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No ambition-update

Monday, January 05, 2009

I did end up doing my Bootcamp challenge today so I feel a little better.

I am exhausted today. I have no energy what so ever, I just feel so tired. I didn't do anything today and even took a nap this afternoon. So no challanges for me today. I think it was because I didn't do my walk first thing this morning. I was waiting for my nurse to call me back and she never called. It's hard to do a walk while you are carrying all kinds of paper work waiting for an important phone call so I just waited at home. She never called until after noon so I didn't get my exercise in.
Double for me tomorrow!
Or could it be that I have my first period since May and that is wiping me out. I was SO hoping May was the last but NOOOOOOOO. I was doing so well without it too. Oh well, I can always hope THIS one is the last one, I'm too old for this crap!

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HOPE2BE 1/5/2009 10:08AM

    Having your period will make you exhausted. I don't think doing without the exercise for 1 day would do that to you. Don't worry about it leaving. In all good time it will disappear and you won't have it again. However it makes it harder to lose weight. So in a way it is a friend to you because it keeps you regulated. I know that must be disappointing to wait all day for the nurse but sometimes things happen. Did you read a book or the newspaper to find out the news for today? Maybe it wasn't all wasted. You could have written a letter. I'm sure next time you will be more prepared. Hope

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Boot camp day 1

Sunday, January 04, 2009

WOO HOO, I did it! I took my 36 minute morning walk, did my 10 minute bootcamp kick boxing video, then did 10 minutes more strength training. That felt SOOOOOOOOO good! Then I went to take a shower and no water. I had to wait 2 hours. I tried to track the video, but there is no listing for the New YOU bootcamp video day 1 so I used another video.

Can't wait for tomorrow!

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HOPE2BE 1/4/2009 2:21PM

    You sound like you're off to a good start. Keep it up it will pay off

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Bootcamp Challenge

Saturday, January 03, 2009

I am probably a day ahead on this. I don't know how the team leaders plan to keep track of what we do and how many points we get or whatever. There is supposed to be a prize or two at the end of this but I'm not in it for the prize, I"m doing it for me. There are over 11,000 people in this challenge and they DON'T KNOW HOW TO READ OR COMPREHEND. The instructions said DO NOT START NEW THREADS and they did.

Day 1 challenge says to:
Your Bonus Challenge for Day 1 (optional) is to update your SparkPage or Blog with your starting stats--such as "before" photos, your goals for the month, what you hope to accomplish during Bootcamp, or any other measurements. This way, when you complete the Bootcamp you'll have a reminder of where you started and the progress you've made.

With much hesitation:
Weight 146, neck 13, bust 41.5, waist 39, hips 43 (lots of blubber there)
My goal for this month is to try and loose 5 lbs
Do all the workout videos even on weekends
Build up the stamina to keep exercising.

And lastly the most disgusting picture:

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HOPE2BE 1/3/2009 2:01PM

    I wondered what you looked like.l You must be doing good though because your waist and hips and neck are less than mine. I will try to get a new picture. Hope

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RSKLCH 1/3/2009 10:55AM

    I'm giving the boot camp a try as well. I know what you mean about the comprehension thing...the e mails on that site are ridiculous. Here's to our success at boot camp! emoticon

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My new routine starts today!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Today starts my workout challange. I did my morning walk for 37 minutes and will walk an extra 1/3 mile. I have done dumbbell workouts so far but this computer is so friggin slow that it takes forever to type & modifuy what I dothat I just about give up trying to track.

I have an appt with an endocrinogolist tonight so we'll see what she says.

IT's another overcast day and only 75F when I walked today. I burnt my oatmeal this morning trying to add my fitness.

So off I go to start my new me month!


Interesting article on Yahoo Shine

Friday, January 02, 2009

I read this article on Yahoo Shine today ( shine.yahoo.com/channel/health/burn-
Burn, Baby Burn!
Letís face it. Now is the time of year that you want to kick that calorie burn into high gear. We are neck deep in the holiday festivities, so we are all looking to get our metabolisms roaring, right? So how do you know what exercises and activities are going to give you the biggest bang for your calorie-burn buck?

I have put together a list of various activities to give you an idea of how each affects your burn. Sitting still (aka at rest), most people expend roughly 1-2 calories per minute, depending on your body weight, sex, etc. I have included both activities that burn a lot of calories, and also a separate chart that shows activities that donít burn very many.

Use these charts as references so that you can get moving this season and burn off those extra goodies here and there that you want to enjoy along the way.

Note: This chart is based on a 150-pound woman. Men and women weighing over 150 pounds will burn more calories during the same activities, and those that weigh less will burn less.

aerobics: low impact 170
aerobics: high impact 238
elliptical trainer: general 213
calisthenics: vigorous, jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, pullups 272
weight lifting: light/moderate 108
weight lifting: vigorous 207
running: 6.7 mph (9 min/mile) 374
walk: 4 mph (15 min/mi) 170
stretching: mild, hatha yoga 85
ice skating: moderate intensity 238
sledding, toboggan, bobsled 238
skiing/snowboarding: downhill, moderate effort 204
operating a snow blower: walking 153
shoveling snow: by hand 238
vacuuming 119
cleaning house: general, light 87
decorating Christmas tree 85
food shopping: with cart 78
christmas shopping 78
playing w/kids: moderate effort 153
baking and food preparation 136
Unloading car 102

reading: sitting 44
standing in line: light, holding items 68
sitting, watching TV 34
writing Christmas cards 61
wrapping gifts 51
socializing, standing 61
playing cards 51

Source: http://www.caloriesperhour.com
Extra Tips and Tricks To Get That Metabolism Roaring

So now that you know what activities are more energy expensive, so to speak, youíve still got to do what youíve got to do, right? I mean, those presents are not going to wrap themselves.

Here are a few ways to get in some extra activity and burn off a few more calories in the midst of getting things accomplished. A few of them are going to make you giggle, but trust me, you will be thanking me when you hop on that scale come January 1st and you have maintained or even LOST weight this season!

* Sets of 25 jumping jacks at commercial breaks while you are wrapping presents and watching ďA Christmas StoryĒ on TV.
* Dance around the living room to holiday music with your kids.
* Do wall sits while you are writing your grocery list.
* Take the stairs at the mall rather than the escalator or the elevator.
* Donít sit down while you are talking to Aunt Thelma on the phone. Walk around the house in one giant circle.
* After dinner donít sit down to chat, bundle up and take the dog for a walk with a few family members. If you are in a warm weather climate (YAY for you!) head outside for a game of family flag football rather than sitting down to play cards.
* Hands down, THE biggest calorie burning tip: Make sure to get in a good workout the morning of your holiday party, or rather, parties. You can see from the chart above what a difference even just a half an hour can make. And, you are not just going to burn during that alloted time, you will burn more calories all day long.

Examples Always Prove the Point Better

Letís take a look at an example. Using this calculator, a 30 year old woman, at 5í-6Ē, 150 pounds burns roughly 1476 total calories, if she were at rest all day long. Suppose on Christmas Eve she wakes up, and decides that she doesnít want to work out. She spends her day doing light activity, getting herself ready, wrapping presents, watching some Christmas movies on TV, cooking, and baking. Then her family and friends arrive, and the rest of her night is spent socializing, eating, drinking and so on.

Her activity factor for the day would be around a 1.2, which would mean that her total burn for the whole day would be 1771 calories.

Now, letís say she woke up and went to the gym for a 45 minute vigorous workout, did some stretching, got herself ready, ran some errands, came home to cook, but added in some jumping jacks, danced with the kids, and never really sat down until the company arrived. Her activity factor in this case would be around 1.725, which would make her total burn for the day approximately 2546 calories.

That is a difference of almost 800 calories! Try out this exercise for yourself using this formula. Take a few minutes and add up what you typically eat on Christmas or Christmas Eve...make sure to be honest....remember to include the wine too...and those cookies...the appetizers, all of it. Now do you see what a difference a little extra movement can make?

I hope this helps to give you the incentive to get out and move this holiday season. An exercise like this truly gives vacuuming or shoveling snow a whole new light, doesnít it!

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HOPE2BE 1/2/2009 9:33AM

    I not in the position to exercise much right now other than walking. Hope

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