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Ray is on the mend and I miss him so!

Friday, February 20, 2009

It looks like Ray will be another week at the hospital. It's difficult to explain but here they have the hospital and a therapy unit attached. So Ray was 3 days in hospital after his surgery and then went to the therapy unit.

I miss him being here by my side but he is doing very well with his physical therapy and the knee is not causing him undue pain.

Dad now has almost 2 weeks of Dialysis under his belt and he noticed yesterday that he is feeling stronger! He had decided the treatments are well worth his time and effort. He even feels like baking again! Cheesecake is his specialty.

I decided that it is time for a cellphone so I am in the process of picking out a phone and a plan. The flat tire on Sunday pushed me over the edge and I now realize that I can really get stuck out on the road and with 2 seniors dependent on me it just isn't fair to worry them so.

So far I am staying on track with my program and even lost a little this week! I broke 135 and today was 134.2! Yahoo!!

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BEFIT014 2/22/2009 8:09PM

    emoticon on the weight loss! You are doing great!

Sorry Ray is still gone but he's healing so that's good!

I just got a cell phone a couple yrs ago. I got a Nokia & buy minutes card. I get a $50.00 Card with 400 minutes. It lasts me about 5 months, usually longer. I just didn't need one more bill each month to pay. I carry it with me but rarely use it. I'm not the 'gotta have my phone' kind of person. But they are handy to have just in case.

And emoticon on being team leader for the new Class Team! Wishing you the best of luck!

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FLORIDA-BISHOP 2/21/2009 9:45AM

    WTG on the weight loss. I agree you do need a cell phone for when out and about. You never know when you'll need help. I don't have one and really should get one myself.

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SUPREME5 2/20/2009 10:45PM

DORENE emoticon

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MOB8/2009 2/20/2009 9:52PM

    You're just now getting a cell phone???? Good grief, woman. Welcome to the 21st century. Seriously, I didn't want one either so my husband gifted me one on Mother's Day a few years ago. I was NOT happy with the gift, but now I'm totally dependent on it. I removed the house phone line a last year.

I'm delighted to hear that Ray continues to mend and I fully understand how strange it is to have our mate in the hospital while we're at home, alone. It just doesn't hit how much they are truly our "other half" until something like this happens. I hope Ray is able to come home soon. And kudos to your dad for taking up his baking again. Dialysis isn't fun, but it sounds like he's benefiting from the treatments.

Keep us all posted and give Ray and your dad my best.

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DINA:-) 2/20/2009 8:16PM

    how on earth have you survived this long without a cell phone?!?! haha- just kidding!

glad to hear both ray and your dad are doing well. how is ray holding up being in the hospital? it must be hard on him too. i hope the week goes by fast and he is home with you before you know it. :)

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CAROL_ 2/20/2009 8:08PM

    I am amazed at the amount of and seriousness of the challenges you constantly deal with, and that you do so well under fire. You are very inspirational!

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MARTY19 2/20/2009 7:50PM

    emoticon Linda. I can't wait until Sunday to see how close I am to you. LOL
I'm sorry Ray has to stay in the hospital but it is probably best for him. He will home soon enough.
I have verizon with my daughter and I have no complaints. But the carrier was her idea. I'm just along for the ride because she demanded I carry one. LOL


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Monday, February 16, 2009

... so I am up 5/10 = 1/2 pound from yesterday! No problem!! Today is another day.

I write this for others struggling to lose a pound. I am human and I make poor choices sometimes. But I cannot live without food and temptations are going to be coming at me for the rest of my life. The Vegetable Sticks are similar to Fish Sticks in that they might be fried, or baked, but there was obviously something holding them together and that was fattening, lol. But oh so tasty! And as my spark-buddies on my last blog pointed out, it was veggies, heheheh. I chose them because I knew the Tilapia is so low in calories!

I looked in the mirror this morning after weighing and you know what? I am still 15 lbs lower than I ever hoped to be.

Yes, I still have loose skin but as DH pointed out (wanted to slap and hug him at the same time) it didn't look any better when the skin was full of fat!

Another day dawns...

(I didn't want to post it but those Vegetable Sticks might have been over 800 calories! But they still tasted good.)

For Gini, these are not in my house. They were an option in the hospital cafeteria and really shouldn't be on the dinner bar. Believe me, I had no idea each stick would be 100-125 calories and never more will they grace my plate. But now you know why I was berating myself a bit. Still ok, we are allowed to make poor choices once in a while.

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CAROL_ 2/17/2009 2:48AM

    Wow, I'm going to remember that. I might need that in the future. "It didn't look any better when it was full of fat".

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GINILEE4 2/16/2009 8:02PM

    OK YOU. Those aren't veggie sticks , they're artery busters and big butt adders. No more of those , ever!! Why were they in your house? Here I was feeling so proud of you for being soooo good and worrying about veggie sticks. You tricked me. Fool me once.....LOL

Your day seems to have leveled out after a shakey start. Good reasoning though. Temptation will always be there. You make so many good choices that a little sidestep Won't feel like more than a whisper. Carry on my friend. You are rockin'!!!!!

Gini emoticon

Comment edited on: 2/16/2009 8:03:26 PM

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LKOPACK 2/16/2009 12:34PM

    I am glad that I am not the only one that has slip ups from time to time
:( However, today is another day to stay within the zone. Thanks for the insight on the skin. Laura K.

Comment edited on: 2/16/2009 12:34:48 PM

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DINA:-) 2/16/2009 11:37AM

    i am worried about loose skin... i can already see it in my thighs and tummy... but like your insightful DH said, it could be worse!

i think you may be reading too much into that 1/2 lb- remember your body weight fluctuates all the time... and i don't think 800 calories can make you gain a 1/2 lb considering there are 3500 calories in a lb and you would have had to have a calorie deficit of -1750 calories :-) i would guess that it could attributed to retaining water if those veggie stick were high in sodium.

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SUPREME5 2/16/2009 11:34AM

    you are still 15 lbs lighter emoticon
yes you may have loose skin but oh the work you put into it to get there.
you go girl

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MARTY19 2/16/2009 9:27AM

    Thanks for the chuckle on the loose skin. On the highway mear my home is a sign that says - modern lipo - finishes what dieting can't. Now I will think of you every time I pass it. My skin is loose but it is better than having it filled with fat.
I wouldn't worry about .5 pounds. You'll have it off in no time. Hospital food is not the best but Ray will be home soon and things will settle down.


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HPLANDER 2/16/2009 9:20AM

    You are very inspirational. I too struggle sometimes with poor choices, but this morning I actually made myself be good (lol).

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What I did right today!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Last night I decided that I have worked too hard this past 10.5 months to chuck it all while DH is in the hospital.

So, I cooked up 2 packages of frozen veggies and ate a portion of each and put the rest in the fridge.

This morning before I left I cooked up yet another package but put the whole thing into the fridge.

Tonight I came home and had 3 portions of veggies, already cooked, with 3 oz chicken, also cooked! This is going to work! I even had some calories left for a portion of Souped Up Minute-Rice, yes, it too was a cooked leftover!

I was *too tempted* at the hospital and ate some of DH's dessert but I came home and looked up what I believe the equivalent is and charged myself for a full serving of the cheesecake! Still in range! Hallelujah!! On the bright side I had Tilapia, carrots and string beans for lunch. Oops, and vegetable sticks - gotta go figure them in! Not still in range. But I am human and I did eat a lot of veggies today!

That was my worst slip in 9 months!!

The good news is I ate 4 fruits and 6 veggie portions today!! WooHoo!!
Pineapple, Strawberries, Grapes, Peach, Carrots, Green Beans, Vegetable Sticks (not as healthy but oh so good), Brussels Sprouts, Mixed Vegetables, Mixed Greens!

**edit: I cannot locate vegetable sticks so I was definitely over on my day! Rats!! But I am pretty sure I have burned enough calories today to save the day.

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CAROL_ 2/15/2009 11:53PM

    You are doing a TON of things right! Yes you HAVE worked to hard to chuck it all. And the story of the onions is inspiring. Hard work!

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THININSIDE847 2/15/2009 10:32PM

    LOL You are so cute. I agree with the other ladies, you are doing so awesome and they were after all veggie sticks LOL

You are inspiring and good for you for all the freggie servings!! mmm mmm good!

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GINILEE4 2/15/2009 8:29PM

    Linda. IT WAS VEGGIE STICKS!!!! You did a greatthing today. You allowed yourself to be human and you are still on your program. It's going to be alright. LOL You make me laugh at myself and you. I eat a slice of cheesecake at 2am for a snack, count it and move on. You, who are making such fabulous progress, eat veggie sticks and worry. I guess what I'm saying is make sure you are living in the real world. A lifestyle change isn't something that will not allow room for veggies. Be careful, myfriend,

Gini emoticon

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DINA:-) 2/15/2009 8:25PM

    this is your worst slip up in 9 months? i don't think this is bad at all- you made a great recovery for the day. way to go, linda!

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MARTY19 2/15/2009 7:46PM

    I don't even consider that a stumble. You are doing so well that this isn't even going to show as a blip on the radar screen.
You are fantastic condiering Ray is in the hospital. Pat yourself on the back for turning it around.

R>P.S. I'm getting closer to you.

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Planting Onions!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Planting Onions!

I do not eat onions!! I have never liked them.

But with Ray's knee shot I had to help him plant his onions. 100+ of them, Vidalia Onions!

Bend down and shove an onion in the ground, straighten up, take one step; bend down and shove an onion in the ground, straighten up, take one step; repeat 100 times!

Next day I was sore in several new places! The *wings* of the thighs (outer/upper thigh) and behind and above the knee.

So now I have decided to plant 100 onions daily! But now it is touch toes, touch shoulders, reach for the sky; touch toes, touch shoulders, reach for the sky; repeat 100 times.
I am only up to 50 at a time but I do them twice! And so far I still feel stiff the next day so I am still working a few new muscles!

The old exercises we did as kids in school really did do something good for us!

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GINILEE4 2/14/2009 8:56PM

    Good for you for incorporating those moves into your day. I also hate onions!! I will eat cooked leeks but that is it! I think I might try your hundred toe touches daily myself. LOL

Gini emoticon

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DINA:-) 2/14/2009 9:37AM

    now i have that little song stuck in my head- "head and shoulders, knees an toes, knees and toes!"


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MARTY19 2/14/2009 8:51AM

    How I wish I had the space for a garden. I used to help my Dad with his and I still remember the taste of that first tomato fresh and warm from the sun.
I shall have to try these exercises. I remember doing them in school.


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JERSEYGIRL24 2/14/2009 8:32AM

    I love Vidalia onions!!! Wish I could plant them here in NJ, but hey, there are lots of other benefits to living here (like being the butt of the late night jokes).

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To Thank the People who prayed for my Ray!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Ray came out of surgery today and that goofy smile of his was the prettiest sight I think I shall ever see.

After 20 years, his artificial knee was just totaled. But the cardiologist wouldn't clear him for the surgery.

The risk was high he wouldn't awake but the damage to his knee was greater than the risk.

Now he has a new knee and I still have the old Ray.

Thank you all very much!

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JERSEYGIRL24 2/14/2009 8:31AM

    So glad everything turned out ok. Best to both of you

emoticon emoticon


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BABIE_JANE 2/13/2009 11:16AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

That is wonderful news! Here is a happy dance for Ray. I usually only give a happy dance out to a Sparker that has had success. So, tell Ray he should feel very privilege. emoticon

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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HOPEFUL_NOMAD 2/13/2009 11:02AM

    I'm so glad everything turned out well. I wish him a speedy recovery.

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BUDBABE10 2/13/2009 10:01AM

    God Bless! That is terrific news - for BOTH of u! emoticon

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PERKYDEBI 2/13/2009 9:08AM

    I'm so glad that Ray made it through the surgery okay. And I'll keep praying for a speedy recovery!!


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CAROL_ 2/13/2009 3:01AM

    So thankful it turned out well.

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LKOPACK 2/12/2009 9:41PM

    Hi Linda,
I was glad that the love of your life-Ray is doing well after the risky surgery. I had no idea the risk he (and you) were undertaking. Best wishes to him and a speedy recovery. Thank you for the sp goodie. Laura K.

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SUPREME5 2/12/2009 8:41PM


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DINA:-) 2/12/2009 8:21PM

    linda, i'm so happy the surgery went well and your honey is smiling.

i'm wishing ray a speedy recovery!

Comment edited on: 2/12/2009 8:22:26 PM

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GINILEE4 2/12/2009 8:06PM

    Linda, I had no idea your love was in for such risky surgery. I am so relieved to hear he is doing welll. I hope all is well with you and that you will be able to help Ray recover,


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MARTY19 2/12/2009 7:50PM

    emoticon That is GREAT!!!! Does that mean I might need another hip in 19 yrs? I won't look forward to that. LOL

I am glad that things turned out well and he will be up and running again soon.


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