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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to all my SparkFamily ladies.

Dad is stable but not really out of the woods. He has a blockage in a couple arteries that they can't get to, so the drs have to do the best they can with medication. He is alert but on a liquid diet and wants to go home because he "has way too much to do with his life yet". I am still praying a lot for him.

No plans for Mother's Day here.
I'm keeping up with the boot camp and exercising every day.

Today's Day at a Glance Calendar note says:
"Sunday is Mother's Day! Treat mom to a healthy breakfast in bed, leke an omelet with fresh veggies, whole grain pancakes or cereal topped with fresh blueberries and skim milk" I wish I could do that for my mom but she is over 6,000 miles away.

15 more days!!! WAHOO!

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HOPE2BE 5/10/2009 7:24AM

    Robin plan on a day when you can celebrate with your Mom when you get home. I'm glad your Dad appears to be better. I'll still pray for him. It doesn''t seem possible that you're be in the States soon. I could call you for free if you wanted to talk.I missed your blogs the last couple of days. I think you'll be screalling when you get to go for walks and not in the heat. That should be a real treat to you.

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Bootcamp Days 4 & 5

Thursday, May 07, 2009

I didn't exercise on Wednesday, I was exhausted for some reason and just couldn't get the energy. I did 45 minutes of Walk Away The Pounds to music for the cardio & Extra challenge part and videos from days 4 & 5. I liked the work out for the abs & core, that one I'm going to save and do more often.

Today's SparkPeople Day at a glance Calendar note for today is:
Look back. Today is a good day to review your calendar, trackers and journal and see how far you['ve come. This activity will remind you that the occasional bad day doesn't have a major effect in the long run." This is GREAT advice!

I just hope my dad survives until I get home in 3 weeks.

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HOPE2BE 5/7/2009 8:52PM

    I will keep praying for him Robin. I will pray he makes it for several more years not just your homecoming

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My weekend is starting

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Today starts our weekend here, Wednesday here is like Friday in the real world but sadly the only thing planned is grocery shopping and laundry. Kind of depressing.

I have no ambition today, I just don't feel like Sparking today but I KNOW I have to get my game on and exercise.

Todays Day at a Glance Calendar page says:
"Connect with your family. Make time for your loved ones each day. Reminisce, celebrate, and just have fun together! Enrich your life with family memories, and you'll find greater purpose and satisfaction." I can't wait to get home and connect with my family, but at the same time I know I will miss my DH after a month.

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46A39P 5/7/2009 8:58AM

    You will get there :o)

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MAGA99 5/6/2009 6:57AM

    Sometimes its hard to get motivated to get started but when ur done it feels so good

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HOPE2BE 5/6/2009 6:42AM

    Robin if you take 1 day off don't feel guilty about it. Sometimes we have to to get more energized with ourselves when we start up again. I know you arn't lazy. So don't feel like you thats what you are when you take a day off.

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Boot camp days 2 & 3

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

First I wish the idiots would READ the messages already posted because the answers to the questions they just asked are already answered in posts that are there. These people must be total morons if they just simply can't and refuse to read. It may be confusing, but geeze, I figured it out all by myself in January without having to post a question.

Well today was a workout! Day 3 worked the upper body and I could feel it, felt good. Day 2 was lower body that I didn't feel as much because I did 45 minutes of the WATP video first.
Today I also did the 4 mile WATP video! WOO HOO! I started warm up before I turned the computer on and by the time the computer turned on and the video started it was 13 minutes so I actually did 65 minutes! WOW, I am pleased with myself.

Today's Day At A Glance Calendar note is:
Modify your recipes for Cinco De Mayo. Keep the tradition and boost the nutrition with substitutions: whole grain flour, less salt, oil instead of lard, and beans instead of meat. Your taste buds won't know the difference." I dont celebrate this day, I'm American.

20 days until I'm HOME!! WOO HOO!

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HOPE2BE 5/5/2009 10:44AM

    I'm sorry if I don't know what you are talking about Robin about reading. Can you clue me in?

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Bootcamp day 1

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sweatsuit to Swimsuit bootcamp started today with a kickboxing type cardio video. It's a good workout but man I am so not coordinated to do some of the moves. There is a jumping jack segment with the video, sorry but even with a good supporting sports bra, the girls did not at all like the jumping jacks so I have to do the modified version. And the swimsuit part, well someone had posted something about pictures in your swimsuit, HAHAHAHAHA, I tried on the two new one piece suits I have here and that could be very embarassing if I were to wear them, they don't fit at all. THEY ARE TOO BIG! I would flip flop out all over the place! That is great news, I guess 22 lbs is a LOT. They are nice, brand new bathing suits too.
I did a 35 minute Walk Away The pounds video first for my other cardio workout and before that, I did heavy duty vacuuming for another 30 minutes and the vacuuming was quite a workout, move furniture push back & forth over one spot many times. I really do need a new vacuum.

My dad is ok but he needs to have a test done to see if he has any more blockages and to check his stents that are already in place. He had 2 units of blood yesterday but he is alert and talking.

OH, the best part about today, I have my "ticket" to go home on May 25!!

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HOPE2BE 5/3/2009 2:56PM

    I'll look forward to you coming to the States. I hope your Dad will be OK. The exercises sound really hard. I couldn't jump if I wanted to. The cement block would probably break. I've heard of them breaking before. Thats great that you've lost so much and only a little more left to go. Hurrah!

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