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Busy Hands

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I discovered a startling fact: when my hands are busy in the evening, I have a far less inclination to snack. I had a sudden idea to try keeping my hands busy while watching videos in the evening with my husband. That's my worst snacking time of the entire day. So I dusted off my embroidery hoop and started a new project. I found that while my hands were busy, I didn't have any snack cravings. It was a very interesting discovery for me and a tactic I hope will help me lose a few pounds that I've gained back. So if snacking is a problem for you, try doing something with your hands instead. Concentrating on something else seems to short circuit the urge to eat out of boredom. If you don't have any particular sewing or crafting skills, try visiting a place such as "Michael's" or "Hancock's" that carry beginner kits for all kinds of crafts from needlework to small wood working/painting kits. There's something out there for every level of skill or interest. Give it a try!

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BETSEY_T 9/20/2011 1:33PM

    My mother the crafter...who knew emoticon

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THEEXERCISER 9/20/2011 1:19PM

    I am glad that you found something to taking you mind off of snacking.

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The journey continues

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I found out something that a lot of you probably know...I eat more when I don't track. I'm still conscious of what I eat and make certain choices. I haven't gained any weight...but I haven't lost any for several weeks. I was kind of resting on my laurels for having lost 35# and during that time, I wasn't using my nutrition tracker. When I'm not seeing numbers in front of my eyes, it's very easy to give in to eating a little more of this or that, or making unhealthy choices. So I made up my mind that this week I would start tracking again. Lo and behold, my calories were going over my allowance. I think one thing that got me motivated again was going to a work-related conference and seeing friends I had not seen in a few months. A couple of them asked about my weight loss and said they had noticed it. One of them said I looked younger!

Part of the issue too had been a VERY stressful work situation regarding a toxic co-worker. I used to eat lower calorie, homemade lunches or soup here in the office, but several months ago, got to the point that I HAD to get out of the office. That led to eating more fast food. However, thank the Lord for His miracle working power and the situation is ending next month.

So, I haven't given up on my goals, just took a short detour. Thanks to the wonderful Spark People for your encouragement and support.

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TRUE-NESS 5/14/2011 6:36PM

    Glad the situation is resolved. But, the other good thing is that its Spring and the weather is getting nicer and warmer. So, you can still get out of the office (and you probably should anyway) but just take your homemade lunches with you. The fresh air will do you good. emoticon

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LYNNOTT 5/12/2011 2:30PM

    Congrats on the weight loss! You found your way back on the road to a healthier you - emoticon

emoticon emoticon

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NCFITCHICK 5/12/2011 12:57PM

    Congratulations for the 35 pound weight loss! emoticon

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Torn between two nails :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

OK. Call me shallow. I don't mind a few face wrinkles: most of them are smile lines. I don't mind a few gray hairs: there's always that nifty stuff called hair color in a box. I don't even mind so much that my curves have shifted a little. What I do mind are my HANDS showing my age. THAT really bugs me. I try to do what I can to minimize damage from the sun (wear your sunscreen people), keep my skin exfoliated, moisturized, and all that good stuff. I had acrylic nails for a few years and finally decided (after having to get a car & car payment again) and a few other reasons, to have them removed. I have been blessed with nails that grow quickly and after about 2 mos., my nails are fully grown out. On one hand (pardon the pun), I love the way acrylic nails look and the pampering I get when I go for manicures. On the other hand, I kinda like my short natural nails and not having to spend a lot of money on my nails. (Although I am still going for simple manicures once a month or so.) So I have pros and cons for both ways. Have you ever waffled on this decision over your fingernails? I know it's shallow, but, hey, it's Friday and who wants to think about anything serious? I'd love to hear from you.

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LYNNOTT 2/26/2011 10:28PM

    I use a computer and when I get a manicure, usually for special occasions, they never last long with all the typing. But I like my short, clear polished nails. Have a great weekend!

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BETSEY_T 2/25/2011 10:36PM


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Falling down and getting up again

Thursday, January 06, 2011

I've discovered it's very EASY to fall down and very DIFFICULT to get up again. This applies to both nutrition and exercise. Nutritionally I normally do fairly well and stay within my range and I go to the gym 4 dpw after work. However, I was off work (vacation) for 2 wks. and didn't do so well. First of all, I had NO motivation to leave my house and go to the gym. (I did leave my house to go shopping emoticon ) Secondly, it seems like once I let myself start eating sweets (cookies, pie, etc.), it was almost impossible to get motivated enough to stop. The cold weather made trips to my favorite coffee place a great place to add useless, but great tasting, calories. So instead of tracking my food and seeing the amount of calories I was eating, I didn't do ANY tracking and told myself that I deserved a break because I was on vacation.

Now I'm back to work and need to clean up my act. In spite of my failures, I only gained 4 lbs. back and while that doesn't sound like much, if I keep this up, I could easily lose all of the ground I've gained (or gain what I've lost if you want to be technical). So now I'm finding that getting back on track is not so easy as leaving the track, but somewhere inside is my original motivation (that LARGE number on my doctor's scale). I know I need to be very consistent in tracking because seeing those numbers is what keeps my eating in check. The exercise portion is much easier for me to get back to because working out (or not) directly affects my health/well-being/pain levels.

So with help and encouragement from my daughter and my SP friends, I'm back on track today and hope to stay that way in the months to come. Thank you for sharing your own struggles, tips for success, and other information. I appreciate all you do.


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