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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Originally posted on the thread about how eating healthy and exercising has changed you:

I had a crazy realization about this just now thinking about recent events. Here's my story - I had an event to go to, which had free food and limited open bar. The next day, I went to the waterpark.

I was getting a little down on myself by the end of the day after the park because in my head, I had ate and drank too much the night before, and then I got up and had a very calorific breakfast, some french fries at the waterpark, and skipped my workout I had planned.

I then realized that while I did take in a few too many calories the night before, I had eaten a super healthy and light breakfast and lunch that day to (almost) compensate. I also realized that I chose to order low fat turkey sausage with my breakfast, and grilled chicken with my lunch instead of just pigging out on whatever without even thinking, it was just what I decided I wanted. For dinner, I wanted nothing more than a gigantic plate of veggies and I literally ate a spinach salad the size of my head. If I could have had calorie free fried food, I wouldn't have even wanted it.

When my fiance asked what I tracked for activity, I said, eh, we walked around a bit but I'm not going to count it. He wasn't satisfied with that so he mapped it out and we walked just over FIVE MILES at the waterpark (we stayed from just after opening to close). After putting in the calories, it was just over how many I'd burned on my run the morning before the event the day before. And I was pretty excited that 5 miles of walking felt like nothing. I could have been on the couch all day and felt about the same.

Two years ago, that day at the waterpark would have been my only exercise for the week, and would have wiped me the heck out and my body would have hurt after - badly. I would have probably beaten myself up for ordering pancakes and hashbrowns for breakfast and said "screw it, if I have that little willpower, I deserve to be fat" and then pigged out on junk all day and "started tomorrow" and it would have all happened again. I would have eaten so much I felt like crap and had no energy, and since I didn't have energy, I wouldn't have worked out, and would have beat myself up, and the vicious cycle would have continued.

Big changes!

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BACK2HEALTHY 8/31/2009 8:46PM

  this is just what i needed to read today!1
way to go! congratulations on those "lifestyle" changes!!

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KAMARIDEN 8/25/2009 2:50AM

    It's so great that you were able to recognize how your lifestyle and food attitudes have changed. It sounds like you've accomplished what so many of us are striving for: a true change that goes deeper than just temporary self denial but really changes the way we see food and the way we live our lives and even what it is we WANT. Thanks for sharing this and keep up the great work!

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LEAURIY 8/21/2009 7:28PM

    What a great realization and What a GREAT boyfriend!!
It's funny how we don't acknowledge what what we have accomplish, but are quick to tear ourselves down for what we think we've done wrong! I think it's a muscle that we all need to work on building - Acknowledgment for the good we have done for ourselves. Keep it up!

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Quick Summer Update

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Well the challenge this week for the Sapphires is to write a blog about our goals this summer, so that's what I'm here to do! :)

My biggest focus was finishing up my training and running the half marathon at the end of June. I am happy to say I did that. After, however, I have had a little frustration getting my groove back.

I've spent a lot of time working through my eating dilemma. I'm willing to do what I need to do to lose weight safely and healthfully, but I'm still trying to figure out what that is. Right now I'm on 1700 calories, trying to eat close to 40/30/30 (zone ratio - carbs/fat/protien), and trying to concentrate on not filling my increased calorie count with junk. Oddly enough, giving myself permission to eat more is actually helping me eat better. I'm not resenting fruit for taking up so many calories. I'm not getting non-fat everything to save calories, which is much more satisfying than diet foods.

I wish I could say that I've dropped lbs, but I just haven't. It's that cycle in TOM where my body holds onto weight, but it's also just - my body seems very stubborn that 152 is about the lowest it wants to go right now. Intense exercise isn't getting me there. Cutting calories to 1300 isn't getting me there. I don't know what will but I won't give up until I get there.

The only thing was I kinda wanted to lose a little more weight before my wedding. However, my body has not stopped changing (I looked at a picture in February and a picture in July, and even though I was the same weight, I looked like I had lost 20 lbs), so I guess I will have to be satisfied with that. After the wedding though - there is really no timeline. I have the rest of my life to lose the last 15-ish lbs, so I'm not really in a rush. Ok, so I am, but I am trying to be zen about it.

My goals for August are to keep going on what I'm doing. About 400 calories avg burned per day and about 1700 calories eaten per day at the 40/30/30 ratio. So far, I'm doing alright!

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Go team Sapphire! Have fun on vacation.

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KAS260 8/5/2009 1:13PM


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Epic Fail on Having Time...

Monday, July 27, 2009

On the report stuffs. Been eating pretty decent, except for the fact that I keep feeling the need to snack up until I go to sleep. Need to have dinner, then maybe ONE small thing after. Like a sugar free popsicle. Or the like. I think that's this week's goal. Eat dinner and in my brain, that is the last time I eat.

Exciting things happened at work and I am now going from about 10% occupied to 110% occupied. Plus, this is my 3rd day in the position, and my boss is out of town all week. Argh! Help! I love it, but it means less time to nit pick everything I'm eating and blog. So maybe no more reports until things settle down a bit.

I hit a nice low of 152 last week and then promptly never saw it again. It's TOM for me so likely will not see it this week either. However, I am going to stick with this 1700 calorie eating thing - it's much happier for me and if I wasn't making progress anyway on less, I might as well be comfortable, right? Heh.

Ok, off to more schedules and then running off to salsa class!

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WICKED_WORDS87 7/28/2009 3:56PM

    Yeah its definitely hide the scale from TOM time haha Sorry that things are a little crazy with work right now--though you seem to still have things under control with the nutrition/exercise front-rock! I tend to crash and burn in that arena when I'm juggling too much-you are a rock star chica! emoticon

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Weekly Report 7/20- 7/27

Monday, July 20, 2009

**Warning, this is not an exciting post. Proceed at your own risk of falling asleep to numbers and a bit too much self examination**

July 20-27

Goals for this week:
-Eat as close to 1700 calories per day as possible every day, be consistent
-Eat as close to 40/30/30 (carbs/protien/fats) as possible.
-Burn 3k calories this week

Things I did well this week:

Things I could do better next week:

Calories Consumed = , % protein, % carbs, % fat
Calories Burnt =
Fruits/Veggies = servings
Hours of Sleep = 5.5 hours
General Mood/Notes =
Rating today =
Weight= 153.0

Calories Consumed =1,813 , 20% protein, 45% carbs, 35% fat (fat probably about 5% inflated and protein about 5% deflated due to tracking something approximate in calories to my chicken burrito and not each ingredient)
Calories Burnt = 461 calories
Fruits/Veggies = 5 servings (2 were lettuce though...)
Hours of Sleep = 8 hours
General Mood/Notes = Big crazy stuff at work I freaked out about, came home, drank whiskey and did not go to dance class. At least I hit the gym in the morning so it wasn't a total loss. I allowed myself one night of freakout and leniency, and didn't even go overboard. So that's a plus.
Rating today = C-
Weight= 153.0

Calories Consumed =1759 , 26% protein, 48% carbs, 26% fat
Calories Burnt = 618
Fruits/Veggies = 6 servings
Hours of Sleep = 7.5 hours
General Mood/Notes = Ate a little more than I would have liked but it's ok - burned more than I expected to today. Chalking up the extra appetite to the fact that I ran hard this morning.
Rating today = B
Weight= 152.0 (YAYAYAYAY!)

Calories Consumed = 1702, 30% protein, 45% carbs, 25% fat
Calories Burnt = 696 calories
Fruits/Veggies = 6 servings
Hours of Sleep = 7 hours
General Mood/Notes = I swear, it was so weird to just keep EATING and EATING yesterday. Felt good though!!! Work was a little rough but I got pretty good rest!
Rating today = B
Weight= 154.4

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ROWDYWITH4 7/20/2009 1:48PM

    Have a FABULOUS, Fit week and reach those goals! emoticon

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New Goals

Monday, July 20, 2009

I didn't bother filling out the rest of last week as I changed my plan halfway through. After research and advice, I have figured out that I am definitely not eating enough. The new goal is 1700 per day (and trying not to vary it too much), keeping up my CURRENT 3k per week calorie burn, and focusing on a zone ratio of calories - 40/30/30 (40 carbs, 30 protein, 30 fat). I've found out that eating this way (or trying, it's hard to adjust, I did 55/30/15 pretty much without thinking) that it feels like I am always freaking eating, and that protein keeps me full without making me feel bloaty. I like it. However, I am going to have to find more varied protein-y snack sources that I like. Right now, it's builder/zone bars (15-20 g), greek yogurt (15g), beef jerky (12g), and turkey pepperoni (9g) for me. What are your favorite protein-filled snacks that are grab and go (anything that requires prep is pretty much not going to get eaten)? I need ideas!

I'm a little scared, I've not aimed to eat so high - ever, but when girls who are smaller than me are looking at my diet and saying they got hungry just scanning it - time to try something different. I'm giving it 2 weeks, no questions. If after that I haven't lost any weight, then I might try something else.

So here is what I am changing my report to:
Calories Consumed = , % protein, % carbs, % fat
Calories Burnt =
Fruits/Veggies = servings
Hours of Sleep = hours
General Mood/Notes =
Rating today =

At the end of the week, I will average it up and see how close I get to 1700 and 40/30/30 and an average of 419 calories burnt per day. I am going to count my weights as circuit training and make sure that I count those calories too.

If this works for me, I am REALLY going to have to watch that I eat enough during half training next time, as I already feel like I'm eating a lot (I was probably in starvation mode even then).

New weekly report to follow!

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QUIXOTIQUE 7/22/2009 3:01PM

    Strongmama, I'm actually having trouble getting ENOUGH fat so I'm trying to load up on nuts. :) Been going good so far!

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STRONGMAMA3 7/22/2009 12:42PM

    Nuts are a great source of protein and omega-3's but you would have to watch the fat. I really love walnuts and will count out 7 halves to enjoy with my yogurt.

I think your plan sounds great and can't wait to celebrate your success!

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QUIXOTIQUE 7/20/2009 3:20PM

    I wish eggs didn't make me hurl. :)

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ROWDYWITH4 7/20/2009 1:52PM

    I like how you give a ** report** I should do something of the sort.

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AERYNEA 7/20/2009 1:52PM

    Hard boiled eggs are my protein snack go to.

1 whole and 1 eggwhite is what I usually have for an afternoon snack.

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