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Training update

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Yesterday I brought my gym bag with me so I could go straight (pun intended) to the Y and swim after work. Got in the pool for about 45 minutes for a total of 82 lengths. I did the math yesterday on the distance for the Olympic tri, and I need 66 laps to hit the 1.5km swim. Which means I really want to get to swimming close to twice that distance in practice so that I have something left over after the swim to do the bike and run. I probably need to start bricks at some point too for a swim/run combo at the Y.

I was within calories yesterday - food is typically pretty good for me as far as calories/quality goes. I do indulge sometimes, which I've learned is actually OK and healthy. But the bulk of my diet is where it should be. So if I can just get back on track with my fitness goals, that will make me much happier with my body. I'm just feeling a little loose and not so toned anymore, and that makes me sad. So, after work today when I get home I will be doing a workout video of some sort. Something weight lifting I'm sure. And I think tomorrow is going to be a run day. Now to find some races to sign up for!!

Happy Thursday!


I'm not missing, I swear!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

This year has been a rollercoaster ride. I pushed really hard to move up the ladder at my job, and got nowhere, so I moved on... to a better job, better pay, but more stress. I work longer hours some days, but nothing too outrageous. I've maintained my weight right around 120-125, depending on the day. BUT I have not been as faithful about working out on a daily basis. I get in at least a few days a week, but nothing like I did for quite a while when I was losing weight, and my first year of maintenance. I'm not slacking exactly, but I'm not as happy as I'd like to be with my fitness level. I signed up for an Olympic distance triathlon, which takes place on September 12, 2015. So I have around 39 weeks to train for it. I'm already in progress to some extent on that. I've still been biking and swimming on a regular basis - at least weekly. Running has been lacking, mostly because it hurts my knees so much. But I do need to run at least once every other week to prep for this race. Although I will admit that my intentions are to run/walk the 10K portion of the race. I haven't decided at what distances yet for the alternating run/walk, but probably somewhere between a 1-2 mile run, 1/2 mile walk, and alternate that way... but I'm not going to make that determination for sure until closer to the race.

I'm already swimming over a mile at a time in the pool, although I'm also well aware that transitioning to the lake for an open water swim will make that different, so I'm pushing to increase my distance/time in the pool each week to prep myself for a tougher swim at that shorter distance. And I'm still spinning 1-2 times a week most weeks. This month is a little stupid though because I'll be traveling for the holidays, and I'm doing some petsitting this month that will probably eliminate time for the gym after work at least a few of my normal days.

My main concern is not the gym training though - my main issue right now is hauling my butt out of bed in the mornings to work out at home. That's where I'm having issues. Best case lately is that I do get up and walk the dogs most days for 1.5-2 miles, which is fine and healthy and all that, but it doesn't make me feel strong like a true workout prior to the walk does... Part of the issue is that I've been getting to bed later than I should, which makes me tired and I'm able to talk myself into staying in bed an extra 30 minutes rather than work out - or worse, an extra hour rather than walk the dogs. Most days I'm able to get up and walk at least, but this morning was a "snooze" day, and that makes me crazy.

So.... I'm trying to figure out how to combat this. I really really need 6 hours of sleep to feel like I can function well. 7 is great, although typically unrealistic during the week. So this means I have got to be in bed and ASLEEP by 10pm at a minimum in order to get up at 4am to work out before walking the dogs. I used to be so good at getting to bed on time... but my responsibilities and priorities at home have changed in ways that have screwed that up a bit... like the relationship I'm in that often takes priority over sleeping when we go to bed... but I'm trying to find ways to get all the normal house-holdy type stuff done so that we can get into bed early enough that we can be asleep by 10. Some nights it works. Some not so much... throw the gym in there after work, and it does create timing issues.

I've started doing some workouts after work on non-gym days, which does help me feel better. But I really would still like to get up and work out in the mornings some days too. At this point I'm guessing that as much as we have crammed into the next 2 weeks before Christmas, the reality of getting up and starting a routine before we leave for our vacation is pretty slim... so I'm focusing as much as possible on just continuing to eat healthy and get in as many workouts as I can, and I'll figure out how to schedule things when we get back and are on a more normal day-to-day routine... I hope!!

Ok. I feel better that I've at least blogged once this year... geez where does time go?? For the 1 person that may read this, thanks for listening.

I'm also promising myself to get back to at least keeping tabs on my progress for the bigger triathlon training. I did do one Tri this year in September - the same sprint tri that I finished out last year with. And I'll be doing that one again this coming year too, although I didn't actually register yet. Probably will do so prior to the end of the year to take advantage of the $10 discount.

I also have plans to jump into a few more 5 and 10 K races throughout the year to prep for the tri in September. So I need to get signing up for those too.

Ok. Now back to work.

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KRICKET57 12/10/2014 12:17PM

    Good luck with your plans and your training. I am facing the same issues with getting my work outs in at home. sometimes it is easier to talk myself out of it than to talk myself into it. Hope you have better luck. Be strong, you can do it!

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I'll admit to being a little on the cranky side this morning. Went to bed basically on time last night. About 8:30. Read for a little bit, and asleep by probably 9. But woke up at 2:30 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. That is so very frustrating for me!! It's happened a lot in the last couple of weeks, and I'm not sure why!! But it's driving me bananas. I go to bed with enough time to get 7 hours of sleep, but my body craps out on me between 5-6 hours of sleep. Does this mean that I don't NEED 7 hours of sleep?? Should I just go to bed a little later and see what happens?? I'm really afraid to do that for a couple of reasons - this is something of a "new" phenomenon - I was doing really well getting closer to 7 hours a night and feeling good about it. And I'm also worried that if I go to bed later, and I still wake up at 2:30 or so, that then I'll be getting even less sleep.

I just wish I knew why I was waking up in the middle of the night and tossing and turning. It's getting real old, real fast.

Did get up to work out this morning w Jillian, and then a walk w the dogs. So I'm not letting this get me off track. But I'd really like to get back to sleeping well through the night...

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MANDYLOVE_76 1/30/2014 11:30AM

    Sorry to hear you aren't sleeping. Maybe it's the weather. My wife isn't sleeping well either.

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Goal setting with friends

Monday, January 27, 2014

I find myself a part of a local group of women, which is very good for me. And this past weekend, six of us sat down together to ruminate on our 2013 goals and results, and to share our 2014 goals. I did not share all of my goals because we did not have time for that many (I have 21+ and continuously growing), I did share some of my bigger goals for the year, and a few small ones as well. And I learned from others while I was there too.

We also did a guided meditation, which was a learning experience for me, and we just spent some time together talking about philisophical things.

I think sharing goals not just here on sparkpeople, where few people will ever see it, and fewer will hold me accountable to any of them, is critical to success. Accountability in one way or another is really important. Sometimes it's enough to hold myself accountable to things. But sometimes I feel like I need the support of others. So this experience was one where I felt I could garner a little support, while offering some of my own.

I also had something of a realization this morning. During the week, I exchange emails with my best friend every morning with a theme. Mondays are "inspirational", Tuesdays are "funny/punny", Wednesdays are "word of the day", Thursdays are "spiritual", and Fridays are "factoids". Anyhow, today one of the quotes I sent her was "People wait all week for Friday, all year for summer, and all life for happiness". I see so many people who dread Mondays - who wish that day away every week. Or who count down to a vacation without enjoying the time leading up to it, or who wish away the winter because they would rather the weather were nicer. These are moments, days, weeks, etc - that we can never ever get back. Wishing away your life for one reason or another is a complete and utter waste of time and energy...

Anyway, on a physical note - I got some exercise in over the weekend, and I got up and worked out w Jillian this morning, and walked my pooches 2.5 miles.


Jan 21 - a year later.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

So on this day last year, at about 10:00am, my little ordered and planned world fell apart.

It was on that day that my partner of 11 years told me that the plans we made for starting a family were not something she could be a part of anymore - that she just didn't want to be a parent, and that she was sorry that she had let me plan and dream for so long about it before breaking my heart.

A lot has changed for me in the last year. We went through a period of trying to make it work, of couples therapy, and finally in May of ending our relationship. During that time I also began to forge new friendships and I put more effort into my health and worked to focus on the good things in my life rather than on what was crumbling around me. I began to train for my first triathlon, and I began to spread my wings and experience new things - new foods, new friends, new activities, etc.

I look back at who I was a year ago and I have a hard time recognizing the me that I was then. I have regrets, but I also have a lot to be thankful for. I wish beyond belief at times that somehow we could have made things work. But at the same time I'm grateful for all the new experiences I have had this past year. I sometimes wonder and worry if I'll ever meet someone to share the rest of my life with, but I also realize that things happen at the time they are meant to happen, and worrying will not speed the process.

I also wonder... with such huge changes last year, what will 2014 bring? I have goals for the year of course... but I never could have predicted at the beginning of 2013 that the year would end so very differently than I had pictured it. So while I have an idea of what 2014 holds for me, I certainly am not going to attempt to predict what really will occur for me this year. I can only trust that I am strong enough to take on whatever the year brings my way. And I fully intend to find joy in every day. I have been practicing gratitude - really focusing on it - every day.

On my walks in the mornings, I used to listen to music - pop music, etc. Now I listen to meditation music, and I focus on positivity for a solid 30 minutes every day. I focus on my personal mantra "I am strong, confident, healthy, capable, beautiful, calm, successful, and patient", etc. And I talk out loud while I walk. It's sort of a "send energy" time for me. I send gratitude and love to people in my life - my family and friends. I focus on the things I want to put into the world - love, happiness, hope, etc. And I focus on the things I'm thankful for - big and small. For instance a few of the things on my list this morning were: legs that can carry me on these walks every day, a safe neighborhood, a warm house, my family, my job, my health, etc. I realize that not everything will always go my way, but I can still find things to be thankful for. I can still find joy in something every day. And so this is where my focus is.

Anyhow - on a "diet and excercise" note... I got my hiney out of bed this morning for a circuit workout with Jillian, and my 2.5 mile walk with the dogs. And while I was over on cals yesterday, I am on track for the moment today. I am a little concerned about dinner, as it's a dinner out with friends, but will focus on veggies and go from there. I'm eating Thai for the first time ever tonight. I'll admit to being a little apprehensive. But it's in my goals to continue trying new foods. So... here we go!

Ok - back to work!

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POWERPUFFGRL 1/24/2014 6:04AM

    Thank you for the inspiring blog. I am just getting out of a long relationship and am struggling with it too. I really admire your dedication to meditation and mindfulness --- meditation is one of the daily goals that I have that I never seem to meet. I hope I can achieve what you have---the health and fitness achievements and the inner peace.

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JESUISPRET 1/21/2014 10:06PM

    Wow, I can't imagine how tough that must have been for you. I'm sure your attitude wasn't always as positive as it is now, but your outlook is to be commended. With all of the positive energy you are sending into the universe I am sure you'll find someone special!

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