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The New You Bootcamp Challenge!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Well, I gained a few pounds in the last month, and most of it is around my waist. NOT GOOD. I guess I've gotten a little too lenient with myself once I reached my goal weight and goal size (10).

I just updated my weight and am going to see if my hubby can show me how to upload a recent photo here, so I can look back at the end of this month to see how I've changed my body composition.

This is the first challenge I'm participating in; I think I need the team spirit and the leadership right now. It's FAR too easy for me to gradually inch back up in weight until I'm having to buy bigger clothes and I'm unhappy with myself.

So, I'm VERY much looking forwad to doing this, and to getting back to the gym (I injured myself *again* recently, but should be all healded up in a couple more days).


After two months with a personal trainer

Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm consistently wearing a size 12, and sometimes an 11. My "time of the month, FAT jeans" are a 14, and they are LOOSE. I could wear thermal undies under them with no trouble.

I have WAY more energy than I did, and a generally more optimistic outlook (with some exceptions - see below).

I'm not embarrassed to look at myself in the mirror.

Now, for the latest:

It has been an insane week in my life. First my car had to have a number of things fixed, which was time-consuming and expensive; then plumbing, which turned out to be FAR WORSE than we had thought it was, and *that* was expensive, and then today, instead of having a massage and facial, I bought two new tires because I HAD to.

I suspect that my birthday this year (tomorrow) will be pretty darned low key based on how much money DH and I have shelled out in the last week. He is talking about taking me to a movie.

I had my very first bout of night sweats the night before last (Wednesday night) and it was horrible. I was utterly miserable, and I know that this is not over, because menopause is just starting for me.

Life this week has been "challenging".

But there are good things, too, and they have to do with my general physical progress.

I am done with physical therapy, and the diagnostician says I have made amazing progress.

Here is the bestest part though: my official weigh in today was 176.4 (on the scale at the gym that Elena always uses), my body fat percentage is down by 4% in two months, and *I gained 3 lbs of lean mass* in those same two months while I was losing fat!

So, no matter what - all I have to do is to remember what I was like on my last birthday and I start grinning, because I have made such amazingly positive changes.

I stopped smoking.

I've turned myself around completely about eating and exercising.

52 is going to be a GREAT year, a great time of life for me.

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DEFTODIE 9/15/2008 1:54PM

    Better late than never.. but I just wanted to comment and say good job on all of your successes! I have quit smoking myself and that is NOT an easy thing to do, on top of that, exercising the crap out of your lungs is another. That is an amazing thing, and I understand how good you feel to know that you've quit and how much healthier you are. *HUGS* I've dropped from 270 to 169 today, and i know you are from a similar path... so I can see where you've been and what you have to do to get there. You did it! and there is no stopping you on where you want to go!!! Dana xo Take care and have a fantastic week! Don't let those off days throw you off track! Would love to hear an update :)

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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hey, so. There I am, getting into the groove of power walking at the mall; I've gone from having to kick myself into doing it...to loving it, looking forward to it M-F.

I've gone from doing maybe 2, 19-minute miles to doing 4, 13-minute miles with 2, 15-minute half miles as warm-up and cool-down, regularly.

I've gone from panting and huffing to taking deep strong breaths and working my heart rate up to around 145 and keeping it there for good chunks of time. It's the complete de-stresser for me. It's the setup for a good day. It gets my blood flowing and my energy up. I feel SOOOOO good after doing my walk that I decide maybe I want to start weight training too, and I get a Jari Love "Ripped" DVD and start doing it twice a week.

And then the pain starts. And it gets worse pretty much on a daily basis.

So after a month of barely being able to get out of my car after the short drive from the mall to my home, I go see my MD. And power-walking at the mall is out for me, forever. Squats and lunges are gonna be off the list, too.

"Chondromalacia patella" is what he calls part of it - my left kneecap isn't staying in it's groove - it pops out with an audible "click" and a burst of pain - it's grinding the cartilage under itself in bad places. Bursitis in my left hip is the other part of it.

I suppose that this is "just recompense" for not caring about my health at all until I was over 50, but...dang.

So I checked out the local "Ladies' Fitness Center and Spa" last night after dinner. And beyond the OUTRAGEOUS amount of money they want for membership, they do NOT want me there. They do NOT want me talking to other women there. Just in the short time I was touring the place, (maybe 10 minutes, tops) there was a gaggle of "girls" who came in for "Bootcamp" *because their husbands wanted them to*, and one gal who was taking the tour with me said to the employee showing us around "I really need to use the treadmill, because my husband says that's the only way I lose weight, and he says I've gotten too fat". This with a deeply worried look on her face. She continued "Can I take a look at your treadmills? He's waiting in the car outside for me to sign up if they're good treadmills and I don't want him to have to wait too long".

Is THAT what women do in those places? Re-shape themselves, not to make themselves happy or healthy, but to keep their complaining hubbies off their backs?



I'm going to be doing physical therapy three times a week for a while, and trying to find something else to do to replace my power walking. I could just cry. I actually found this thing I loved doing (and the odds against that were staggering), and then it got yanked away from me.

I'm going to go check out something more closely resembling an actual gym today after I do a *slow and careful* walk (with taped knee) on a dirt track - a gym with a pool.

Lap swimming, maybe that would be good.

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FOLEYARTIST1 5/9/2008 1:16PM

    Something like this has happened to me! I fell off the exercise wagon several years ago because after I used the elliptical machine I felt worse instead of better. It turns out my hips were not able to handle the impact of that type of exercise, and that's what was causing the pain. It made me so bitter, and I just gave up. It took me years to get over this. :(

Now I'm back on the wagon again but only doing stuff that feels okay for me. I can't run and I'm not sure if I can power-walk or not, but I can definitely just WALK walk, even at a fairly quick pace if I'm not "pumping it."

I'm so glad you're going to physical therapy to heal your injuries! I think your physical therapist should be able to get a handle on your needs after about a week and then s/he would be in a great position to tell you what type of exercise you CAN do. I agree that swimming sounds likely. Good luck!

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EATINGRIGHT2010 5/7/2008 3:07PM

    Raven, I feel sorry for that girl in the gym.... Her husband must be shallow guy... I love that you are so motivated to find something else that you can do. I´m sure you will find something that you will love too. Swimming seems to be a very good choice. It´s very low impact and it's an all around exercise. Keep going!!!

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PRIVATECHICK 5/7/2008 1:28PM

    talk with your doctor, if he doesn't suggest some sort of exercise that is doable, find another doctor. they get more money if you are sick and overweight.your doctor should want you to be healthy even more than you do.(it took me years to find a good doctor, but i do so love doctor rebekha)

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This morning, just on impulse, I decided to see if I could get into the no-spandex-content size 16 jeans that I sobbed about two months ago; I had tried to get them on and was crying when they had a zipper gap of around 4 inches. I couldn't zip them up, even lying down on the bed.

Today I can zip them up without lying down; without sucking in my stomach to the point of pain; without having a huge bulge over the top of the waistband.

Mind you, there's still some bulge. But DANG!!!!

I'm going to wear them for my mall-walking workout this morning.

I'm so thrilled about it that I don't even mind *giving away* the 4% Spandex jeans that I had been wearing. Even if they *are* cute.

If I can do it, YOU can do it!!!!!!!!!!

I recommend that anyone who has hit the "plateau" join the group Calorie Cycling and read more about why your body may be holding onto it's fat reserves. You can find the group here on my SparkPage.


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SERMAGRA 5/28/2008 12:54AM

    CONGRATULATIONS!! That is awesome! What an inspiration :D. I found your site by visiting one of the message boards today. Your weight loss is also a great motivator. I will also take a look at the "Calorie Cycling" group. Congrats, again!

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MINMOR4VR 3/18/2008 3:11PM

    You must feel great! That is really wonderful. Congratulations! Keep at it. I think I'll take your suggestion and check out the group "Calorie Cycling". A little more knowledge never hurt. Truly jeans can be the deciding factor in how successful we are.

PS -- Where is that sunset or sunrise? It's gorgeous!! Looks almost like the ones we see here in Tucson.

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CRYSTALROSE6 3/18/2008 2:32PM

  THATS AWESOME! i tryed on jeans yesterday to but i am shopping at the wrong place or i am between sizes. whats the diffrence between misses and petie? may be i really dont know what size i am, besides to big,lol. i figure it out when i fit in to a 12.

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DEE1954 3/18/2008 12:03PM

    Congrats on the jeans! I bet you look and feel fabulous.....

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My DH, the Saint

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I was down in Orange County unpacking my Mom’s kitchen after the house had been sprayed for termites last week, and she remarked that she could tell that I had lost weight (hooray!!!) AND then she said (seemingly apropos of nothing) “Your husband is a saint, I think”.

At which point I said something vastly intelligent like “Huh?”

Mind you, I was lugging a very heavy double-wrapped bag of canned food into her kitchen at the moment, but still, not my most brilliant repartee.

“Well,” she continued, “first you stopped smoking in November, and I know you weren’t all sweetness and light during that, and now you’re on this diet thing, this cardio-exercise-and-eating-less program, and I imagine you’re not a pleasure to be around for THAT either.”


That’s my Mom, though – always there with a word of…encouragement…mixed with criticism.

Well. She’s right, ya know – I haven’t been exactly purring like a contented kitty through this. And my hubby has been wonderfully supportive and sympathetic and patient.

He’s a keeper. I’m SUCH a lucky woman.

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MEYCHEY 3/12/2008 11:35PM

    Well, first of all - Your Mom Noticed! Woo Hoo! And Said Something Nice! Woo Hoo Hoo! Mine never gave a compliment before the criticism!

Congrats on your progress!

Yep. I have to agree here. Without the support and love of my hubby for the past 32 years, I would be much poorer in spirit. Besides, he's loved me across many dress sizes and never once criticized my weight. A keeper indeed!

Happiness. Meychey

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SUNCHIC711 3/11/2008 10:58PM

    I don't think i could have made it as far as i have without the support of my husband either!! He has been so encouraging and tells me almost everyday how proud of me he is! It's amazing how support and praise from those who love us can have such a powerful impact on us!! You are a lucky woman, and I am too!! Thank goodness! Good luck as you continue and Keep on Sparking!

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