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Hannah-The Wonderdog!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

I am house bound on weekends, so no jogging. I miss it, my dog misses it.

My superdog, Hannah, goes jogging with me. She took right to it and doesn't understand why we aren't out there on Saturdays and Sundays.

I throw her toy down the stairs and she fetches it, but after a few runs, she justs sits in front of me with her head tilted and gives a little whine as if to say, "Hey, get up, lets go, move it, come on.! All those treats you gave me, it's no wonder I'm overweight. So get up, open the door and let's get moving."

When I start an exercise DVD she rolls on the floor, stretching and doing a low howl.
She runs back and forth in front of the TV, looking at me as if to say "This is okay, but I want to run."

So, during on weekdays, we are out there, jogging/walking. Hannah, the wonderdog, looking back at me, urging me to keep up! Wait, was that a wink and a smile I saw, before she turned back to run in front of me?


Off to a running start

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I have added jogging to my morning walk on 2/24/07. When I first started jogging I could only go about half a block. Then I would walk at my usual fast pace until it felt comfortable to jog again.

Today I jogged the whole block, then walked a block and continued this routine for 30 minutes.

I am going to coolrunning website for more info about training for marathons. So, I am on my way to meeting my 2009 goal.


Walkin with my baby.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Because I worked 2 jobs, I never had any free time to spend with my one and only grandaughter, who's almost 2. Since I retired from one job I have the opportunity to spend time with her.

Yesterday, I babysat for my grandaughter. It was a glorious day here, so we loaded her into her very cool, stroller and went window shopping in our local neighborhood stores, which I hadn't visited before.

I spent time with my Natty, got my exercise in, (walked at least two miles), enjoyed the weather, met some of the local business owners and throughly enjoyed myself.


Less time working-more time to eat!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

As of February 8 I'm only working one job! This means so many changes for me. This is a two edged cutting sword.

It means that after 4 years of working 2 jobs, there will be time to do some of the things I miss, painting, walking my dog, working in the yard. Hopefully it will mean I will be less quick to anger, less tired, less stressed out. That I will have time to show care, happiness, and hope to not only myself but others.

The other side of the sword is, there will be less money coming in. This alone will raise my stress level, which can effect my health and eating habits. But, other than less money, I really don't see any downside to not working 2 jobs!!


1st Weigh In!-Life Change, Not Diet

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I did my 1st weigh in since I joined. I went from 165.5 to 159.5 pounds. This is more than I planned to lose each week. So, although I am elated about the loss, I want to be sure that I lose because of eating more healthy, am using the correct portion size and exercise. Not because I am doing a diet.

This is a life change not a diet!


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