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Happy Feet

Friday, January 01, 2010

Several of my new friends on SP have commented on my blog about buying new shoes to usher in the new year and my new SP program. In a way it felt like self indulgence, but good shoes are so important, especially as we get older. I have always promised myself that I would quit teaching before becoming a cranky, burned out teacher. I lived through too many of them. Comfortable shoe while working on cement flooring, really helps keep my feet, hips, and back healthy and comfortable. I can be a relaxed, happy, cheerful, and humorous teacher.

I wear my Reebok EasyTones around the house and out walking. I am already feeling the toning and they are remarkably cushioning.

I am planning to wear my Easy Spirits at work. These are the new antigravity - they have a lot of extra cushioning.

Both pairs have lots of room for my pesky bunion emoticon

There is nothing like a good pair of shoes (or two) to keep me motivated to keep moving and keep smiling.

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PUDLECRAZY 1/2/2010 8:03AM

    Mary, Mary, Mary! Six years?! You deserve new shoes! I got my Easy Spirits at the Easy Spirit store which is in my local mall. They are on sale nationally so this is a good time to buy them Other stores carry Easy Spirit - check their web site for the store finder feature. I got my Reeboks at The Finish Line. Lady Footlocker was out of them.

New shoes for the new year - you go, Mary!

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MARY1313 1/2/2010 1:28AM

    And that is something that I am going to do too! You are my inspiration. I have been working out and walking in the same shoes for about 6 years. Probably doing all kinds of bad things to my back and hips! I deserve a comfortable shoe! Where did you get your easy spirits?


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AQUAJANE 1/1/2010 12:20PM

    Happy New Year! Yup, good shoes are more a necessity than an indulgence. Skimping by wearing my old ones too long probably contributed to my plantar fascitis last summer, which reduced my exercise onto a downward spiral for months. Glad too that you found brands that fit your feet. Mine are narrow, so Rockport's usually best, though I also have good hiking shoes from Asolo and Merrell. Now I just gotta go out and hike! emoticon

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A New Year!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ushering a new year and a new decade. I went shopping today - bought Easy Spirit anti gravity shoes to make walking on cement floors all day at work more comfortable, and new exercise pants, as my old ones are ratty and uninspiring. Not that buying things makes my goals come true, but having comfortable workout gear definitely helps the cause.

My actual physical therapy sessions are over, but the work of rehabilitating my hip and back is not. I am very happy with the results of 8 weeks of hard work with my PT exercises, and that is very motivating to keep going and add on my old exercise program.

Happy New Year, my friends!

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MUSIC4ME 1/1/2010 10:50AM

    As a person with ankle issues, I so agree! :) Good shoes make all the difference, and my momma swears by those Easy Spirit shoes....that's ALL she wears. She used to wear whatever brand was on sale, and not really care about her shoes, as long as they were white (for her job), but after she developed heel spurs, and a bunion the year of my wedding, a few months after I married, she had surgery on her feet, and her doctor recommended she try Easy Spirit shoes. She did, although they were a lot more than she was used to paying for shoes, and she said she'll never wear anything else. :) She said it sure does make her life alot easier, being on her feet all day, working in an elementary cafeteria. :)
REB :)

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MARY1313 1/1/2010 2:36AM

    So important to have good shoes, especially walking on concrete! it's so bad on the back. Good for you looking forward to your goals!


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End of Physical Therapy - Yay!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I am very pleased today! I have been having PT to rehabilitate after a very painful ilia - sacral injury. This was my last day (after 8 weeks) of physical therapy, so the physical therapist remeasured my hip and leg flexibility. She was astonished at my recuperation, and actually, so was I. I started out with very limited range of motion, with extreme tightness and pain. Today my flexibility measurements were exceptional in the opposite direction - much better range of motion that average. I believe that years of practicing yoga contributed to my excellent recovery; not just prior flexibility, but also the practice of relaxing into stretches rather than forcing them.

The pain has really decreased, but is not completely gone. I am hoping that continuing my PT program, getting back to my regular walking, and doing yoga daily, that eventually the pain will dissipate completely. I feel very motivated to keep working on my hip and back strength and flexibility.


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