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Challenge for Day 18

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm a day late with thie but the bonus challenge from Wednesday was:
Your Bonus Challenge for Wednesday (optional) is to create a new blog entry on your SparkPage. You can use this time to discuss your recent progress with Bootcamp in general, or delve into a topic or issue that has been hurting your progress, so you can try to come up with some solutions to stay on track. Use this entry to your advantage, whether you need to vent (instead of turning to food to stifle your feelings), come up with a new schedule for your workouts (so that you'll do them instead of putting them off), or rediscover your motivation for doing the Bootcamp

So here is my vent, discussion or whatever. Nothing is happening. I have lost 1/4 of an ince on my waist, nothing anywhere else. My scales say one thing, the ones at the drs say another. My scales say 143, the dr says 66.7 kilos, not the same, but then I went at 5PM in the evening, after eating breakfast, lunch and drinking water. I just have to keep trying.

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HOPE2BE 1/22/2009 6:19AM

    I'm not sure how much kilos is. I know I was 210 one morning then had breadfast, lunch 8glasses of water and 4 cups of coffee and had on heavy clothes. When I weighed at the Drs. that day I was 213. Go Figure! However my weights been coming down .5 at a time for a week. I remember losing 1/2 in in my waist which I thought was nothing but the next month I had more progress. Its slow at first then really comes off. I still haven't lost the pounds but am little by little. Hope

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January 21

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I know I should say something about the presidential inaugration yesterday, but it is an event that takes place every 4 years, do it and get on with it. I personally don't need the circus act that goes with it.

I woke up sore and stiff this morning, my neck & shoulders are sore, probably from doing too much exercise the past couple days. I didn't walk this morning either. Today will be a bad day for me. IT's the start of the weekend too, Wednesday here is like Friday in the real world.

Took Spot kitty to the vets last night, he has a cavity in a tooth so they will fix it today and we can pick him up tonight.
I also have an appointment with a diabetic nutritionist tonight so I am trying to get all my Spark pages together to show her/him along with my weekly menus and information I do have from various American web sites. We'll see what she/he says. I feel like a need a suitcase to take all this information around in. I know I need to take all my medication, my test kit, blood work paper work, reading material and someting to stitch while I'm waiting, LOL.

That's my exciting day in a nutshell.
I did stitch last night too, almost got my little project done.

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HOPE2BE 1/21/2009 7:50AM

    Your blood sugar should be low because of all the exercise. A day off from exercise is OK since sometimes we overdue it. YOu need a break sometimes. An example is the soreness. I hope things turn out good at the diabetic nutrionalist. emoticon

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Day 17 of Boot Camp Challenge

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thank you for your wishes for my daughter. I will call her later when she wakes up. She has to get my grandson off to school and I don't know if she has to work today or not.

I did a 47 minute 2 mile walk this morning with about 30 second jog in there, woo hoo! I'm impressed I could do that!
I did the Day 17 dumb bell work out video then did some extra exercises from another team I am on. It does feel good to be able to do these exercises without getting winded after 2 minutes. I do feel like I make progress even though nothing shows.

Gotta take Furbaby Spot cat to the vets today, his breath stinks and he's just not himself lately. Hopefully he just needs his teeth cleaned. This kitty is DH's B-A-B-Y and he would be lost with out Spot.

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HOPE2BE 1/20/2009 7:23AM

    I remember making progress with my exercise that I was doing an hour of walking a day and I found out from the Dr. that I could cut my advair in half and now its cut in half again. This exercise really helps me get healthier in more ways than one. I was up to the top amount of Advair and now its once a day. He's going to see if it works or not but he says my lungs sound clear. You build up stamina in your lungs when you do it.

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GOALCHASING 1/20/2009 7:12AM

    emoticon emoticon

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Today is my daughter's 31st birthday, I can't believe she is 31 already. I always miss being with her on her birthday. I miss being with her when I'm here anyway but today I miss her more.

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2LABS2LOVE 1/19/2009 9:35PM

    My mom lives down south, a two-day drive away. I miss her alot, especially on my birthday and holidays! I bet your daughter misses you too! Is she very far away? My mother-in-law visits my husband every year for his birthday (this was an unofficial understanding when we were married) and calls him at the time he was born. He is 43.

Happy Birthday to you too Mom! This is your day too! emoticon

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HOPE2BE 1/19/2009 5:13PM

    She's grown up and an adult. Its hard not thinking of her as a little girl. She makes her own decisions so thats one thing that makes it hard you not deciding for her.

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DAy 16 of boot camp challenge

Monday, January 19, 2009

I did the boot camp exercise videos and did my 34 minute walk today.

I read an article here on Spark People about seeing how you are fitness wise which included 1 minute of push ups, 1 minute of crunches and something else. I did enough to say I was in good shape. I'll have to try it again when DH is home to do the timing for me.


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