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Monday blues

Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday already and the weekend was a blur!!! Both of the kids are out of town so I took my hubby out for dinner last night and went off my diet - but I didn't stray too far of course!!

Started a quilt for my friends daughter. She graduated with my son this year and I wanted to do something special for her. It was really fun picking out the material. I'll have the top together by this weekend. I need to really start quilting on it by next week. Have to have it finished by the end of Aug when she goes east to college. I really could do a couple more quilts this year for kids too, but I'll just have to wait and see how quickly I get this one done.

Other than going out to eat last ngiht - I really stayed pretty good on my eating plan. Tried to dirnk a lot of water during the day - didn't get as much drunk as I wanted to, but did drink quite a bit.

Weight this morning was up a lb - but I know that it was from last night and that should come off pretty quick. I'll weigh in again on Wed and see how things are doing. Only worked out 3 times last week, but that's a start! We do the stadium step at the football field. Now that's a workout. Really works the legs!!! We go three times a week there and should start body weight resistance exercises at least 2 days. Still I'm down from last Monday 1 lb. I'll take it.


Wed the 13th

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Well I tlaked to my husband last night and just asked him what he was doing on Thursday. He told me what he had done and I really htink our daughter was mistaken (but of course I will pay very close attention to things). I think I belive him right now. Anyway I'm going to go on right now believing him. We had a good night last night. We talked about some things that we hadn't talked about in a long time. He shared some things with me that he needed to - so it really worked out. I'm just going to have to talk with him when I'm feeling scared.

Stayed on my diet - lost another half of a pound. YES!! Need to lose 7.5 more to met my 1st goal of 10 lbs. I'm really not having any trouble during the day or evenings right now. I do dread the weekend - he tends to say "lets go out tonight" I'll just have to try to eat right.


1st entry

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Trying to lose some weight and keep from being so depressed. I think my husband is still seeing someone else and it really hurts. He started his "affair" a year ago and I found out about it. He said it was over (3 times now), but last week our daughter saw him going down the road with someone in the car while I was out of town. I am not going to start eating again to ease the pain (besides I just felt sick).

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BAYCORNER 6/12/2007 5:12PM

    Wow. What a tough spot you are in. Matter of fact, I have been there, years ago. A book that really helped me is by D James Dobson, Love Must Be Tough. Get it. Blessings.

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