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Back on track

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ok so my parents have left after visiting for a week. I tried very hard to eat my best but they don't like all that diet "crap" food and low fat/calorie/sodium food doesn't taste good at all. I did eat the best I could most of the week but we did go out to a nice place for their 63rd Wedding Anniversary dinner. I had roast beef in a cranberry sauce with carrots. I didn't eat the rice it was served with and I had a salad at the begining of the meal.
We did go someplace almost every day that involved walking even if it was shopping, I walked a lot. We did go to the ocean one day and I walked along on the beach for a ways.

So now I am back to my healthy eating. I walked on Monday and Tuesday so far this week, further that the past walks so I am exicted about that.
I have my nutritionist appointment on Wednesday at 9 AM and I have lots of questions and have my medications ready to go.

THEN THE HIGHLIGHT OF MY WEEK, my DH comes HOME for his 3 week vacation on Thursday! I haven't seen him since May 27, (yes I do know there are women whose husbands have gone overseas in the military who haven't seen each other in a year or more), WOO HOO, can't wait, sadly I know that I only have 3 more weeks left in the real world before I head back overseas for the LONG 9 month wait until June.

I have lost a couple pounds along the way but I don't see where I have gone down any clothes sizes yet.
Oh, it's also been 10 months since I quit smoking! Haven't smoked since then. emoticon
That is my update for now.
emoticon emoticon

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100LBLIGHTER 9/17/2008 12:41AM

    emoticon emoticon You are doing better than you think.

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A busy couple of weeks ahead

Monday, September 01, 2008

I had a VERY invigorating walk on Saturday and I LOVED it! I walked further than I have so far! WOO HOO! I walked down a Pine Barren hiking trail but the mosquitoes were absoultely horrible so I had to turn around. I am guessing I walked 3 miles, my pedometer said I only walked 2 miles but the last 5 times I walked it and drove it, it said 2.5 miles.
I got a new sports bra and one of those fancy walking shirts, the kind that take the sweat away from your body. It worked great.

Sunday my son & "daughter in law" helped me clean out and scrub down our sun porch which was vigorus window washing, vacuuming, running up and down stairs, bending & carefully lifting. The room looks GREAT.

My parents(both in their LATE 80's), my sister & niece will be coming next week for a week long visit so this week it will be cleaning, cleaning, planning menus etc. The only drawback is my mother nagging me about not eating this or that and my father complaining about having to eat that rice crap. He is a meat & potatoes man, HATES pasta etc. They are both diabetics so at least for a week they will be eating healthy while they are here. Then since I live in tax free tourist country, I have to play tour guide, shopping assistant at the outlet shops, drive up the mountains, drive to the ocean.
So if I don't check in for awhile, I'm still trying desparately to stay on my healthy routine while being 16 years old again entertaining my parents.

Have a GREAT SPARKY week everyone!

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100LBLIGHTER 9/1/2008 8:18PM

    My Mom spent three months with me this past winter.... I felt 16 years old again. It is so weird how we become around our parents. Enjoy them while you have them and feed them well. You will be doing them a favor. My DH just left after being home for 3 days. We had brown rice for one meal everyday. Each meal was different and enjoyable. He is a meat, meat and potatoes kinda guy. I will be lookin' in on you next blog. 100lblighter (Grace) emoticon

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I'm still here

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm still here, nothing exciting happening yet. Still haven't heard back from my dr. office as to a nutritionist appointment yet. I am going to call them back on Friday.

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MISS_VIV 8/28/2008 11:17PM

    If you can keep the weight moving on down, you can get the other numbers under control too. You can do it... emoticon

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Bad blood work again

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Well I got the results from my blood work on Tuesday. Not good and after over a month here with Spark People it doesn't look like anything but my weight changed.
I will put my numbers here but since I don't have the results from my original bloodwork, I don't have anything to compare them too.
Cholesterol total was 201
Triglycerides were 225
HDL Cholesterol was 33
LDL CHOL was 123 (??)

My TSH (Thyroid) number was 12.09
I have absoultely no clue what is normal and if this number means my thyroid over active or underactive.

My Glucose level was 184, which I guess is high.

The nurse practioner told me my Dr. wants me to increase my thyroid meds and they will set me up with an appt with a nutrionsist ASAP and I need to repeat my blood work in 30 days. My dr appt was changed from the 15 of SEpt to the 22 of Sept. I guess I gotta find a new dr. There aren't many in this podunk boonie town that keep regular office hours. Many are only here 2-3 days a week.
I really hope I can get this taken care of and back to normal before I have to leave to go back overseas the 9th of Oct.

THEN I get an e-mail from my husband who is still overseas and he tells me our precious 19 year old kitty Oreos died sometime during the night Aug 26. He found her when he went to work in the morning on the floor by my side of the bed in front of my night stand. He said she was trying to tell me goodbye. He buried her with her favorite pound puppy toy under our bedroom window where she liked to sit and look out.

So all in all, not a good day yesterday.

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SHELLPRO 8/28/2008 1:01AM

    Please, I've been down the Hard Knocks too- check my Sparks Page, if I can help- Just shout e mail! PS_ Are U using an Endocrynologist? It looks as though you should be communicating better- emoticon

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100LBLIGHTER 8/27/2008 1:48PM

    You sound discouraged ... don't be. You are making progress. The thyroid is a little tricky to get meds regulated and for your sake they take baby steps. Your thyroid is working slow which makes you tired, your sugar should rufly be around 100 if taken with a 12 to 14 hour fast before the test, so it looks a bit high but exercise and watching those sugars, carbs you can bring that down pretty fast. You are on the right track....it is going to get better. The first time I was tested for the lipids (fats) in the blood my triglycerides were so high they could not test for HDL. HDL is good cholesterol and DR. likes it to be around 50. As long as your thyroid is out of whack the cholesterol will ** usually ** be high. Trust the process and you will be feeling better in no time. Blessings to you....100lblighter (Grace) I will be watching your progress.

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MISS_VIV 8/27/2008 10:20AM

    Not such a good day, but there is hope and you shouldn't have to get a new dr just cause they moved your appt out a week. It will give you extra days to work on lowering your numbers and your new meds to kick in. You have to know that you cannot do that in such a short time. If you are losing a little weight and you are exercising, the cholesterol numbers will go down. The thyroid and blood sugar numbers should look better now that the dr has changed your meds. Cut out all the sweets that will really help. If you can get a copy of "Cholesterol Down" before you go back overseas, it will give you a real heads up on how to start reducing the cholesterol numbers. It will take some work, but YOU CAN DO IT.. emoticon emoticon

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Blood work today

Monday, August 25, 2008

First thing this morning I went to the dr's office to have my follow up blood work done SO I am HOPING the thyroid pills and all you supportive Spark people have helped me this past month to bring my numbers down a bit. I asked specifically if they could call me with the results but they said they were too busy to call every patient that has blood work done but If I was in the area on Tuesday, I could stop in to get my test results. So when i to for my eye dr apt in the area tomorrow, I will definitely stop in!

I weighted 152 on my home scale this morning but 153.5 on the scale in the Dr's office so I'm not moving my weigh in numbers today.
I had a GREAT walk on Saturday and a good workout with my stability ball, dumb bells and jump rope. I felt very energized the whole day.

Both my kids were here with both my grandsons yesterday and that was wonderful! I so love it when they are together but I realize they are grown and don't see eye to eye on life anymore.

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MISS_VIV 8/27/2008 8:56AM

    Don't sweat the scale. You can do it. Just work as best you can at eating right and getting plenty of exercise, you can do it.

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100LBLIGHTER 8/27/2008 1:18AM

    I just happened upon your Spark Page and wanted to know more about you. I found you very interesting, truly. I have subscribed to your blog so I will be reading about your journey. You are so honest! I like that. 100lblighter.....Grace emoticon

Comment edited on: 8/27/2008 1:17:34 AM

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SPYCE47 8/25/2008 10:26AM

    Be sure to let us know the results!!

Don't be discouraged re weight - my doctor's office scale weighs me at 3 lbs. more than my home scale. I weighed myself right before going to a doctor's appointment to compare. What matters is the change. I've also noticed that my weight fluctuates during a day by about 2 lbs.

I must say that I didn't care for that doctor's office response to you. So far every doctor I've used has called me after blood work.

Grats on the good workout!

Comment edited on: 8/25/2008 10:26:11 AM

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