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I am amazed at all of my Spark Friends!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

I am still making new Spark Friends and I am just so thankful for every one of you!

I am really enjoying seeing my Friend Feed on almost every page - it is like small windows into the lives of my buddies.

SparkPeople never ceases to amaze me.

Love y'all,
we are family! emoticon

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JERSEYGIRL24 9/6/2009 7:58PM

    emoticon for being there for all of us as well!!!

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PALESEPT 9/4/2009 7:42AM

    You amaze me too! Thank you so much for all of your kind and funny comments and help!:)


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    I agree with MIKIIO, I love seeing your comments on my feed. It always makes for a special moment in my day and feels like a gentle pat on the back!
Thank you!

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_VALEO_ 9/4/2009 1:16AM

    I so love reading your comments on my feed, you always have a word to support me or to make me laugh.
Love to see your high achievements too!

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JAZZYJUDE 9/4/2009 12:35AM

    Ahh Sweetheart...SparkPeople swells my heart too and it's INCREDIBLE of how many people on this site help each other to be on the same kind of adventure...to live a healthier lifestyle and enjoying life as it was intended to be.

I love the feeds too and like you said, it's like knowing a little extra personal info of your friend's life.

I am glad you are a part of my life's memories and so very PROUD of your success thus far! YOU GO GIRL!!
emoticon emoticon Jazzy!!

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MSLZZY 9/4/2009 12:09AM

    You are here to cheer us on so we are just returning the favor! You are such an inspiration and I thank you for all the encouragement and support! emoticon

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    Your blog Linda is quite fitting, and

yet we (all your SP friends) are amazed by YOU!

Keep up all your wonderful efforts.
And a special Thank You for inspiring me to the levels that you have. The current me is due to a great part of YOUR molding me during your tutelage Thanks again for your vote of support!

Tony emoticon

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SIMPLELIFE4REAL 9/3/2009 10:44PM

    Spark People is great! I'm amazed by it too. I'm glad our paths have crossed in cyberspace. You have definitely gotten me to walk more.

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SPARROW147 9/3/2009 8:46PM

    We are grateful for you!

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MARTY19 9/3/2009 8:40PM

    You have touched so many lives on SP. I for one am so grateful.


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BETHMOMOF2 9/3/2009 8:27PM

    You are so wonderful!

I know what you mean. I love SP. It has been such a blessing to me. I am looking forward to getting more Spark Friends but sure enjoy the ones I have now. (Like you!)

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WATERMELLEN 9/3/2009 7:58PM

    This IS a fabulous site -- and you've made a lot of friends because you are such an encouragement and support to so many people!

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    LOL I had never thought of the Friend Feed like that before. Hmmm...but I have to agree with the other poster...be careful what you see in my window at 5 am...there's a reason I exercise by myself in the basement at that hour...hee hee

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EMMABE1 9/3/2009 7:18PM

    A positive attitude, and a will to help are things people admire.
You need to be careful what you might see through your window into your buddies lives LOL!! - I hate to think what you see in mine especially at 5.00am!!
Ann emoticon

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CRUISEBOUND2014 9/3/2009 7:08PM

    You are an awesome Spark friend! Thank you for all of your positiveness and encouragement emoticon

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I copied this from ThinLynn, I love it!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Quote of the day:

"I believe you should live each day as if it is your last, which is why I don't have any clean laundry, because, come on, who wants to wash clothes on the last day of their life?" thinlynn

So I do have clean laundry, but I think this explains my dirty floors.

Have a fun day y'all!
Linda emoticon emoticon

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MYSHERO 9/1/2009 9:24PM

    Oh, that explains why my bed isn't made up. LLLOOLL. Thanks for posting that!

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FORMYDARLINGS 8/28/2009 3:44PM

    Dear Linda, I love it!!! LOL LOL. I think it is why my dishes aren't done today!

Gini emoticon

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IVMAR1 8/28/2009 1:59PM

    Thanks for the laugh and for sharing your quote of the day! I also like the clipart you use for the quote. emoticon

Way to go!


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MYCATIZZY 8/27/2009 8:01PM

    Thanks for the smile. I now know why I don't clean the house daily.

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MSLZZY 8/27/2009 4:22PM

    There is still life after dirty floors and laundry. It dosn't do itself but as long as I can walk on the floor and find a clean shirt in the closet, I'm OK!
Thank ThinLynn for me!

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MISSPJ 8/27/2009 2:00PM

    Well, if you are like me, I live in my house, it is not a show home and I have better things to do than obsess over moping a floor every day lol

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ONMYWAYTOGOAL 8/27/2009 8:56AM

    I agree. LOL!!

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When I had my computer at the shop recently, while he was waiting for some action on the computer, he took his hand and touched the top of the computer. His hand got dusty, LOL. He ended up taking a rag and some kind of spray to wipe it down, I was embarrassed but also got a kick out of it. Remodeling the house, is a dirty job and the dust settles DOWN to the 'puter.

Have a great day!

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ZVER1028 8/27/2009 7:37AM


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MARTY19 8/27/2009 7:26AM

    Cute and oh so true.


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MONGO2TEN 8/27/2009 7:05AM


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MARLENE2995 8/27/2009 7:04AM

    That's great! Thank you for sharing.

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_VALEO_ 8/27/2009 6:59AM

    Right now, my life is packed in numbered boxes... way too many boxes.
What a metaphor of my life!

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I have reached my Goal Weight at last!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ok, I reached it last month - but yesterday I had an "episode" after donating blood platelets that forced me to realize that, yes, I have indeed lost enough weight.

Donating platelets means being hooked up to a machine that filters your blood (draw & return, repeat) for about 90 minutes up to 2 hours. While it is the most worthwhile gift I can give, it is also incredibly boring. Squeeze the ball when drawing blood, release and relax during return.

All went well other than I was extremely cold and felt more tired than usual. As always, I bring my lunch and eat immediately after the run is completed - I have to sit 15 minutes anyway. And I bring a good Carb lunch due to the drop in blood sugar; now you know why they serve sweets after donating blood. I bring a PB&J on my homemade bread and I am generous with the PB&J.

After finishing my lunch, I got up and immediately felt wobbly - not good. In that next few minutes I knew I have already reached my goal weight. No need for another pound.

Your goal weight number is only a number. Your body will tell you when your ideal weight has been reached. I am choosing to listen to my body so my goal weight has been changed to show 120 and I will now hover around this number as maintenance.


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

KENNYWHEELS 8/29/2009 10:42AM

    emoticon emoticonon all your hard work. you deserve it

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LIVNFITNHAPPY 8/27/2009 8:14PM

    Do you Believe it! You have shed the equivalent weight of a small person!
Doesn't it feel incredible not to be carrying that extra person around with
you each step of the day! Congratulations again to you! YOU ARE AWESOME and so generous in the way you share what you have learned on this journey. I have said it before and will say it again, that your assistance and inspiration has made all the difference in reaching my own goal weight!
Thank you and Many Blessings to you as new goals continue to unfold!

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MONGO2TEN 8/27/2009 7:37AM

    Great job! Congratulations:)

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_VALEO_ 8/27/2009 4:44AM

    Congratulations for reaching your goal and for donating your blood!

Can't donate my blood anymore because of my underactive thyroid, it's good to know that healthy persons donate.

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SOCAL_MOM 8/27/2009 1:15AM

    Congratulations. I believe you are one of the first SP's to welcome me to this site and it is such a treat to see you reach your goal. Congratulations. I know you will stay where you want to be.

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JERSEYGIRL24 8/27/2009 12:15AM

    emoticon on reaching this milestone, and emoticon for helping so many others along the way.

BTW I gave platelets once, and it was not a good experience.

Again, seize the day!!! You deserve it.


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FORMYDARLINGS 8/26/2009 4:16PM

    Linda, You have reached the beginning of the rest of your life!!! Incredibly thin, I might add. emoticon on reaching your ideal weight and emoticon on knowing when to begin living. It couldn't happen to a nicer person and I am soooo happy for you.

Love ya,

Gini emoticon

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MARTY19 8/26/2009 3:48PM

    Linda you are so incredible. I am glad to see that you are on maintainace. I didn't want you to get too thin.


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INKAGOAL2012 8/26/2009 1:34PM

    You are an amazing inspiration. emoticon

Comment edited on: 8/26/2009 1:34:33 PM

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ONMYWAYTOGOAL 8/26/2009 1:04PM

    Good News Linda!!! I'm so happy for you! Let the maintenance begin! emoticon

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MSLZZY 8/26/2009 12:52PM

    The body does tell us when you reached your ideal weight. My body has been telling me that for a month or so and I have chosen to listen to it. The scale is still there to consult but it
spends more time in the dark. I don't feel the need to check on a daily basis.
Congratulations on your goal weight and happy maintaing to you!

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NONNI060809 8/26/2009 12:44PM

  Good job listening to your body! It seems to me that this whole journey is about conciousness and awareness. You are really doing that!

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JANEYSMILES 8/26/2009 12:42PM

    Oh my gosh, amazing job!!! Way to stick to it the whole way. You're inspiring!

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Blog Prompt: What motivates me most?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Today I would say it is the idea of finally reaching my goal weight.

Last year it was getting into the clothes hanging on the closet door. All through the 2008 Holiday Season I would look at goodies everywhere and think of those "hot red shorts" hanging on the closet door. No sweet looked as good as getting into those size 6 shorts was going to feel in June at the family reunion!

This year the family reunion came and went - the red shorts? Too large!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CHOCMOM 8/28/2009 10:10AM

  That is what is happening to me - I have clothes that I am aiming for and then I get ready to try them on and they are too big. Awesome feeling. You look great!

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GRACEISENUF 8/27/2009 3:20PM

    emoticon emoticon Your determination finally paid off!

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PRINCESSFEE 8/27/2009 6:25AM

    Way to go on those shorts being too big for you!!! What inspiration!!

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BABYFACE26 8/27/2009 1:27AM

    I have a pair of green shorts, one size down. I can get into them, but they are still too snug to be comfortable. I can't wait till I'm wearing them.
You are awesome!

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IVMAR1 8/25/2009 3:27PM

How did you feel when you realize that the "hot red shorts" were too large? Isn't this great? Good for you!! I wish I had your motivation and self-control. emoticon emoticon


Ivmaris emoticon

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FORMYDARLINGS 8/25/2009 3:23PM

    Hey sweetie,

Can you send me the red shorts? LOL LOL Ilove you and your wisdom,


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FINDINGREALME 8/25/2009 9:11AM

    Very cool about the shorts!! It's a wonderful feeling when you have set a goal and met it -- you should be very proud!!

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Ain't that the pits!

Great insight but even better results than you had perceived!

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ONMYWAYTOGOAL 8/25/2009 8:53AM

    Linda, you've far exceeded what you started out to do. How awesome is that?! Your success is inspiring and I love to watch your progress. Thank you for sharing your journey with us!

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MARTY19 8/25/2009 7:08AM

    I would have to agree. Smaller clothes are a great motivator.


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MSLZZY 8/25/2009 6:46AM

    Imagine that! What a nice surptise! You've had a fantastic journey! WTG!

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REILLYGIRRRL 8/25/2009 6:38AM

  Wow, that's great!

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BLUESKY104 8/25/2009 6:36AM

    What an awesome image and what a SUPER accomplishment you have made.
You inspire me emoticon I have a pair of shorts waiting for me in my closet and a pair of pants -- going to get them out and have them even more visual.
Thanks for the share on those shorts of yours emoticon

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PATTYOGREEN 8/25/2009 6:15AM

  Great job with those shorts!!

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MONGO2TEN 8/25/2009 6:09AM

    My family. I want to be there for them and to be healthy. I also want to be a good role model for my grandchildren.

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Fine-tuning Calories on Maintenance

Monday, August 24, 2009

I was recently asked if I had any tips or advice for another buddy entering maintenance. She has pretty well been maintaining for a month but this really is a day to day program. (Weekly for those who prefer it that way.)

Quite a few entering maintenance still have a bit of weight loss, the average seeming to be up to 2 lbs in a month. (Not going to be my problem I fear.)

From my own experience, and reading a lot of Dean Anderson's blogs and articles, when I increased my protein I found my weight would become stable. When I reduced my protein again and added more fruits and vegetables, my weight started dropping again.

Dean Anderson has suggested making 30% of your calories Protein calories when trying to maintain your weight and from my little experience this seems to be true for weight maintenance.

Personally, I am also checking my Calorie Deficit on a daily basis and for myself I had discovered that if I have a Calorie Deficit over 300 I will lose weight. Under 200 and I will gain weight. So this is just another tool you can use by tracking your Calorie Deficit daily to determine the correct number of calories.

The good news is, if my Calorie Deficit is too low, it gets me off my butt and doing some Cardio!

I hope this helps.


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MARTY19 8/24/2009 6:04PM

    Someday I will get to maintainance but no soon I fear. emoticon
However, I love reading your blogs because when I do arrive, I will be knocking on your door. You have the whole thing licked.

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You're a smart cookie.

I'm glad to have you here at SP. You are an amazing wealth of information.
Keep up all your great efforts.
I saw your 8.5 miles. I did an extra 1 mile the other day and have had shin splints for two days. LOL If I had to stay up with you, I'd be in the car following, LOL

Have a super day
Stay SParked


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IVMAR1 8/24/2009 3:15PM

    Even though I'm not at maintenance just yet, I appreciate this info and I'm pretty sure it will come up handy. Thanks for sharing. Way to Go!


Ivmaris emoticon

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MSLZZY 8/24/2009 2:51PM

    I just discovered the Calorie Deficit last week! Wow, that sure helps me when I am trying to figure out what I have to change on my nutrition. All your info today was an added bonus.
Increase protein and maintain or decrease protein and lose. Didn't know that! Thanks!

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KEELINOVER 8/24/2009 2:42PM

    Wow! You are a well-oiled machine! I am so proud of you for knowing your body so well. You are an inspiration to us all!


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