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Out to lunch success

Thursday, May 31, 2012

My friend came today to help plan our backpacking trip that we are taking in July. She offered to take me out to lunch, but was sensitive to my trying to eat well and chose Applebee's for their 550 menu. I actually ordered a sirloin steak and really liked it (even though I'm opposed to beef in general). I still have plenty of calories for dinner, so I count it as a success!


New system of rewards

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I was out walking yesterday and started to think over what kind of reward system would work for myself. They haven't usually worked in the past because I either can live without the reward and would rather just have the food, or I'd just get myself the reward if I wanted it badly enough.

I decided that I'm going to try money.

The system goes like this.

1. If I stay in my calorie range (1200-1400) AND meet my exercise goal for the week (burn 2800 calories), I get $30 for that week.

2. If I either mess up one day OR miss my calorie burn by up to 500 calories, but keep logging and trying, I get $20.

3. If I mess up on calories AND miss my calorie burn by up to 500 (OR go over on calories twice, but meet my burn amount, I get $15. But, only if I log everything and keep trying.

4. Even if I overeat all week and/or don't exercise enough or at all, as long as I log everything, I get $10.

My list of things I'm going to want are: a new bathing suit, some new clothes, a winter trip to the U.P. to see the ice caves.


Trying not to make the same mistake twice

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Last time I was on Spark, I lost 43 pounds. I was really happy about the loss. Then I had a major emotional trauma. I started to gain weight, but I was still fighting and exercising. The kicker was when I injured my ankle running. I tried to keep exercising in whatever way didn't cause too much pain. The result was that I injured my ankle to the point of being on crutches for a while. Fatigue set in as I gained weight. It has taken me a little over three years to really buckle into the work of losing all that weight again plus some. I've been up and down about 20 pounds in that time, but I'm finally below 170 which is now the lowest weight I've been in three years. That's exciting to me!

The thing I'm trying not to repeat is that I unknowingly hurt my knee on Sunday (or even in my sleep). I haven't exercised for two days trying not to exacerbate the injury. I'm going to the gym tonight because I think the straight forward and back motion of the elliptical will be fine. If not, I'll just sit and read The China Study while my husband exercises. Just really don't want to reinjure!

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QUETZALGIRL 3/8/2011 5:01PM

  Thank you! I have continued exercising this week and haven't had problems. I'm pretty happy about that.

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HEALTHYBARB1 3/8/2011 4:36PM

    You should be proud of your weight loss and continue to learn and to grow toward a healthier you one day at a time. Hope you are able to continue to exercise soon and heal quickly from your knee issues! Appreciate you sharing your struggles and successes. Smiles Barb

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I couldn't wait

Monday, February 21, 2011

I just had to try the p90x plio workout and MAN was it great! I know I'm gonna be sore tomorrow having done the shoulders and arms workout as well. Can't wait. Also, need to get to bed right about now as the kids are off school tomorrow for one more day. I need to keep up with them.


Sore today

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Well, I guess I did work some muscles yesterday because I'm sore today. It feels good in a way and I'm excited to exercise today so that's good. Other than that, I feel really lazy. I don't want to get moving around the house to do the things I normally do each day. I think I'm a little burned out from a hectic schedule and need to think a little bit about what things I can do to help me relax and focus again.

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HOPEFULHIPPO 2/19/2011 12:49PM

    don't you hate it when you are too sore to walk stairs or go potty? LOL

Keep it up, the soreness subsides within days..

see you tomorrow as we keep pushin play!!! emoticon

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