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Layered Three Bean casserole

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I entered this recipe this morning but it won't share it on my friend feed or anyplace else that shows up when I add a recipe. I did not know what to fix for supper last night. My Good Housekeeping magazine (with the SparkPeople aricle) was in the "reading room". I told DH to think about what he wanted for supper while he was taking a shower after his workout. He ran right back out with the magazine and showed me the picture and the recipe. It may not be all that healthy, but with changes it can be. It wasn't bad and it can be a vegetarian dish, you can add meat if you want to, it can be a side dish or whatever. I'll have to add a picture later.

I was so tired last night, I went to bed at 11 - VERY early for me and I had trouble getting up at 8:30 this morning. (Yeah, I know it must be nice to sleep all day) Apparently I can't get a full 8 - 9 hours sleep and feel rested, I can only sleep 6-7 hours. I only did 2 laps for 1.5 miles today because I got up late and it was already warm. (My walking route is 3/4 in full sun so I duck under trees when they come along. I will do more cardio as well as strength training.


Happy 90th Birthday to my DADDY!

Monday, February 08, 2010

"Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone SPECIAL to be a DADDY" and that is MY DADDY. Today is my Dad's 90th birthday, I may be 52 and he may be 90, but he still is my Daddy! I am so very blessed that he is still with us today, he has undergone so many heart surgeries, he had prostate cancer and overcame that, he is a border line diabetic and he is on oxygen almost 24/7. He still looks forward to making the trip from Central NY to Eastern New Hampshire to my house every year and getting to see his 2 great grandsons. He is fortunate to be close to 2 of his 4 grandchildren and 1 of his 3 GREAT GRANDsons. He doesn't get around very well and he doesn't drive much anymore. I hope he will be around for many more years!

This is our family picture from July 2009, My parents in the front with the 3 great grandsons and my sister
the back row are the Grandchildren, that's me in the purple shirt.

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SASSYCHRIS1952 2/11/2010 12:53PM

    Oh wow how nice is that! I have a dad who's 83, so I can relate! God bless him and you emoticon

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EGRAMMY 2/8/2010 11:24AM

    Joy in family is precious

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HOCKEYCREW 2/8/2010 7:49AM

    You've got some longevity gene there. Happy birthday to your Dad!

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SOFEDUPP 2/8/2010 7:41AM

    Wow, Happy Birthday to your Dad!!! Thank you for sharing that great picture with us also, he looks great!!

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PUDLECRAZY 2/8/2010 6:20AM

    Wonderful to share your dad's 90th birthday! He looks great in the family photo.

A very happy birthday to him! emoticon

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TENACIOUS-ME 2/8/2010 4:17AM

    FANTASTIC!! 90 years old - he would have seen a few changes in his life time - numerous presidents, comings and goings of the old movie stars, the two world wars just to name a few events. How wonderful - Happy Birthday to your Daddy!


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LITTLEWIND53 2/8/2010 3:52AM

    You are so lucky to still have your dad. I miss mine so much sometimes and he's been gone almost 26 years. Enjoy him while he is still here.

Great looking family.

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PAMNANGEL 2/8/2010 3:23AM

    90, wow that's great! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon Party on!

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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Today is like Tuesday in the real world, the second day of our work week. I went for another nice walk outside this morning, it was 67F when I went out and about 75 when I got back 50 minutes later. That is the only exercise I got in today. My legs were a little sore from yesterday, plus I am finding that I need 2 days rest anymore.

Tonight is the super bowl in the US but I am not getting up at 3AM to watch the game. They don't have the commercials here, only local ones.

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AMYRWATSON 2/8/2010 7:17AM

    It was nice and warm there and it was only 13 in NH not including the wind chill. Super Bowl ended at around 10pm last night with a win for the Saints. Good come back for them it was a great game not one team dominated until the end with an interception from the Saints.

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JMDROEGE 2/8/2010 12:16AM

    Wow! It's that warm over there? It's been pretty chilly in Riyadh. At least you got out and walked. It's better than nothing. Keep it up!

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HJFOGARTY 2/7/2010 5:24PM

    no superbowl here either - I don't care for football! no real workout for me either - rest day - I needed it - body is just tired but food was great so I'll take it! looks like you are doing great and staying strong! enjoy your walks in that warm weather!

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EGRAMMY 2/7/2010 3:55PM

    All the snow men and women here can imagine 67 degrees. No Super Bowl for us. No TV here in AR so we'll read or watch a DVD movie. I am opting for the Charles Dickens BBC series, but DS gave us the Mash show on D VD so DH may go for that.

Sounds like your exercise and walks are doing well. emoticon

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A-Z of me

Saturday, February 06, 2010

A is for Age: 52

B is for Butt: yes I have one

C is for Career - mother, grandmother, domestic engineer

D is for Dad: he will be 90 Feb. 8

E is for Essential items to bring to a party: me

F is for Favourite song or music: I will Survive by Gloria Gaynor

G is for Goof off thing to do: play mindless games on the computer

H is for Hometown: born/raised Utica, NY, live near Conway, NH

I is for Instrument you play: piano

J is for Jam or Jelly you like: blueberry

K is for Kids: Daughter is 32, Son is 28

L is for Living arrangement: live with husband and 2 cats

M is for Mom's name: Doris

N is for Name of best friend: too many to pick 1

O is for Overnight Stay in a Hospital: 2 kids births, emergency bronchial spasm

P is for Phobias: bugs, mice, snakes

Q is for Quote you like: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

R is for Relationship that lasted longest: 33 years with husband

S is for Siblings: 1 sister

T is for Texas, ever been? Nope and I don't care to, unless you count an airplane layover

U is for Unique trait : none that i know of

V is for vegetable you love: green beans

W is for Worst traits: attitude

X- is for X-rays you've had: not a whole lot.

Y is for Yummy food you make: Southwestern lasagna

Z is for Zodiac sign: Libra

Copy and paste this into a blog and lets all your spark friends get to know you :)

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

LITTLEWIND53 2/7/2010 3:01AM

    I like this. Thanks for the idea!

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JMDROEGE 2/7/2010 12:13AM

    Great idea! I will have to do this.

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HJFOGARTY 2/6/2010 3:44PM

    HA this was great! you just have the best ideas girl! hope you are having a great day! you are amazing!

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RTLISA 2/6/2010 10:26AM

    Great Blog! It was fun learning a little about you. I've copied it to do my own.
emoticon emoticon

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SUZYMOBILE 2/6/2010 8:50AM

    Very cool! We used to live in Conway, right off Rte. 16 near the KFC. I think I'll copy and paste this, too!

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JAVAJO47 2/6/2010 7:26AM

    This is cool Robin! Thanks for sharing the A-Z of you. How many years have you played the piano?? emoticon

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Your Personal Power Foods Plan

Thursday, February 04, 2010

This is an article a friend found and posted on her facebook page so I am posting it here. It is a huge long article about what to eat/drink for different parts of your body so I will post this in parts.


Your Personal Power Foods Plan
New research into everyday foods reveals what you should specifically eat to reach any health goal.
By Nancy Kalish, Prevention

Protect your heart

Fill up on these

Barley. This grain can blast LDL ("bad" cholesterol) and triglycerides, lowering your total cholesterol an average of 13 points—without affecting your HDL ("good" cholesterol) levels, according to a 2009 research review. Barley contains beta-glucan, a type of soluble fiber that binds with cholesterol to whisk it from the body, explains David Grotto, RD, the author of 101 Optimal Life Foods. A cup and a half of cooked pearled barley contains 3 g of soluble fiber, the daily amount recommended by the FDA.

Pinto beans. Like barley, pinto beans contain cholesterol-fighting beta-glucan. In one study, participants with mild insulin resistance (a precursor to high cholesterol) who ate ½ cup of pinto beans daily dropped 19 points from their total count in 8 weeks, including a 13-point decrease in LDL.

Grapes. Consuming just 1¼ cups of grapes can prevent the damaging effects of a high-fat meal that can slow circulation and increase risk of coronary heart disease, say researchers at Nation-wide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. A daily dose of grapes improves blood vessel health in general, scientists believe, because the fruit contains high levels of antioxidants called polyphenols.

Macadamia nuts. An Australian study published in the Journal of Nutrition found that when men with high cholesterol ate between 1 and 3 ounces of macadamia nuts per day for 1 month, their LDL dropped by 5.3 percent, while their HDL rose by 7.9 percent. The nuts, researchers concluded, increased the amount of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) in the blood. One ounce is adequate for most people.

Mineral water. The magnesium and calcium plentiful in most mineral waters (like San Pellegrino, which has 56 mg magnesium and 208 mg calcium) are both potential blood pressure reducers. In a Swedish study, 70 men and women ages 45 to 64 with borderline hypertension experienced a significant decrease in blood pressure after 4 weeks of drinking 1 liter of mineral (not seltzer) water daily.

Avoid these

Energy drinks. The caffeine and guarana that are often added to energy drinks can make your blood pressure skyrocket, says John La Puma, M.D., the author of Chef MD's Big Book of Culinary Medicine.


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

LITTLEWIND53 2/5/2010 7:22AM

    Thanks for sharing. I have saved it so I can spend more time reading it this evening when I don't have to rush out the door to get to work..............

Have a great day.

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CLADY326 2/4/2010 4:45PM

    WTG Robin on sharing this article. We can never have too much information to base our life changing decisions and choices.

emoticon Anna

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EGRAMMY 2/4/2010 3:03PM

    Thanks for taking time to share. Interesting

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