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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So remember that job I hated so much?

I told my temp agent that my last day will be next week Friday. She'll handle the rest.

I feel like a quitter...but considering the fact that they will NEVER hire me, what's the point of staying there? Also, there have been 5....no, 6, temps and all that's left are me and this one other girl. One of the people that quit ran away crying when she was continually harassed about a simple mistake she made. That's how my supervisor is. She'll make you feel like you're crap. I was fine with her before but things have just been getting worse since EVERYONE but 2 people quit. We have new people, but who knows how long they'll last? The one guy is already getting impatient with her. He asked her a question today and she didn't answer it. She just explained something else.

She did that to me today, too, but worse: I asked her a question about a particular account and she said, why do you even need to know that? You should know this kind of account by now.

Yeah. That happened in email.

I still couldn't get the answer so I responded with what I assumed the answer was. So frustrating. "Why do you need to know that?" Well, first of all, it's my job, and, second of all, would you rather have me make a mistake? O_o

I just needed to get out. I've put up with her for quite a while. The worst part is that it has really effected my health. As you can tell, I can't seem to focus on losing weight due to stress, but I've also been experiencing back pain, which I've NEVER had a problem with before. I don't want to be the mean person this job has made me into, as per my sister. Also, it has made me become distant from God. I still tithe and read my Bible, but I've been missing church! I LOVE church! D= The only good thing about that job was that I could see Melissa, my awesome friend that I've known since before high school. I feel as though I'm abandoning her in that place, but I'm sure I have made the right decision. If not, then it'll all work out in the end.

Please help me pray that it will. I just feel so irresponsible right now, what with no new job lined up.

Well, wish me luck to get through the week that's left. This is the first time I have made such a huge decision. Please, God, let me know beyond a shadow of a doubt that what I did was right, and save the sanity of all those who feel like they are stuck there. Amen.

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QUIDDITCHWITCH 6/24/2010 10:55PM

    Thank you! It means a lot. =D

The more I think about it the more I am convinced that I did the right thing.

The most important factor was that there was absolutely no opportunity for advancement. One temp was there for over 6 months and they showed absolutely no interest in hiring her. So it was a good move to get out after just under 3 months. It would be sensible to have another job lined up first, but, as I seem to keep telling everyone, I just couldn't take it anymore.

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MRE1956 6/24/2010 9:14AM

    Best of luck to you....

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BILL60 6/23/2010 9:51PM

    Hang tough and the best on your next job.

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World Cup!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Watching some of yesterday's games that I had recorded. Won't say anything about the games just in case anyone doesn't want to know. If I have a game recorded I don't like to know the score till I watch it.

I tried to watch as much as I could this weekend but there was a pretty bad storm that knocked Lara's cable out till just before the first game of the day was over. Luckily, I was able to catch 2 of the three games. =D Granted, none of the games I caught really interested me that much, but it was something!

I started watching the World Cup since it was in Germany in 2006. I was on summer break from college so I made a point of watching EVERY. SINGLE. GAME.

Even when we were getting the carpet shampooed, I think I made myself an island on the couch and fell in love with Italy as the guy doing the rug commented on the game in a Polish accent.

When they had the games playing at the same time, I recorded one so that I could watch it later.

I'd always been a fan of European football but this sealed its place in my heart and made it so that I'd never miss the World Cup again.

I was keeping up pretty well with watching every game in the beginning for THIS World Cup, but since I've got a 40 hour work week, that's just not possible. I've been recording the games but there's just not enough time.
Italy was so amazing. When they played, I couldn't take my eyes off of them. (I have to make the observation that they aren't exactly doing their best this time around....hope that didn't spoil anything for anyone.)

I understand why a lot of people think it's a boring game. It is not for the impatient, and, let's face it, who really is in today's day and age?

I'm watching the Brazil/Ivory Coast game now. Gotta go! I love me some Brazil! XD

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SIMPLE_TAILOR 7/20/2010 3:25PM

    You should work for a foreign company. I was working for a Mexican company at the time and the big conference room got taken over when Mexico was playing.

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Going to my old hooome....

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm going to visit a friend in my college town! I lived there for four years. I really miss it sometimes. I'm really glad that I'll get to see Lara before she goes to Japan! =D I still need to save up tons of money so that I can visit her in Japan......well, I think I'm about a quarter of the way there....for the ticket alone. ^__^;

I am not on a diet. I am drinking root beer at the moment....

Haven't really been watching what I eat but I walk during my lunch hour with Melissa. Usually around 3000 steps. At least it's something! =D


Out of sight, out of stomach!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Thank you to everyone for the encouragement. It helps to know that I'm not alone.

I will try to do better. When I do something that I think is bad, it could lead to something good. Doesn't mean I should eat that much next time, or whatever, but the fact that it happened just makes it part of my journey.

I make mistakes. But I certainly should start learning from them and seriously studying them rather than just saying I'll do better next time.

So what did I learn about my habits today:

If something is in front of me, I'll eat it. If it tastes good, I'll eat it ALL.

Problem: I know I should stop, but I don't.

Analysis/Excuse: I don't like wasting food so I convince myself that no one else will eat it or it is better than it being in the trash.

Solution: Just throw it out. If you REALLY don't want to throw it out, do everything in your power to feed it to someone else. Another solution would be to always prepare small amounts of food or put the rest in the fridge BEFORE I start eating. Out of sight, out of stomach. XD

My brain is really logical so logging things in a way that promotes problem solving just might help.


Where's my cat?

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Just a random thought. She's probably sleeping upstairs. XD

Speaking of animals, I should let my dog out.

Noooow back to something relevant to the purpose of this blog. I've been pretty much ruining my diet every day. I'm just not serious about it.

Today I went to the mall and almost got Coldstone Creamery ice cream. I suppose I should be proud of myself for resisting. And I am. I really wanted it. Then I got home and had a donut with vanilla ice cream on it....and chocolate syrup.

Donut sunday!! It was good. Really good. Why do I keep sabotaging myself every day? Now I'm all about data and logic so when it comes to psychology...I get a little frustrated.

It's a simple formula. All I need to do is resist urges. Why do all my resistance switches turn off when it comes down to it? Sometimes they stay on but then....poof. Like they never existed. I know I've got some will power. I gave up pizza this year and I haven't had a bite of it so far and the year's nearly half gone.

So I'm proud of that. But staying away from pizza seems to only make me try to overcompensate. Is this really some sort of anti-trigger? Isn't that a ridiculous idea? I've heard of trigger foods but an anti-trigger food?

Pizza can be really healthy but I know if I started eating it again then I would go for the take out option.

I don't know what to do. I don't think I ever did.

Maybe forget dieting and focus on trying to work out?

Easier said than done. I'll work on it.

Still not weighing myself. Maybe I should. I know I've gained instead of lost.

Again, motivation is key.

What have you used as motivation that has worked?

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ADYLEIGH 6/9/2010 11:46AM

    What is this journey worth to you? what is your ultimate goal? Now simplify it and make smaller goals. When you reach those goals reward yourself (doesn't always have to be food). Like jones91292 said, this is a life style, this needs to be your new life, how you operate. It won't be easy, but really what is. Just make conscious decisions. Everything is a choice, some are just better than others. And there is no point beating yourself up because that can be counter-productive. Don't deny yourself anything, just balance it (healthy food the rest of the day, exercising, etc.)
Small steps. Good luck and sorry for all the tired cliches.

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JONES91292 6/9/2010 12:03AM

    Make it a life choice not a diet. Then you can have those things you want in moderation. Have a small at cold stones. Don't deny yourself those things, but stay within your calories and work out. If you deny yourself then life becomes a big No instead of a yes. Take away the temptation and make it a life style not a diet. A diet means once I reach my goal I will go back to the old way of eating, but like our Christian life, that way of think can lead back down a road we weren't meant to be on in the first place. You can do it.

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