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Two steps forward, One step back

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I have been pretty consistent for the past two weeks in eating lots of fiber and upping my fruits and veggies. I have made it a point to get in 10,000 steps each day, and I have done so about 85% of the time. There are my two steps forward.

My one step back? Well, in my quest for healthy food, with fiber, I started to buy hummus. Now hummus is very healthy if you stick to one serving, which is typically 2 tablespoons. That is where I get into trouble. I now completely overeat every time I have hummus. Tonight I had 4 times the normal serving, which brought me up to my calorie level for the day. HOWEVER, instead of dipping carrots or celery or red pepper strips into the hummus, which would have been wise, I dipped Wheat Thins (2 servings, i.e., 260 calories) and Triscuits (1.5 servings for 200 calories.) YIKES! I know better than to get going on crackers because they are my biggest downfall. ONE STEP BACK -- hummus with all those crackers.

HOWEVER -- I had an "Aha" moment. Hummus is just a substitution for the spreadable chocolate I used to O.D. on with crackers. Just because it is healthy doesn't mean I can eat it. I have unresolved issues with crackers and whatever dips go good with them. I would keep crackers out of the house but I live with/care for my elderly parents who always keep crackers on hand. SO -- no brainer -- no more hummus until I have the cracker binge thing under control.

So I am moving forward and hope not to take too many of the steps back, but I will take them in stride and continue on.

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LINDA! 7/12/2011 9:18PM

    You are so right! Even healthy food can be a danger when we eat too much of it!!


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KJ4444 7/12/2011 1:15AM

    I totally understand the urge to over-eat hummus. I have to measure the hummus so that when I eat a serving, it is truly a serving. I try not to bring crackers into the house, but when I we have them , I open the box and divide it into single servings that I put in baggies.

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I created a new, healthy whole wheat Orange Cranbery scone today!

Monday, July 11, 2011

I tried out a new recipe today for scones. I love to have a scone with tea in the afternoon, or for breakfast. The Starbucks that is located on my floor at work (the 40th floor of the tallest building in Seattle) has cranberry orange scones that I LOVE. Unfortunately, they are not good for me and have over 400 calories.

Today I tried something new. I hadn't baked for a while so that was fun in and of itself. I have really been focusing on adding fiber to my diet and have been reaching my goal of at least 25 grams a day. So, I found a recipe online that was for blueberry lemon scones with whole wheat pastry flour and whole wheat flour. I adapted it using 1 cup of cranberries (that I chopped) with the zest of a full orange, plus I substituted orange juice for the soy milk it called for. Tasted pretty darn good. I like the texture of whole wheat. Only thing I will change next time is to use a little more sugar. Since I used cranberries and not "Craisins", they were not very sweet. The recipe called for 3 tablespoons of raw sugar -- but that was for sweet blueberries, not tart cranberries. I used brown sugar and I tossed it on my chopped cranberries, but I didn't pack the brown sugar in the tablespoon, nor account for the tartness. Next time, I think I will go with 1/4 cup of packed brown sugar.

I still missed the powdered sugar frosting glaze that Starbucks has, but I think I can make that with some orange juice and a little powdered sugar without adding too many calories. This was a fun, creative project for me today and I intend to keep on trying many new healthy recipes.

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TERP_TERP 7/11/2011 9:43AM

    sounds yummy! emoticon

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    I love scones! Are you going to share the recipe in SparkRecipes? If you do, please let me know the title so I can look it up.

sounds yummy


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I'm Making Progress!!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

My week's vacation away from work and caring for my elderly parents really paid off. First, it was the most relaxing vacation I have taken in recent history. Being able to focus on myself and nobody else makes a tremendous difference in following the steps I need to take to accomplish my goals.

For one week now I have walked over 10,000 steps each day. This is great! I used to walk regularly, when I was 40 pounds lighter and that is WHY I was 40 pounds lighter. My significant other and I went to the San Diego Zoo and I logged 16,000+ steps that day. We went to Disneyland and I logged another 13,000+ that day. What a good start I was off to! On the 4th of July when we flew back to Seattle from California, I spent about 45 minutes walking back and forth through the airport at a quick pace while waiting for the plane. When we got back to his house we decided to walk to Subway and get a sandwich. Another 1,500 steps. Finally, we went to his mother's house because you can see the Seattle fireworks from her front yard. We had time to kill until it was dark so we went for another walk. In the end I logged 12,000+ steps for the 4th.

Yesterday I had to do a lot of things for my mom and dad (88 and 90), so I only got in 8,000 steps. I was back to work today, though, and I went walking at lunch time for 40 minutes. Also, my new thing is every time I go to the restroom I walk around the three elevator banks in my building -- this is 300 steps. It gives me a little break from the computer and a chance to get my blood flowing. It only takes a couple of minutes but I return refreshed. I am trying hard to get in my 8 glasses of water a day, so this is causing many trips to the ladies' room. I am sure that I went 5 times today, so there was another 1,500 steps! I gardened tonight and with that I ended up with a total of 11,457 steps for today -- so far. It is 9pm so I may get a couple hundred more in just settling down for the night.

I am so pumped up that I have been consistent with my 10,000+ steps for 8 days! I was two pounds lighter after my vacation -- what a feat! All the walking and being careful with my food choices really paid off. I have some momentum now and it feels great.


Vacation Fitness

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I am in a completely different environment than I normally am in. I feel peaceful and free. The hotel I am staying at has a great pool and the neighborhood has flat land and sidewalks. Normally, I never go in the pools when I stay at hotels. I told myself when I arrived last night that it was time for a change.

In keeping with my intention to up my cardio, I walked for 30 minutes today to and from a nearby grocery store. I bought myself lunch at the salad bar, including lean turkey breast and nothing with added fats (i.e., the blue cheese, cheddar and bacon that were so inviting.) I opted for the low-fat ranch dressing, lots of garbanzo beans, spinach and romaine, cherry tomatoes and hard boiled egg. It was filling and I am proud of myself for not going to the Burger King that shares the grocery store's parking lot.

After lunch, I broke the pattern of avoiding swimming pools. I suited up in the new bathing suit that hopefully will be too large soon. With my book and vitamin water, I headed to the pool. After 20 minutes of reading, into the pool I went. I walked back and forth across the pool for about 10 minutes, then swam (sort of dog paddle/frog like) for about 5. I did chin pull ups for about 5 minutes, swam a little more, walked a little more. Actually could feel that my heart rate had gone up.

I am proud of myself for taking care of myself on this first day of my vacation. I know we are going out to dinner tonight, but I also know I will do well. I'll get a lean steak and bring half of it back (we have a kitchen/Residence Inn). I will skip the bread and starch with the meal, opting for tomato slices instead. I will limit myself to 2 cocktails (I know, empty calories but I AM on vacation). Bourbon with diet cola has no more calories than a glass of wine.

I strapped on my new pedometer today. I am at about 5,000 steps right now. I am going to head back to the grocery store. Even though I sprayed myself with 45 SPF before and after my pool time, these super white legs of mine are pink. I hope they have aloe gel at the grocers -- just in case this pink turns red tonight.


Goals Revisited

Monday, June 27, 2011

I set some healthy living goals for myself some time ago. I took a look at them today and was actually impressed by the way I had thought them through. I have now posted this above my desks at home and at work. These thoughts create my Stepping Stone 1 for my babysteps journey to achieving a healthy, fit body. My intention is to read them every morning and every night. I am also planning to "shrink" down a set on the photocopier at work and carry it in my wallet so I can refer to these goals before I order in a restaurant or eating out other places. These are my thoughts:

Fitness & Weight Loss Goals

Strength Training: I want to be able to strengthen my muscles, tone my muscles, increase my muscle mass and increase my bone density.

I will accomplish this goal by:

1. Meeting with a personal trainer @ my gym
2. Packing a workout bag and keeping it with me in my car
3. Going to the gym three or more times each week to work out with weights and/or work out with a fitness trainer.

Cardio Health: I want to increase my cardio endurance and my breathing capacity. I want my heart to be healthy and strong.

I will accomplish this goal by:

1. Doing cardio workouts at least 3 days a week, initially, and then increasing them to 6 days per week, with a minimum of 45 minutes per session.
2. Cardio workouts will be accomplished by brisk walking, video workouts, treadmill or other cardio equipment at my gym.
3. I will also start to add some fun cardio workouts from sporting activities as I gain in strength and cardio endurance. This could be rollerblading classes, canoeing
or kayaking, hiking, or other similar activities.

Weight Loss: I want to weigh in at the low end of the range that is healthy for my height. My target weight at this time is between 120 and 125 pounds.

I will accomplish this goal by:

1. Keeping a food diary of what I eat on SparkPeople.
2. Eating for health, i.e., I will eat fresh fruits and vegetables, limit fats and sugars, eat complex carbohydrates and lean proteins.
3. I will continue to educate myself on healthful eating.
4. I will drink at least 8 glasses of water each day.

Additionally, I will put together a flexibility program, incorporating yoga and other stretches.

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JUDI_CUTIE 6/27/2011 11:32PM

    I like this, Liz. It is very organized and action oriented!

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