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Friday, March 05, 2010

I have been called an overachiever more than once in my life. I really do hate to fail, and I know if I set my mind to something I can do it. I read a users page today that fit me pretty well. Basically it was a "Been There Done That" comment. I was successful and took off 70 pounds a few years back. I even held that for a year. I'm not sure what derailed me as much as it did, but I lost my focus on a healthier life.

I will not beat myself up over past mistakes. I am making progress with my exercise and nutrition goals. I even have hubby eating fish and using the exercise bike a little bit. The LCD Flat screen in that room was a big motivator for him, he does so love his TV time. I'm hoping to use the television to hook my laptop up to to do Spark exercises. It's a good thing we have other things in common.

I was happy to finish my motivation visual. I have a saying on it "There is no Giant Step that does it. It is a lot of Little Steps..." I have to keep reminding myself of this, so that I remain patient during this lifestyle change.

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KAT7457 3/7/2010 7:06PM

    No body fails you just take it one day at a time set a goal and when you reach it reward yourself and set another goal and drink your 8 glasses of water and take baby steps and do your exercizes so dont over do it. I am here for you if you want to talk. thanks for being on the lost a loved one team. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Medium Goal Setting

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I have been reading the Spark and one of the issues I'm having the most trouble with is setting medium goals. When I first signed into SparkPeople I did set a long term weight loss goal. In a recent post I also set short goals for this month as a Team Challange. I am following through on all the short term and feel I will have no problem completing them. The long term goal seems feasible as long as I work hard and stay on track. Forseeing any medical issues that restrict me from excercising.

One of my fears is the I don't want to put certain weight loss goals down and then not meet the goal. Over the last year I have had some issues keep me from excercising and I know this is a big part of weight loss. I even like to excercise and will if I can. I would like some ideas on medium goals that others have set.

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DDOORN 3/3/2010 10:28PM

    For me the medium goals I set for myself which really helped was to aim for doing things I had never done before but thought I might enjoy doing. I made a sort of "bucket list" that included kayaking, biking longer and longer distances, walking further, cross country skiing...no sky diving though...lol!

When I was able to DO these things it gave me such a BOOST and I became eager to moving on to the NEXT accomplishment I wanted for myself.

Let your mind wander...what you like to do if you knew you couldn't fail...? :-)

What would some goals be that would take you steps toward this...?


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The new building syndrome

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I have worked at the same company for over 22 years now. Our company owned 2 buildings and the last few years we also leased a building to accommodate all our employees. As of April of last year we have all been in 1 brand new building. You would think this would be a good thing.

I'm sure it is good for many, but I have asthma (which is pretty well maintained) and over the last year I have had 5 bouts of bronchitis. Today I went to the doctor with my last bout. He said that there is such a thing as new building syndrome. I have been feeling like it was the building because this is very unusual for me to be this sick. Prior to this I don't remember the last time I had it. Has anyone ever heard of new building syndrome before? I'm too young to retire and too old to get a new job (in my local area there aren't many jobs).

I am a bit bedridden at the moment with little to no strength, but I did make myself eat a good breakfast, a good lunch and hopefully my husband will make my dinner tonight. I also did some exercise first thing this morning before I took my 2 1/2 hr. nap.

I have the urge to eat poorly and I'm not sure why my sickness is making me feel this way, but I will win this battle. I may have to skip my next cardio, but hopefully by then my antibiotics will have kicked in enough for me to get a little workout in.


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AMETHYST0809 3/3/2010 7:32AM

    Sorry to hear you're not feeling well..take good care of yourself, especially now while you're "down". You'll be up again soon, and back to your energized self!

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DAVESTOOK1913 3/2/2010 11:07PM

    That is just unreal. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you get to feeling better emoticon

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DDOORN 3/2/2010 10:07PM

    OMG! I've heard of this, but never knew it could be SO debilitating!

Feeling badly physically can cause us to be tempted to make poor food choices. Especially if when we were children our parents soothed us with sugary goodies!

Take care of yourself and hoping you'll be bouncing back soon...!


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Team Challenge Blog

Monday, March 01, 2010

Our daily challenge for the "40 somethings with 50-99 pounds to lose" goal is to write a blog with a few small goals I would like to accomplish this month, and to list 5 things that motivate me to reach these goals. So here goes.

This month I will be tracking my nutrition and fitness on the spark website everyday, eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables everyday, which will have me checking into the site everyday too. I also want to weigh less than my husband by the end of the month.

One of the things that motivates me is I try to keep within the range of calories that SparkPeople has set for me. This requires me to try and get my data entered throughout the day to make sure I've got enough left for dinner. emoticon

I have been wanting to get back into a regular fitness routine and by tracking it I will be more likely to do it because I feel obligated. I also just bought a recumbent excercise bike and I don't like to waste money so it will get used! emoticon

My pants have been so tight lately - Motivation (didn't see a emoticon for this)

Seeing and reading about how others are doing is motivating to me, and SparkPeople has been providing that for me. This will keep me coming back for more. emoticon

And last, but not least the Spark book is motivating me. I am trying to take my time reading it so I can absorb and reflect. I like to read this type of book every now and then to help me better myself.

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WILLOW49 3/2/2010 5:31PM

    Sure hope you feel better soon. Take gentle care of yourself!


Oops, sorry this went under the wrong blog...

Comment edited on: 3/2/2010 5:32:21 PM

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DDOORN 3/1/2010 9:19PM

    Great goals and plans! Step by step and you will be so AMAZED at the results!

Woo HOO to YOU! :-)


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WILLOW49 3/1/2010 9:02PM

    You have some great goals! Good luck with them! emoticon emoticon

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ANGELFMABV 3/1/2010 8:15PM

    Great blog and some great goals I might add. I forgot to add my spark book in my blog as a motivator. emoticon

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MOMOF6BOYS 3/1/2010 7:49PM

    emoticonGreat goals and motivators!!!

emoticon emoticonCHEERING YOU ON! emoticon emoticon

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Recumbent Bike

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I have been kicking it around for several months that I should buy a recumbent exercise bike. I have even checked out several at different stores in the area to test the comfort and also read reviews online to help choose the right one.

One of my problems was that I didn't really have a good place in the house to put it. Then my youngest son moved out and I decided to make his room a place for my bike, some other exercise equipment. This way it isn't quite as sad that he has left home.

So yesterday during work I decided which model of bike I wanted and I went after work to buy it. My husband put it together and we both did the fitness test. I never thought he would do it, but I'm happy to say he did. I am hoping that he will use it once in a while too.

I have also set a goal to read while I'm working out. I am an avid reader and feel guilty if I sit around and read so now at least I will be doing something constructive while I read.

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GRAMMACATHY 2/28/2010 1:10AM

    Mine is sitting on my porch because the grandsons loved it to death. I did like using it to watch tv. Now the dogs exercise me.

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DDOORN 2/27/2010 9:05PM

    LOVE recumbent bikes...there is something so laid back about sitting back yet at the same time peddling one's brains out...lol! I don't own one, but have fun using one if there's one at a hotel where we might be staying. I'm always surprised when I start sweating...it's like HEY, I'm just sitting back taking it easy...what's to SWEAT about...? :-)

I have a workout room as well...it's a GREAT idea...you can situate everything up precisely to your liking to make it as simple and easy as possible to slip right into your workout routine.

Way to SPARK!

Kudos to helpful DH as well! :-)


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_BACK2BASICS_ 2/27/2010 8:49PM

    I have an upright stationary bike and I feel guilty if I am just watching TV or a movie. When I ride the bike, I can catch up on my shows and fast forward thru the commercials.
Hope you enjoy the bike! emoticon

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DATARN 2/27/2010 8:32PM

    That is awesome!! I hope you will enjoy using that recumbent bike and have many hours of constructive reading!! emoticon

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