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Today's Spinning Song:

Thursday, September 10, 2009

"No Parking on the Dance Floor" by Midnight Star

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KJNE8O 9/10/2009 3:18PM

    LOL - I have this one!

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JOPAPGH 9/10/2009 8:50AM

    Funkilicous, vocoder and all!

How bout The Bar Kays "Shake Your Rump to the Funk"?

Or "I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor" by the Arctic Monkeys

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10285115CS 9/10/2009 8:15AM

  never heard of that song.

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Trust the process, part 2

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

*waves* This whole resting thing is really hard to put into practice! Life has gotten super-busy though, so it's been easier to force myself not to go to the gym.

I didn't do my lunch run today (helped with lunch for our board meeting and ethics training) and I'm not going to run at lunch tomorrow.

Just writing that out makes me feel a bit wibbly and queasy because that seems like a lot of calories not being burned. :(

Must.trust.the.process. I do not need to "make up" those workouts; if I gain a pound or two, that is OKAY.

Also, trying not to flail. My face and skin are broken out something fierce and I'm not sure why. The usual things (eating more oatmeal & wheat germ, taking my vitamins) are not helping immediately, and I'm trying to only work with one possible solution at a time. So I'm going to keep on with the diet first, not change my skin care routine for another week. I swear I never had trouble like this even in high school!

Still working on giving up diet soda, which has been both hard in the extreme and suprisingly easy. Possibly because I've not weaned myself off caffiene yet. Aha! Next on the list is artificial sweetners...then caffiene.

I may jump off a cliff, but I'm going to give it my all.

Started reading Jillian Michaels' "Master Your Metabolism," and I think she's slowly bringing me onboard. I am never impressed with the "OMGPANIC! Everything you eat is bad for yooou!" tone of most "diet" books, but I like the hormone charts (even if some of them, ESPECIALLY the chart on insulin, are misleading at best) and some of the advice so far.

I also just finished "Spent" by Dr. Frank Lipman, in the same vein, although with an emphasis on mental relaxation and reducing toxic stressors in general. Both books recommended very similar things though, which is encouraging.

Finally, to end this little brain dropping - I saw Jack LaLanne on TV (I know! Me watching TV?! The world *is* ending!) and wow - he's 94 years old and still crooning like a teen idol. His quote, I think I might adopt it as my mantra: "If a man made it, don't eat it."

Words to live by, I think. :)

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SUPERDUPER26 9/10/2009 5:18PM

    I did a month of no artificial sweeteners, and I decided that was enough for me. I think its good to know WHERE they hide, but I found I was making really stupid substitutions to avoid them, and for the most part I'm better off just being mindful and not necessarily avoiding them. That being said though, if you find any gum without artificial sweeteners let me know, my biggest problem was no afternoon gum!
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DANCINGCAROL 9/9/2009 11:08PM

    Nice post. With regard to skin, I have very sensitive skin which can break out at the drop of a hat. For example, my boyfriend purchased a new sunscreen from Neutregena, which is a great brand. I used it and had pimples all over my arms by the morning. Not a rash, but really- pimples - and where I never get them. One would think that by discontinuing that product they would rapidly disappear. Nope. They hung on for weeks. Also, if I spend a lot of time in a pollution-filled city, for example, I sometimes break out in zits. Also setting me off: stress, hormones, sleeplessness. Exercise or a sweat in a sauna is always great for my skin. Hope you can figure out what is causing your situation...I know it's a frustrating thing to deal with.

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BILLALEX70 9/9/2009 9:02PM

    Good blog D.

I've slowed down a bit here in the past couple weeks as well. Not sure why, but I just have that lazy feeling. Much like you, I'm still staying active, but not like an exercise pace.

Sometimes a break in the action is just what the body needs to recharge.

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Today's Running Song:

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

"Is It Any Wonder" by Keane

Kind of a slower paced song, but the tempo underneath is very good for those hills and long, slow days.


Today's Running Song:

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

"Solsbury Hill" by Peter Gabriel

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    Do you have a link, Jen? I don't have an iPod but I certainly listen to good podcasts!

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JENONTHEROX 9/9/2009 12:40AM

    mmm covers!

do you both listen to the Coverville podcasts? :)

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JOPAPGH 9/8/2009 10:04PM

    Thumbs up for their cover of "Satisfaction" too!

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    Have you heard Devo's cover of "Head Like a Hole"? Most excellent.

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JOPAPGH 9/8/2009 6:30PM

    Devo's version of "Working in a Coalmine"

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Today's Running Song:

Monday, September 07, 2009

"Touch Me" by The Doors

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JOPAPGH 9/7/2009 3:58PM

    Love the horn bits.

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