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I Broke My Leg - An Update/Yoga!

Thursday, July 03, 2014

emoticon I see that my last post was detailing my half and full marathon training. sigh.

emoticon Shortly after I wrote that post, I went to Mexico with my almost 2 year old son and my husband. We were having a great time, until one evening I slipped on someone's spilled drink on a marble floor.

emoticon I ended up breaking my leg (both tibia and fibula), shattering my ankle, and dislocating my foot. How this happened during a little slip I have no idea. But I took an ambulance to the hospital, where I stayed for 5 or 6 days and had surgery before I could fly home.

emoticon I had amazing insurance and didn't pay anything, as well as good disability, so I got 10 weeks to recover at home.

emoticon I was in the hospital for the olympics, and the gold medal hockey game. It wasn't being broadcast, and I couldn't get CBC to stream outside of Canada. My parents Facetimed us and pointed their iPad towards their TV. So Nice! We saw the entire game.

My baby giving me kisses after my surgery:

emoticon emoticon emoticon My husband now jokes that I'm "part Mexican":

VERY difficult for me to sit and do nothing. FOR 10 WEEKS! lol. Not my personality. But I did read a lot of good books, so that was good.
And my sister sent me this thoughtful package!

emoticon In February/March I was in a wheelchair.
emoticon In March (on St Patricks day!) I got a walking cast.
emoticon In April, I got a small air cast and could where shoes for the first time!
emoticon In May, I got rid of all braces and started going to yoga classes.
emoticon In June, I was able to wear sandals (although not for very long)
emoticon Now its July, and I am ready to get back to working out. I will have to be really careful, swimming, yoga only etc.

emoticon We also bought a house, and will be moving in 2 weeks. YAY!

Burke helping me recover:

emoticonThroughout my recovery I began doing yoga challenges just to give myself something to do!
Here are some of my pictures:

Things are getting better!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

LEANNAW4 7/5/2014 8:42PM

    Wow! The cause-and-effect of how a spilled drink can turn your life around is amazing. Good for you for getting through it positively and staying on track with the things you can do safely. Inspirational! :-)

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MCJULIEO 7/5/2014 5:06PM

    Oh, dear! What a setback!

But it sounds like you've got everything under control, and you're doing great!


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LLADRED 7/4/2014 11:17PM

    emoticon So glad you're on the mend!

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CASSIOEPIA 7/3/2014 2:43PM


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ONESPOTLEFT 7/3/2014 2:10PM

    truly motivational the constant drive you really push yourself

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    A slow but steady recovery. Keep on keeping on.

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Marathon Training

Monday, February 03, 2014

Well, I am going to take the plunge. I am doing another half marathon with my brother and dad in May, and I am going to begin training for the Full today. I am going to be using the Galloway run/walk method, which should get me through. I am really excited!

Not entirely sure if this training session will take, but I will stick to it until at least my half and take an inventory there. The race I have targeted is the Run Crazy Horse in South Dakota in October. Tommy found it actually, and while he won't run it, he'd still like to go with our camper. So we will see!

The plan I have runs 30 weeks, with two 30 minute maintenance runs a week, plus one long run, starting at 3miles the first week and working up to 26 miles in week 26. What I like about the plan is the long run doesn't increase every week like 16 week plans, every second week you have a short long run, so the time needed to train is less per week (but twice as long in weeks). I think this will work much better for me.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

PRAIRIECROCUS 2/5/2014 11:47PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MWWENSIN 2/4/2014 6:02PM

    Good luck with your marathon plan. The training is long but worth it!

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MCJULIEO 2/4/2014 1:07AM

    How cool is that!?? You are going to do GREAT!

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RANDI_JEAN 2/3/2014 6:29PM

    You should it looks amazing and the medals are pretty sweet too! We could do some sightseeing And you'd have a mini cheering squad of one plus toddler :)

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CASSIOEPIA 2/3/2014 5:30PM

    Atta girl! Funny part is, I have also been considering the Crazy Horse (but for the half).

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MBSHAZZER 2/3/2014 2:40PM

    Awesome! There is nothing like taking the first step. Sounds like you have a great plan - stick with the plan, be consistent with your training and you will have an awesome marathon experience!

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Arctic Weather & Dogsledding

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I brought my running stuff to Churchill. I kind of want to go for a run just to say I did it :) (yesterday it was -63C here). Of course I do have cold weather running stuff but not extreme cold running stuff. Maybe I will just go out for a fast mile haha.

I've been up here working this week (I collect traditional knowledge from northern elders about the land/water) and one of the elders offered to take me on his dogsled. So barring a nasty windchill, I may be trying that in an hour! That would be beyond exciting.

I have been missing home this trip, I know Burke acts up when I leave so that's hard on Tommy. Luckily I don't have another work trip until March so that is good. Also been living on microwavable food/no exercise so that is difficult too.

Hopefully I will be able to go on the dogsled and post some pictures later!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CASSIOEPIA 1/22/2014 6:24PM

    Awesome sauce!

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MCJULIEO 1/22/2014 5:59PM

    Brrrrr! What a great opportunity!

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48MYYEAR2014 1/22/2014 3:07PM

    I have 2 Alaskan malamutes I would love to go sledding but here in the UK we don't get enough snow can`t wait to see the pictures

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Northern Winter Hike Logistics

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

So far, my goals for 2014 are going well! Not perfect obviously, but this year I'm not going for perfect anyway.

I've run 4 miles so far, mostly just 1 mile at a time. I know when I start building next week they will begin to add up much faster. Haven't wanted to push it too much considering the work trip I have tomorrow and Friday.

I am headed up north (fingers crossed it is warmer than -50!!) to check out some environmentally sensitive sites and record them before a project begins. That means that it is not cleared yet (the forest) and I will have to walk the entire length of the transmission line (27km) through straight bush and snow to look for things like bear dens and eagle nests, so the clearers can avoid them. I am very excited, its going to be super fun! And maybe a bit tiring! The only thing that worries me a bit is:

1. carrying water. In the winter I never want to carry it/drink it but get dehydrated fast.

2. staying warm. Spending 12 hours a day in -50 is tough. I did it once at the end of December this year and it went well, but I do worry a tad about my feet and hands! Although I was on a snowmobile and this time with walking I hope I will be much warmer.

3. Snacks. Never ever ever ever removing a mitt is the name of the game. That means no trail mix, or anything clumsy. Not worried about calories as I will be burning so many it won't matter too much, just don't want to be hungry.

Right now the plan is:
sandwiches, pepperoni sticks, beef jerky, cheese sticks. Any other ideas?

4. Writing notes. I've already packed pencils and a Rite in the Rain book as it is too cold for pens and too wet for normal paper. Just mostly hoping my hands will work legibly in my massive mitts.

After our first day out (hopefully covering at least 14km) we will retire to a settlers tent (which has a fire capabilities) so it will be warm, I am not too worried about that.

So all in all, the next 2 days should be pretty fun and potentially chilly, but I am excited for the chance to explore the area a bit more in depth.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CASSIOEPIA 1/8/2014 6:55PM

    Wow, that sounds like a great adventure. Stay safe and warm. I hope you won't be all by yourself.

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MORE for 2014! No more restrictions

Monday, December 30, 2013

New year's resolutions are a funny topic. Almost everyone makes them, some people have given up on making them, and only a startling 8%
( www.statisticbrain.com/new-years-res
of people are successful in their resolutions.

The problem is in the restrictions. "i want to lose weight" "eat less" "complain less"
I have had resolutions like these too and they never work.
Restrictions, or doing LESS of something is the hardest thing to accomplish.

So this year I will be doing MORE!

emoticon More vegetables
emoticon More fruit!
emoticon More water
emoticon More gratitude
emoticon More spirituality
emoticon More nature/fun
emoticon More running!
emoticon More forgiveness for myself and others

This will be far easier to accomplish than:

emoticon Less junkfood
emoticon Less pop
emoticon Less complaining
emoticon Less mindlessness
emoticon Less being lazy
emoticon Less judgement

When I focus on less, I find myself becoming attracted to those things I want less of. By focusing on what I want more of, I am hoping to attract those things to my life instead.

The next step is to break it down into accomplishable goals.

emoticon Vegetables and fruit: try for at least the daily recommendations or more! (7-10 servings)

emoticon Gratitude/Spirituality: Journal, create art, or meditate 15 minutes a day (this I have already started but it will be awesome to continue)

emoticon Running: Run 365 miles in 2014

I really believe this is the key to more lasting change. Eventually the good habits you invite more and more of will crowd out the bad ones. It may happen more slowly, but it is also permanent.

So that is my 2014! I am really looking forward to a year of more!!!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

A_BIT_AT_A_TIME 1/3/2014 12:38PM

    I think it's so important to not focus on the negative side of things - we tend to do that so much. By framing your goals in a positive manner it's easier to hug them close and keep going. emoticon

Love the 365 miles - easy to remember!

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STEPBYSTEP1955 12/30/2013 7:45PM

    emoticon emoticon

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CASSIOEPIA 12/30/2013 1:46PM

    That is the best way to change, by inviting into your life more of the healthy items.


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ALICIA214 12/30/2013 1:32PM


Good Luck on your journey....... emoticon

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