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What do you mean it's been a month??

Friday, January 15, 2010

Now I know that the saying "Time flies when you're having fun" is true! I can't believe that it's mid January. We are preparing for a horse show on the 22nd, and there has been a LOT of progress made in my riding.

Since I moved Falcao down to Sonoita, it takes me basically a minimum of 4 hours for the commute, ride, clean up and return home. That takes a HUGE chunk from my day. And I do this 4-5 days a week! I am also still working out with Karen. Usually I ride first, then drive to the gym rather than going home after riding. It makes me tired, but the riding clothes are growing loose, and the tight jeans look really good on now.

The incredible progress we've made in my riding has fueled my motivation to continue to lose weight. It seems that I daily gain more control over what my body does on the horse, and I am fighting the physics less.

I got into a bit of sugar today, but the spree ended quickly, and I think it may have been a calorie deficit. I'll have to run my numbers to be sure.

Here's to a better, more fit me!!!


It's over, now for a rest day!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The clinic was a long week, but oh my, I can't believe how much I have learned.

My eating was either way under or right on spec, so I guess it hasn't been a bad week. I am stiff from all the exercise. 7 lessons in 5 days!

I can't believe that it was me riding at the end. We are almost ready to move up a level, and I understand how important my core is in this sport. I used it a LOT!

Today will be less hectic. Some grocery shopping to get the ingredients for the dish I'm making for a pot luck, then a luncheon with friends and my new fridge gets delivered this afternoon. Busy day, but not much in the way of exercise. But I need that!


Clinic, day 2

Sunday, December 13, 2009

It started out innocently enough. COntinuing with the shoulder in work, some canter work. Then she had me canter and do a flying change. No problem, we've done them before. Another diagonal, change, THEN ANOTHER on the same diagonal, and another! We did it! Cool! It was fun, but hard to control where my body should be vs where it wanted to be. We continued in this vein for a while, and added half pass (forward and sideways), then prouettes.

Phew! I hae a lot of work to be able to say that I'm proficient at these moves, but I can honestly say now that I have done them, and had good moments with them. I really enjoyed the ride, and I know Falcao did.

Today we are working in the double bridle, which is the "big girl's" bridle, as it is used in the upper levels. We'll work on much of the same stuff as yesterday.

The problem I had yesterday was eating wise. But not the way it normally is. I didn' t eat enough for the day without the exercise. Problem was that I just wasn't that hungry. Go figure! Today I'll add a protein bar after I ride and make sure I get a good lungh before. Maybe even dessert after dinner. What a strange dilemna to be in!

Me, undereat???? Naaaah! Oh, well.

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QWANDER 12/14/2009 3:31PM

    Way to go Beth.. Yes, I've been there now where I don't eat enough. When we are busy and exercising it doesn't seem to add up as fast or something. Sometimes I have to add something in the evening and that used to be unheard of.

How fun for you riding sounds like it is going well. Hope the rain doesn't hamper you too much, but do love the rain and we need it so badly.

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Clinic, day one

Friday, December 11, 2009

All I can say is "WOW!"

I've ridden with this teacher before and always been a little puddle when she was done with us. Don't get me wrong, I was tired when we finished, but now washed out. A BIG difference from early last year when I rode with her.

Falcao was really good, and worked well. I am hopeful for tomorrow as we are doing 2 rides each day this weekend. It'll be a challenge, but today makes me hopeful.

I am headed off to bed soon. It's been a day that started at 4:15 this morning at 24 degrees. By ride time it was up to 50. Tomorrow will be more civilized time wise.

Have a great weekend, y'all!!


Shedding some of my responsibilities

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Since my fall 7 weeks ago, I have come to realize how much I owe to myself to finish this journey and give myself time to do things that I enjoy.

I hae moved Falcao down to Sonoita, and this means a minimum of a half day each time I go down to ride. THis cuts down on my computer time. But we are both very happy down there, and there is even room for us to take a trail ride whenever we want without trailering somewhere. There is a mirror at the end of the arena so that I can check myself as I ride and improve.

I am resigning as leader of my 50+ team. I am sad to say that I cannot devote the time to this wonderful team that they deserve. I have been MIA a lot lately due to a computer crash and the change in barns.

I feel better knowing that I now have time to do what I need to do without the guild of knowing I am neglecting a section of my responsibilities.

My eating habits have changed drastically. I have noticed that in the last couple of weeks. I am not eating to be eating, and am getting picky in what I will eat. If I don't want anything that's available for a meal, I won't eat, and will find something I want or is more suitable. This is a HUGE change from "It's noon, it's time to eat!" point of view. I am also beginning to see this person in some mirrors that I don't always recognize as me. It's cool.

I am continuing to work out, ride, and quilt. It's almost time to drive to Sonoita for a ride. It'll be chilly, but a lot of fun. We're headed into a 5-day riding clinic this weekend, and I can guarantee you that Falcao and I will be puddles by the time it's over. We'll both need time off!

Take care my friends. There is no harm in putting yourself first. There is not harm in proritizing your responsibilities, and shedding some to give yourself time to maintain a beautiful you. THIS has been the hardest lesson to learn.

I am staying with SP, but only as a regular member like most of you. Thanks, y'all for your support so far!!!

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GRANNYSUE9 12/11/2009 11:06PM

    Beth, you have done a wonderful job as leader of the 50+ team and you have done a lot for me and for everyone here. You defintely deserve some time for yourself. You have always given great advice and been willing to give the kick in the backside when I have needed it. Enjoy your time and your riding. Just keep in touch and let us know how things are going for you. We will be here for you if you need us.

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VOLLMELD 12/11/2009 7:50PM

    Beth, Thahks for all of the support you have given me in the last couple of years. I really appreciated it.
Good luck with your riding and hopefully we will hear from you from time to time.

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QWANDER 12/9/2009 10:25PM

    How true you are Beth and putting yourself first and also on the eating because you are hungry and not because it is noon. I applaud you on making good decisions.. and happy to have your post.. happy riding

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T42AND24T 12/9/2009 2:22PM

    Good luck, Beth - you've made the right decision!

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FRECKS96 12/9/2009 1:35PM

    Congrats on your decision to put yourself first! It is so important to remember that we need to be here for ourselves. Good Luck on this next step of your journey.

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