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Monday, November 03, 2014

So in my last blog I mentioned that I might do the 9-day Isagenix program here and there. Well, the weight I lost last time stayed off, but I again stalled there. I seem to lose it in big chunks over night and then nothing for weeks, or do the two steps forward one back thing. LOL Whatever, as long as I'm not losing ground overall. :)

Anyway, I finally found a break in my schedule where I can do the 9day Isagenix program, which incorporates two 2-day cellular cleanses (no, you don't end up with the runs, though you will pee alot!!! hah). I started back on the shakes a couple of days ago, just because my schedule was hectic and they are quick, easy and nutritious, knowing that I would need to start on Sunday anyway. So I was all ready to start my cleanse this week, and weighed myself this morning and am magically down 2 lbs again. (What did I tell you? LOL) SO, I'm starting off my cleanse with a decrease in weight, which is nice. It also means that I'm going to break through into the 140's tomorrow during my cleanse, and if I'm lucky I may be down to 145 by the end of *next* week! Anyway, I'm super excited about my loss this morning and where I am headed. we'll see what this next week brings!

For those of you that have tried Isagenix, wish me luck on Wed, the second day of my cleanse! I've only attempted the two day once and had to break it with a shake at around dinner time on the second day...! Oh, and I'm going to go to the gym for my Centergy class tomorrow morning, even though I'm going to cleanse. It's a fairly easy class. If it doesn't work, I'll skip next week and then get right back too it! :)



Keepin On

Saturday, October 18, 2014

So since my last post, I have kept up my group classes at the gym, my one day of running and 1-3 walks to school with the kiddos per week.
I have dropped Isagenix. I wasn't losing any weight (in fact I was slowly gaining it back), AND I had a reaction to the high levels of B vitamins in one of the products.
I wasn't losing any weight since then either unfortunately.... until yesterday morning!
So about Tuesday this last week, I made note of the fact that whenever I have counted calories in the past, I'm always under on protein, and that with just the low end protein recommendations, not the higher levels that people should use when they're trying to also build muscle. And I'm never great about eating enough fruits and veggies. But I thought maybe this protein thing is why I've never had real success at losing weight. I can work out soo much, high intensity, stay within my calorie ranges and still not lose weight and it is SO aggravating!
Anyway, I realized that with upping my protein, and my veggies/fruits, I was likely to go over calories again. But I'm usually a little high on carbs. And I don't even really *like* bread. I just eat it because it's what you make your sandwiches with, right? Don't get me wrong, I love my carbs. Just not sandwich bread. LOL
So I decided that at lunch, I would make sure to have high protein sandwich type fillings, and put them on salad or something instead of bread. So far, it's been Tuna and egg salad. :)
I'm not a fan of salads either, but I guess that's because I never thought of eating these kinds of things that way. So Tuesday, Wed and Thursday I made that change to my lunches. Low and behold, on Friday morning, when I weighed in, I was down 3.5 lbs!!!! (In only a week!) I had only made the changes for 3 days! I hope I can keep losing at least a pound a week this way. I think the protein must really have been what I was lacking. I sure hope so.
Oh, and I know it wasn't a fluke with the scale, because I had gone to the dr two weeks before and when I went on Tuesday she showed me down around 2 lbs also. :)

For the record, I may still incorporate the 9-day Isagenix plan once a month or so and see if that helps too, as it is pretty high protein if i use the right shakes or order the protein powder. I've got to find a time when I can miss two days in a row for cleansing (not the gross kind!) though, which is hard with my crazy schedule!

Anyway, I'm really excited that I may have finally found my breakthrough. It will certainly make it easier to stick to my new dietary plan with immediate results like that! :)

On a sadder note, my son spent last night in the ER with severe breathing issues. Needless to say, I'm exhausted and out of it today, so today probably won't go great on the scale, but I should be back to it by tomorrow. It wasn't a workout day today anyway. :) Oh, and my son is doing much better today. Just cold symptoms now. :)

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EATTHEELEPHANT 10/18/2014 8:13PM

  Sorry to hear about your son's breathing problem, my daughter has asthma and has ended up in the ER a few times this past year, so I understand. But WAY To Go on diet change! emoticon

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HOTPINKCAMARO49 10/18/2014 7:59PM

  emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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New tactics

Monday, September 01, 2014

Welll... Back again. A friend inspired me to try a line of products called IsaGenix. I started on August 9th. I was super excited when I lost 3 lbs in the first week, where in the past I have struggled to lose 3 pounds in a month! Unfortunately, in the last two weeks, I have only been able to maintain instead of lose, and that is quite discouraging, as the program is expensive. BUT, I'm sticking with it for another 5 weeks, to see how far I can go.
In the meantime, I am upping my activity as well! This weekend I painted all weekend. School started last week, so I've been walking the kids either to or from school each day - which is a round trip of about 1.4 miles. Not much, but it's better than the nothing I was doing before! As of this week, I'm also adding my gym's Group Power (strength training) class twice a week, Group Centergy (a mix of PIlates and Yoga) once a week and running/walking with a group of ladies once a week.
If the running doesn't work out at just once a week, then I will replace it with another round of Gropu Centergy. I'm not sure I have it in me to run more than once a week with everything else I'm trying to do. And I'm more interested in the weight training than the running. So that's that...

My frist Group Power class was TOUGH! But I am pleased, because that means I have a lot to gain from taking the class. I can't wait to be strong again! (I've been working at that in more daily-work sorts of ways over the last year anyway. Lugging around equipment and doing more strength intensive chores around the house, etc.

Anyway, I'm hoping for weight loss, but mostly just health. Woooo!

Oh, and I'm still struggling to get enough salt (especially on this program where I'm drinking two shakes a day and can't exactly add salt) - so I need to be adding that to my snacks, and make sure I'm getting enough electrolytes too.

Anyway, that's where I'm at!

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HILLSLUG98239 9/25/2014 7:13PM

    It sounds like you're a member of the Tri-Cities Court Club: me too! I joined because I need access to a pool to train for triathlon. I love that place!

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My Health & Eating

Monday, November 14, 2011

Well, I've been having some odd symptoms lately. I'm dealing with some anxiety and adrenaline processing issues. I've been experiencing muscle twitching. Purple bags under my eyes for about 4 months now, even when I am getting good sleep. It was recommended to me that I am probably low on magnesium. Possibly potassium as well. I've had reason to believe that I am also low on iron, as I've been borderline anemic all my life, occasionally dropping low enough for it to matter. And last year my doctor was concerned about my electrolytes being low (sodium and potassium at the very least). She encouraged me to drink a Gatorade any day that I worked out. I haven't been doing that lately as I've only been strength training. Found out that probably justifies a need for magnesium/electrolytes as much as cardio does. Gatorade doesn't have magnesium tho.

SO. I was home today, feeling ill (I suspect I'm fighting the flu as I've had body aches and a mild fever and sniffles), and with nothing to do as I wasn't up to doing chores. So I decided one productive thing I could do would be to start tracking my food again and to include Magnesium, potassium, iron and sodium while I'm at it. Going to switch from Gatorade to PowerAde as well, since PowerAde DOES include the magnesium that I need, and try to drink it any day that I work out. (In case anyone is concerned, I also don't get anywhere near my sodium limit in a day so there will be no issues there with the sports drinks!)

Hopefully I can keep it up until I'm eating a better diet. We'll see what I manage. I hate tracking my food. It takes forever until I get into a steady eating routine (at which point there is no point in tracking anymore anyway). But I'm not doing it to lose weight this time. This time I'm doing it in hopes of curing other ills that are actually affecting my life (cuz I'm not heavy enough for weight to really matter). I hope that this means I will be able to stick with it this time around and see some positive results. It would certainly be nice to see weight loss come along with it tho, since I'm tracking my food anyway! (I wonder if this lack of electrolytes has anything to do with weight loss being so hard for me??)

Oh... and just for the record, I've found when using the cardio machines at the gym, that I'm almost always well above my recommended heart rate even tho I don't feel like I"m working excessively. Working hard yes, but that's the point! Thoughts?


Health & School

Friday, October 14, 2011

Well, I'm still here, plugging away. Unfortunately, I'm not really making any progress in the weight department. But over the course of the summer I have been true to my strength training and at least I have built muscle and strength. That is pleasing.
I'm over the cough that I had for a good 3 months. I've since moved on to having issues with my heart and chest pain again (tho supposedly they are unrelated). Now the pain is bundled with near constant nausea and body shakes. I have an appointment on Tuesday.

In any case, I'm pleased to be back in school to work toward my dreams, which is very exciting to say the least! And I'm also pleased to say that I have done a fairly decent job of fitting regular workouts in around my school and the kids' school schedules. I make it to the gym for strength training twice most weeks, but always at least once. My knee is still giving me problems as well, even tho I haven't attempted running since it began back in July. So, instead, I have been playing tennis with a friend usually twice a week at the gym. :) (We're both basically beginners so it's not too intense for my knee.) Before that I was biking and I will probably still do that to fill in when we can't do tennis. it's wonderful to be outside.

Anyway, I'm continuing to work and trying to be good about spacing my meals properly, which is probably my biggest obstacle in the food dept since I tend to eat the proper amount of calories a day anyway.

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ALLBW2U 10/15/2011 6:54PM

    It is good to hear that you are still "plugging away." It is tough to do with the busy-ness of life!!

I hope that the doctor can figure out what is going on with you health wise. I will be praying for you and your health.

Keep up the good work....playing tennis, getting in some strength training, proper eating, balancing schedules.

Best wishes always......Bill

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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