Day one

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I went to Wal mart today and bought The Smoothie Blast, strawberries, cranberry and orange juice, grapes, and yogurt. I am trying to stick to a mainly liquid diet this week to detox or cleanse my body. I am not afraid of the choices I am making, I am only afraid to die. I am not ready.
I am sick to boot, the flu or something going around. I am hoping the vitamin and change in diet will assist in getting rid of that bug.
I am looking forward to trying new foods and expanding my recipe base. Plus I love to cook, so just the experience of cooking foods I wouldnt normally eat is exciting. Add that to a complete makeover of my life, and hope is still available-even to me.