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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Thank you Spark friends for the walking DVD information. DH & I will be looking for these and ordering so they will be waiting when I get home.

Last night I got a bougainvillea thorn in my foot and it hurts. So with me being diabetic I soaked it, washed it, put alcohol, peroxide and bactine on it and tried to get it out. I guess I got most of it but there is still some in there. I am watching my foot often to make sure nothing happens so that I don't have to go to the ER to get it out. So I can't walk now.

It's my weekend so I think I'll do some more cross stitching.


Can you recommend a WALKING video/dvd?

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

If you read this blog, do you know of any walking videos? It will be getting HOT soon here in Saudi and when I go back to my HOME in New Hampshire in June I no doubt will rain for days and weeks, so I am going to look for those Leslie whatever-her-name-is or that Jill-Whatever exercise videos to walk to.

Today is my Grandson's 3rd birthday and Grammy isn't there :( He is back HOME in New Hampshire and I am here in Saudi, but I will be HOME around the 1st of June. Grammy and Grampa did spoil him on his birthday though. I can't wait for those sweet hugs from both my grandsons!

Well, I tried to go out for my walk today but only got to the end of my street when I saw 6 mosquito spraying trucks parked ready to spray. A couple of workers had tanks strapped to their back and they were spraying bushes where the trucks can't get to. I'll have to try again this afternoon when it cools off. It's only 83F right now at 11:45AM but 1/2 my walk laps are in full sun.
It's the start of my weekend too! WOO HOO! Today is like Friday in the real world. TAIW

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HOPE2BE 3/5/2009 6:22AM

    If that thorn is still in your foot it could be dangerous for your diabetic condition. I've heard of people losing their foot because of infections that can't clear up because of infections. I'd go see a Dr. anyhow to have him look at it just to be sure its all right. Its better to be safe than sorry. I've had diabetic people tell me not to even cut your own toenails because its too dangerous. Be careful Hope

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CYNEDRA 3/4/2009 4:00PM

    I second or third the Walking Away The Pound DVDs. They even four and five mile ones now. Her name is Leslie Sansone. Also, I've had to turn back from a walk because of the mosquito sprays before. It is not fun to get caught in it.

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LADY_DONKEY 3/4/2009 12:55PM

    Can't tell you how many good things I've heard about Walking Away the Pounds!

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2LABS2LOVE 3/4/2009 11:15AM

    Go to www.collagevideo. com and get Madeline Lewis's Get Moving: Walking for Weight Loss. I love it! I just love Madeline Lewis and I do that workout to get motivated or just for fun!


You can see a sample clip of the workout at collagevideo too!

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RWETHAIRYET 3/4/2009 9:55AM

    Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds series. She has several different options/lengths. I have her 1,2 and 3 mile walk on one DVD that I found at Walmart and I'm going to add a couple more to my collection soon. I use them when I can't get out . I also use the 1 mile walk as a warmup to my strength exercises when I have to exercise first thing in the Am. She's positive and upbeat...though a little too chipper for my taste, especially at 6am...but I just kind of zone out while I'm doing the workout. She also shows different modifications, so you can adjust it to make it more or less intense.

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ASH72461 3/4/2009 7:02AM

  another spark friend told me about the reality videos on youtube
i was having cabin fever due to the cold here
school were on a 2 hour delay yesterday because it went down to 0 degrees outside
they also have other exercise videos
you might want to try some of them

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HOPE2BE 3/4/2009 6:32AM

    I too walk in the hot sun here and the humidity is high. With winter ending its getting time for me to walk in the heat again. I know how you feel about your grandsons. I have one grandson and his other grandparents have spoiled him rotten. They have a lot of money which I don't have and a home and cars which I don't have. Recently they moved to KC so I'm hoping I get to see him more. That bug spray is really no good for your system. You were lucky to see them before you started walking and got caught in it afterwards. I think its Jillian Michaels and I can't remember Leslie's. They have both in the spark people store which I think you get to on another site.

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Nothing new happens

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I still weighed 141 this morning, walked, 52 minutes, 2 1/2 miles.

Another nice day here, sunny, warm & breezy. 64 when I got up at 7, 71 when I walked at 8:30 and 82 now at 2PM. Unlike the weather at my HOME in New Hampshire where they had a Nor'easter dump another foot or 2 of snow on Monday. One more reason I choose to stay here in this insane country with my husband rather than sit at HOME, LOLOL.

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2LABS2LOVE 3/3/2009 7:15PM

    We got over a foot of snow in MA. Where are you now? I can tell it is warm where you are!

I see your Yankee Stadium.We were Mets fans when we lived on Long Island. Do you remember the 1986 World Series! Wow...it was a great game!

Nice job on the weight loss too!

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HOPE2BE 3/3/2009 7:41AM

    you sound like you're within reach of your weight goal. That noreastern would discourage me too. What a storm LOL

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Monday, March 02, 2009

Whatever! is a counted cross stitch project that I finished 5 hours after I started it. For those that do cross stitch, it is Lizzie Kate's newest freebie.

I walked 65 minutes for 3.26 miles this morning. It was a "brisk" 63 when I got up at 7:30 this morning but had "warmed" up to 70 when I started walking. '
If my scales were right this morning, I lost a pound, YAY!

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2LABS2LOVE 3/3/2009 7:14PM

    I like your project very much! Will you frame it or make it into a pillow?


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HOPE2BE 3/2/2009 5:02PM

    Hurray you're getting past the muscle and losing fat and inches I presume. Your cross stitch looks very nice and to get it free is even better.

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That $@*&%^ ad is back

Sunday, March 01, 2009

I noticed today that on a couple of my Spark pages that damn Vaseline video and ad is back, it locks up my computer to where I have to reboot every single time it pops up on a page. I have reported it twice but apparently Spark people doesn't care.

I may be spending less time om SparkPeople, I really want to do more cross stitching.

I did do a 57 minute walk this morning but I haven't gone to my map site yet to figure out how far it was.

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CAFFEINATED_09 3/1/2009 4:36PM

    If you're using Mozilla Firefox, look for an add-on called "Flashblock" - it will prevent flash-based ads from coming up (unless you click on them), and might solve this problem!

One think to note about flashblock: it will "block" flash item on all sites (i.e. videos on youtube) unless you click on the item you want to see...but I like that! It reduces clutter and things blinking "you're a winner!" in my face all the time, and one click lets me see the content I want. It can also make your internet seem faster, because all the extra ads aren't loading!

Hope this helps!

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HOPE2BE 3/1/2009 6:17AM

    Perhaps you can come on once a week. Maybe on a day when you have more time. I hate to see you go emoticon

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