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Weight Loss vs. Measurements

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Lets face it, We are all here to lose weight and it is the toughest thing to do. None of us gained our weight over night or even over a few months, and none of us will lose it that fast either - It takes hard work and dedication. That fat found a home and it likes it there... It is willing to hold on for all its worth to keep its position in your body. You have to work harder than you ever did, especially if you are a little older and your excess has been around for a while.

So my scale has been hovering over the same 3-5 lbs for months now and I have been exercising a lot more than I ever did so I decided to measure myself and see if there was a difference. To my surprise there was, I have lost 2-3 inches in some places and can definitely feel some muscle building under all that flab. I guess its true - Muscle weighs more than fat. Its kinda sad that a scale cant tell you that since most of us rely on that miserable thing to judge our progress. I feel stronger, can work out longer and dont get as winded as I did earlier on. I know that the exercise is helping even if the scale wont admit it.

I will not give up my fight to rid myself of a good portion of the fat that has taken up residence in my body and I will not let setbacks take over and cause me to give up that fight. Everyday is a new beginning and you have the opportunity to start with a clean slate. Use those opportunities to your benefit because every day you exercies, your muscles are growing stronger and stretching and forcing all that fat to move out !!!!!

Have a great day !!!

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MSANITAL 10/6/2011 3:06PM

    right on sister right on..Love your determination.. that is what that this so called weight thing we have going on needs an attitude.. LOL
Keep up the good work

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Bad Day???

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yesterday was bad day for me. I am mad at my Wii. I did Free Cycle for 22 minutes = 5.9 miles and was too tired and sore to finish (8 more minutes) and My Wii did not give me any points or calories burned for all that work. How did I get even you ask??? I went shopping, I feel so much better and my bank account is now the one in pain. Oh well.

Today I will not cycle at all !!! I will still work out on my Wii and then tomorrow I go Off to the campground with 3 - 13 year old girls (my daughter and 2 of her friends). Can you say Margaritas??? Good thing they like to run around and will entertain themselves most of the time. I will get in some walking and maybe a game of croquet or badminton. I cant wait till summer weather is here so I can go swimming.

Well back to the old grind.

Have a skinny day !!!


Slacking on my blog

Monday, April 11, 2011

Ok, So I have been slacking on my blog lately, But I have been posting to my sparkteams daily and working out on my Wii Fit Plus too. Got the Garage cleaned out this weekend and am headed out for a camping weekend with the kids and the dogs this comming weekend. No Wii, but I will be doing some walking and maybe some croquet and badminton so that should make up for it. I am slowly losing all the blubber and feel like I have finally after way too many years, made a real committment to myself to lose weight and get healthy. I have tried every diet and all have failed within a few weeks, so I am taking all the things I learned form all of them and incorporating them into a more healthy way of eating and finally facing the fact that I HAVE to exercise to make this work. Its about time, I have let terrible memories from my past hold me back for most of my life. It feels good to finally be taking control and doing something that is good for me.

Have a Skinny Day !!!


Back on track

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 2
Not looking forward to weigh in Friday. I know some of you weigh every day, but I prefer once a week. I am spending Extra time on my Wii and working up a sweat. Ya know, I kinda look forward to it. As much as I hate to exercise, the wii seems like a game and yet you sweat your booty off if you spend enough time on it. It was well worth the money for the board and disc for Fit Plus. I am not a Gym person, because I dislike my body right now. I need to lose a considerable amount of weight and feel like an outcast among all those healthy fit people who go there.

Anyway enough blabbering for one day.


Back on Track

Monday, March 14, 2011

Well as usual my weekend adventure to Reno was a lot of fun, but I ate too much and drank more than I should have too. I did get a good deal of walking in, but no where near enough to offset my food choices. The Sushi was worth every calorie and so was the Burger @ Rail City, but now its back to the real world and working toward my weight loss goal.

I'm glad to be home, spent 49 minutes on my Wii Fit Plus (usually only do 30ish minutes) I guess cause I was feeling guilty about splurging up in Reno.

Have a Skinny Day