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New Spark Team

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I just wanted to say here that I joined a new Spark Team, 30 by Christmas 2014, which, oddly enough, is geared towards people trying to lose thirty pounds by Christmas of this year. I really want to thank the team leader, WINTERSSIX, for spearheading the whole thing. I've never joined a group on this site from its beginning, and it's been neat seeing people come together. I feel like it's a big motivator and it almost makes me feel more accountable to this particular group. I'm part of other teams, but I tend to stay on the fringes because I have a difficult time putting myself out there. This one we're all starting out together, and I like that. I'm looking forward to this journey!

(Also, not to be super-creepy, because it kind of is, but I just noticed that some people have links on their pages where you can see their nutrition tracking. I don't have that link on mine, which is good because then y'all would all know that I had marcona almonds and air-popped popcorn for breakfast...whoops!)

Anyway, thank you again - I'm so glad to meet you all. Y'all have a great day!

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BF20PERCENT 10/3/2014 9:37PM

    Hey, I just join the team too.
Wish you reach your goal and emoticon

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JAWATKINS 10/1/2014 4:30PM

    I hope you enjoy your new team!!
I really felt like I "clicked" with SP when I joined some teams. I'm on the 5% Fall challenge (my 5th) and a couple of others that are pretty active.
The competition really helps me! I hope it does you as well!!

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Starting Anew in September

Thursday, September 11, 2014

It's always seemed to me like the year starts over in September. More than likely this is a holdover from school days, when the morning air is cool and all your pencils are sharpened and your grandma has ordered you new school clothes from the gigantic JC Penney's catalog (did I actually just say that? Yeesh!).

So many changes in my life now - my five-year-old is in kindergarten after a summer home with me (I stopped working in May for awhile because the childcare for two versus my income wasn't worth it) - granted, he DID break his arm falling off the monkey bars on his first day, but still...and I just started a new job three weeks ago (wait for it - DESSERTS PERSON at a local restaurant). Because I don't have a car I get to walk Liam home from school every day (it's about a mile and a half) and then I work nights after their dad gets home (two and half miles each way) so I have no choice but to get some movement in after an extremely sedentary summer. And my pants reflect that - not ONE PAIR that I could wear in May fits me now. But the walking is fun and I really enjoy spending that time outside with my guys, choice in the matter or no. It's strange how many people think it's bizarre that we walk - even when I do get a car again I think I'll keep this part of our life going.

Still, I have to get back to paying attention to what I'm putting in my mouth, and all the miles in the world won't compete with the reubens that this restaurant serves up (I can ignore the sweets, but buttery salty meat and cheese - and bread??? I'm so there...), and as long as I'm accountable to myself and my Sparkpeople friends I can back away from the pastrami. Most of the time.

And who doesn't love a fresh, new September? My crayons all have points, my notebooks are clean, and I'm ready to go!

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JENSTRESS 9/11/2014 1:59PM

    I'm looking forward to this time of year, the fall! Leaves changing, cool walks, and everything! Good for you, keep going!

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FOR_THE_DUDES 9/11/2014 1:36PM

    I walk my son to school in the morning too, although it's only a few blocks away. I know a lot of the kids live in the neighborhood, but as far as I can tell we are the only people who walk. It's very strange. But I love that ten minutes together.

And I know exactly what you mean about this feeling like the beginning of the year. I feel it too. Maybe we should adopt the Jewish calender. Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year) is almost always in September.

Finally, I think we all want to hear more about you being the "desserts person." Does this mean you make the desserts? If so, what kind of stuff are you making? Do you have any control of the menu? I've always considered myself to be a desserts person for a wholly different and more shameful reason.

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PHHHISC 9/11/2014 12:48PM


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COOLRAIN 9/11/2014 12:44PM

    "I can ignore the sweets, but buttery salty meat and cheese - and bread??? I'm so there..." I can so relate!

I too love the first feel of Fall in the air--unfortunately, it doesn't get here until around the end of September, if we're lucky, or even later. Boo! I'm so looking forward to it.

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Happy Fourth of July!

Monday, July 07, 2014

I don't mind admitting that food has always been a focal point of my life; I just have needed to learn to have a more healthy relationship with said focal point! I've always wanted to make a flag cake, and this year, we actually did it instead of talking about it. The neat part was that even though the eating of the cake was great, the children liked best the making of the cake. And I did, too - we gave most of it away and that was just fine. Now...shall we do the same kind of thing for Bastille Day? History is SO important, don't you think?

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FOR_THE_DUDES 7/11/2014 11:29AM

    Really cute kids. And if it means another cake...Viva la France!

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GLORIAMAJDI 7/7/2014 5:30PM

    How fun to make a cake with the kids! Good family time!

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BABY_GIRL69 7/7/2014 2:31PM

    Very nice.... God bless,

Dee emoticon

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Monday, January 20, 2014

I'm on my fourth week of the January Jumpstart Challenge, and actually, I've been on this fitness journey since November 16. It's pretty gratifying that I have really stuck with daily exercise, and tracking my food (even on embarrassing days - "yes, I just ate eight peanut butter fudge cookies. Holy crow, that was almost 800 calories!!!"). I have been fitting more fruits and veggies into my diet (apples and berries, yum! Green juices - blech! But I drink them anyhow). I've even been posting here on SparkPeople, and as a confirmed introvert that is really, really tough for me.

But the coolest thing is that my five-year-old loves to do jumping jacks with me. And my three-year-old can go through a whole series of floor exercises (bridges! leg lifts! pike crunches!) and her form is just amazing. ;) I used to be kind of sorry that I can't afford a gym membership, but doing this at home has really gotten my children involved and that has been awesome.

I want to keep on with what I've been doing, and add on this: I need to cook more healthy food from scratch. I can cook, oh yes, I can - I can whip up a chicken pot pie to make you weep or a set of key lime cupcakes or a chocolate mandarin pie - and I know HOW to make more healthy food. I just don't do it. I totally drag my feet, saying that I don't want to cook with low fat such and such, that I only want to eat whole foods, blah blah blah. The result being, of course, is that I am relying on sandwiches a LOT of the time, or salads, or protein bars, and I really miss hot food. So that's where I'm headed next.

Well, after today. Because today I have the day off with Thing One and Thing Two and we've got big plans to go to the park and run ourselves silly and then go home and do art projects. Sounds fabulous to me!

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ARMYFIREGIRL 3/5/2014 9:54AM

    Keep up the work for yourself and your family. I agree that the January Jumpstart helped a lot. That's why I restarted it! Take care.

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FOR_THE_DUDES 1/21/2014 10:55AM

    I'm glad you've worked around your introversion to post your thoughts online, because I really enjoy what you write. And I'm completely with you on cooking real food. It can be a lot of work, but it is definitely worth it. It just tastes so much better (and obviously it's healthier too). When I have the time, I really love to cook. I've found that my 3 year old son is able to "help" now a little with things like mixing and pouring. It seems like you are a really involved mom, so I imagine it can be tough to find time to cook the good stuff. Maybe you can see if your kids want to help. I'd imagine that could free up time to cook like you want to.

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Three Things

Monday, December 30, 2013

So, I finished the Skinny Jeans Challenge today (and no, I still don't like skinny jeans. Give me wide leg any day), but the last challenge was to write down three things I like - no, LOVE - about my body that have nothing to do with the way I look. Huh.

The problem is, of course, that like lots of people here, I have a stunted self-esteem. I neither like nor respect myself all that much - and that comes across to other people which makes me feel even worse and then it just cycles on and on. I can play a pretty good game, but at the end of the day I come home and look in the mirror and think, "Are you really worth it? No. I don't believe you are."

That's not fair. It's not fair to me and it's not fair to my two amazing children. I am trying to raise them so that they don't turn out the way I have. So I have to stop faking it and start believing that I'm a person of some importance. Actually, a person of great importance.

Enough seriousness and navel-gazing from me! I'll go back to flippant Rachel in a sec. Okay, three things:

1.) My eyes - they change colors and I think that's neat. They go from green to blue to gray and I like it when people try to figure out what color they are. They change depending on what I'm wearing, my mood, the weather - who knows? And I like that.

2.) My hands - they are small and short fingered but they are strong. They can make and decorate a cupcake, whip up a dinner, hold onto a child, write a blog, smooth a forehead, do someone's makeup (I work in cosmetics), make inappropriate hand gestures...you get the idea. I can't imagine life without them. And right now, my nails are purple. Gotta love that, too.

3.) My smile - well, my grin, actually. It's big. And sincere. And it usually makes people smile right back. A co-worker told me that I shouldn't smile so broadly because I was going to get wrinkles. Well, I already have them and those are the wrinkles I want. They mean that life has been pretty good after all, in spite of myself.

Okay, all done. Have you listed your three things? Maybe you have thirty. Maybe you have thirty times three ("You know, I really love my hypothalamus")! Three was a good start for me.

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SABLENESS 1/1/2014 9:13AM

    Good one! I have a box of "Healthy Body" cards. Each one starts with "I love my ____,". Use your imagination; they can be really hilarious! Thanks for reminding me of them. I just got them out for daily reading. So what do I get? "I love my Liver". The back says, "I joyfully release all irritation, criticism, and condemnation. I choose the thoughts that heal, cleanse, and uplift me." emoticon

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KMVBBAM 12/30/2013 12:40PM

    Love your three things, especially the smile. I can see how beautiful it is in your pictures. Also, your hand explanation was outstanding. emoticon

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