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Crawling out of my hole

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Yesterday started out ok, tooth still hurt but the pain went away. Went grocery shopping felt fine. Came home started to Spark then the tooth ache came back and I felt hot. Took my temp it was normal. WEnt into the kitchen and was freezing, took a couple of Panadol and curled up on the couch with a blanket and laid there for 3 hours, was freezing, then hot, ached all over. Had some home made NO sodium vegetable/chicken broth with macaroni and a tangerine. Laid back down and napped for a couple more hours. Went to bed at 10PM and slept till 8:30 this morning. I feel ok but still achy and the tooth still hurts so DH is taking me to the dentist today. Today is our Monday-the start of the work week. I did drink about 10 cups of water yesterday though and peed a LOT.

Today's SparkPeople Day At A Glance desk calendar says;
Go Streaking! Set a goal for yourself, like exercising or drinking 8 cups of water every day. See how many days or weeks you can meet your goal. "Streaks" like this are fun ways to stay motivated."

Going back to lay down now.

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HOPE2BE 3/28/2009 6:58AM

    I hope you feel better after going to the dentist. It sounds like you may need to have your tooth out. Infection will cause all those symptoms. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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March 26

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm late for today, almost time for bed here.
Today's SparkPeople Day At A Glance CAlendar page says:
Avoid saboteurs. People will try to persuade you to go against your plan, whether they feel guilty themselves or jealous of you. Ignore them. Share your goals with positive people and change the subject around negative ones.

Even thought it's my weekend, I did a 30 minute 2 mile Walk Away The Pounds video this afternoon.

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HOPE2BE 3/26/2009 7:23PM

    Good for you. I measured myself today and found I lost 2 in. in my waist and 1 in. in my hips. I gained 4 lbs. Probably the Scout cookies. I only bought 2 boxes this year. I couldn't finish my bike today because of my knees. I did the tredmill though. Its good you finished today like you wanted.

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Daily Desk note for March 35

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Here is the SparkPeople Day at a Glance Calendar page for today:
Communicate openly. Holding in your thoughts and feelings about stressful situations like your work, relationships or parenting won't help you deal with stress or find solutions. Open up to a good friend.

Today's exercise:
2.63 mile 52 minute walk which was very nice. It has cooled down a few degrees again so it was a nice walk.
15 minute stability ball workout video,
Day 6 Boot camp workout video
3 minutes of jumprope warm up before videos

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HOPE2BE 3/25/2009 8:09PM

    You're getting it on more and more each day.

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Calendar notes for March 24

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Today's SparkPeople Day at a Glance desk calendar is:
It's Spring! These seasonal foods are fresh and delicious right now: Asparagus, bananas, beets, berries, figs, green beans, kiwi, mangos, peas, peppers and pineapple to name a few.
My Drs. have told me I can NOT eat mangos, peas, figs, beets to name a few and I have to limit my Asparagus.

This morning I walked 54 minutes for 2.5 miles, boot camp cardio video, upper body dumb bell workout and a 5 minute ab video. I felt like I needed extra today. I was also able to get in the 8 cups of water.

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HOPE2BE 3/24/2009 10:54PM

    Go Girl you're getting it on

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Which do you believe?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sparkepeople Walking tracker doesn't let you track your route if you just do circle laps, the pedometer thing from Google on it's own page or a Garmin e-trax hand held GPS device? I got 3 different readings from all 3.
1-First the new SparkPeople walking map tracker thing does NOT LIKE it if you try to track your walking route if you walk laps on a circle road. It just won't let you click on the same spot you've already walked on. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT? It told me I walked 3.28 miles.
2-The GMaps pedometer map on the GMaps site WILL LET YOU TRACK A CIRCLE but told me I walked 3.38 miles.
3-The Garmin e-trax GPS that I had hung around my neck while I was walking said I walked 3.30 miles at 2.9 average MPH in 66 minutes.
It was only 80F when I walked and there was a very slight breeze but it was a good walk.

Today's SparkPeople Day at a Glance CAlendar page says
"Being defeated is often temporary, giving up makes it permanent"

I also finished this counted cross stitch piece last night, I LOVE It!

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RWETHAIRYET 3/23/2009 11:01AM

    yup, noticed some problems with the tracker myself....first of all it says I live about a mile and a half south of where my house actually is. One of my routes, which is 8 miles round trip, only shows up as 4.5...I've clocked that one with 2 different cars...so I know it's almost twice what the map says.
Oh well...guess we can't expect perfection

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HOPE2BE 3/23/2009 8:16AM

    I love your cross stitch Perfect. How much did you actually walk if none of them rated it right?

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