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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

So excited to start this new program..always been a fan of Chalene so when they announce this new program I was ready to jump on it.
what I expect from it? really simple get more flexible, tone up and strengthen my core and lose some weight...still 30 lbs overweight so hopefully I can get this weight off and honestly I think that changing the pace of my programs would be fun I just finish third round of T25, and all this jumping around started to affect my feet and knees so I think I'll give it a break.
So here we go:

initial weight :172.4lb
Chest : 35 in
Waist: 27 in
Hips: 38 in
Thigh: 20 in
Calf: 13 in
Body Fat: 20.8 %

Last night I did PIYO Align: the fundamentals. I think it was a really good way to start the program, a step by step explanation of the poses and what's important to maintain, she goes explaining each pose and the different levels of modification, and I got the chance to go slowly and correct my posture and feel the poses and movements the right getting excited about this program and what it has to offer... as for the meal plan I think I like the freedom it gives very much like the 21 day fix, only thing is like I fall in the higher side of the calorie intake so that it scares me a bit, but I will give it a try and modify as needed.

PIYO Day 2 Define: Lower was a challenging not crazy challenging but enough to make my legs shaky and break a sweat, as calories burned not as much according to my HRM (96 calories) but I spent most of the time in the fat burning zone (51%), definitely is a change of pace compared to the other programs I have done but what I like so far is that she breaks the moves down really good

PIYO day 3 define:upper body: what can I say the best 18 min of the day... my triceps are on fire and my core was screaming, predicting great results with this workout, at the end of it I was dripping sweat like crazy

PIYO day 4:Sweat: the name of this one It sure is a real match for what she puts you through .... a booming 382 Cal and not a single and hubby looked like if just took a shower... had to stop here and there to pay attention to the moves and got confused during the warrior 3 part (by the way zero balance here especially when your mat is slippery LOL) so I guess as I get better at it I'll burn even more
On a side note I'm so sore from the previous 2 ... I guess I'm falling in love ..even my eating is started to clean up little by little

PIYO day 5 : Define:Lower body . I got a bit "easier" to follow and definitely felt it on my hamstrings and thighs....the stretches and the work in the lower part of the core .. burned 140 cal 53% cal fat so pushing more on my self

PIYO Day 6:weighted my self ... gained 1 lb (got to stop with the cheating if I want results...nobody else to blame but me) felt sore all over my body which I liked...we went to Six Flags so we walked all day long, it was really fun

PIYO Day 7: was supposed to do PIYO upper but we end-up not doing it...we were exhausted and my stepdaughter fell sleep in the living room (A.K.A workout area) but we did the color run in the morning and stayed all morning just jumping and running around so it counts.

PIYO Day 8: Sweat: Last nights sweat what an awesome workout...still stumbling with the warrior 3 pose but trying my best to hold it...I noticed I have more balance on my right leg than on my left leg, doing it a second time around didn't have to stop as much to check what is she doing so i can focus more on my own form.

PIYO Day 9: Define Lower: OMG leg soreness today, did this one last night and feeling it since...getting more comfortable with the moves and the transitions, which makes it better every time,because the more comfortable you get with the moves the easier it is to push yourself and the more you sweat.

PIYO Day 10: Core : It looks like a perfect workout for your abs but to be honest i didn't push my self as much...might be because it was the first time and I was trying to understand what was she doing...nevertheless some of the moves you could feel your abs and basically your core working...the curtsy lunge with the crunjavascript: crunch was a complete test for my balance and the side plank with crunches at the end was really time I will do better

PIYO day 11: Define: Upper body: this time around i did the pike crunches on my feet didn't modified and omg my obliques were on fire...also got better at the crow push up ...this is short but really sweet...feeling it in all my biceps and triceps

PIYO day 12: Rest day for the program, so i got time to do my boxing bootcamp and take my first BJJ class, it was an awesome experience, totally out of my comfort zone but awesome all the way around

PIYO DAY 13 : Sweat: every time i do this workout I get even more surprised as how much sweat drips out of my body....267 cal in only 30 min.... moves get easier to follow therefore I can push my self even more....also finding that my balance is getting much better with each workout
Weighted myself this morning and lost 2.4lbs this week alone (hubby lost 5lbs!!!! he's static)

PIYO Day 14: core: getting better at those piyo pikes and really feeling my abs on fire with that session of scissor legs, burned 150 cal (50% fat cal) according to my polar...i can't believe how much I can sweat with this program and still no jumping around... loving PIYO!!!!

PIYO Day 15: Upper Body: in order to keep a good accountability I have to be honest...didn't do a dentist appointment and go home late planning on doing it on the rest day or as a double with another workout...eating wise I gave in to my fave arroz con gandules and pernil...didn't eat as much still it is over my calorie to behave the rest of the week

PIYO Day 16: Buns: legs shaking and on fire....different level of squats plus the skater and the floor work, i'm feeling it every where in my lower body...major sweat pouring from everywhere 237 cal burned (53%cal fat)
I even feel my buns tighter

PIYO Day 17: Core: still intense, now i can actually do the piyo pikes without modification...working on my form so i don't put all the weight on my shoulder but definitely getting better at this...obliques so sore and actually i feel sore everywhere.
Love the program

PIYO Day 18: Lower body: this week it seems that my body is in constant soreness ever since buns....I was feeling this in my hamstrings like never before, pigeon was a much needed relieve, the down dog split my legs were feeling like if they weighted a ton...sweat pouring on my arms, legs, face... food wise trying to keep it close to the guidelines, not perfect but doing my best

PIYO Day 19: Rest: well today was a non piyo program day...which is perfect because I can do my boxing bootcamp class...and today was incredible, I am getting better at it, my form and punches are stronger and when I sparred with the instructor I am not as afraid as I was at the beginning

PIYO Day 20: Sweat: today was really an awesome day, got to spend quality time walking in downtown Manhattan with my kids and my stepdaughter and then home to a nice sweaty workout....loving it even more each day, got to push harder next time to increase calorie burned but for the rest it was a really good one this time around

PIYO day 21: Strength intervals:OMG I was in love with the pain in this workout...i could feel it working on my total body from minute 1....about to cry during the sumo / lunges but all good for my legs...skaters are hard!!!!! just how i like it...short but really intense

PIYO Day 22: Sweat: ok so seriously who thought of scheduling this one the day after Strength intervals? I felt my legs were about to spontaneously explode, especially during the power session, I was seriously feeling the burned, balance getting much better on my left side (that's my weak side) so i was happy with I feel like I could still use a good nap and believe it or not legs still feel shaky, as far as cal burn 287 precious cal left my body

PIYO Day 23: Core and Hardcore on the floor: Did this workout in the morning today because last night I was feeling so sick and dizzy i was not in the mood for this morning I manage to do both not back to back of course and what I found out was that I like the hardcore better, I don't know why but even though it is tougher I was able to follow her more easily with the moves, I love the beast combination and I'm so sure I will feel it tomorrow.

As for Core pushing my self a bit more with the piyo pedals and the piyo pikes, less modification with each passing day

Total calories burned almost 450 cal

PIYO Day 24: Buns: this one doesn't matter how many times you do it legs feel like about to fall, what a fire on the thighs and hamstrings, the first part is a total fat burning killer session...I love it... maybe ext time i'll be bold enough and use ankle weights

PIYO Day 25: Drench: it honors its name, what a sweat feast...if you think that sweat is hard, wait till you do the way it's designed, starts with the regular warm up, passing to push ups and a short heat wave then it works your legs just in time to go to the power session and then the flow session (this was my hubby's least favorite part because he's not fond of yoga), this was my favorite part i totally love it specially the piyo plank, you can feel all your body working and finishing with stretch and strength... in total I burned 376 cal in 48 minutes...and that's doing it without intensity because I was learning the moves

PIYO Day 27: Strength Intervals: this one I did Saturday, right after I came back home from an almost 4 hrs walk in Central Park and Midtown...legs feeling the burned in every muscle that I had and I'm so glad I did it

PIYO Day 28: Sweat: that was Sunday but that day I went to the movies with my daughter and just decided that walk around the city was equally fun, plus my workout partner A.K.A hubby was at the Yankee's game and came back home pretty late, anyways I really enjoyed that unexpected day off, my body really needed it

PIYO Day 29: Sculpt: OHHH my legs, if I don't end up with the best legs that I ever dreamed of I don't know ... burn burn burn, lunges, bowler lunges, sumo squats, then those triangle push ups and tricep push ups, my tiny arms looked like jello during this session, 28 min of pure torture, but totally worth every single second of it

PIYO DAY 30: Sweat: ok so here i go again...after a break of some weeks of piyo (stepdaughter visiting from college so we spent as much time as we could with her) I'm back on the wagon (my only workout was the spartan lunge challenge..but hey something is better than nothing) and hubby decided to re-start month 2 so today is day 30 of Piyo: sweat: I felt like I was dying, at the end got really dizzy so i had to modify the moves but I finished, burned 330 cal and now I feel accomplished

PIYO DAY 31:Core: Facing this one again was totally painful but fun, I can focus more on form and I can feel my abs contracting and working. I know I am going to feel it tomorrow, still need to work on my balance during the PIYO punters.
Now I am just feeling super sore on my shoulders and biceps I guess it's all those downward dogs and planks.

PIYO DAY 32: Drench: to be honest with this diary...didn't do it, I had a really bad day at work and my head was pounding so I just decided to skip it and take a break

PIYO DAY 33: Buns: OMG, what a legs were feeling about to break, I was sweating like crazy and still amazes me because honestly is like zero jumping involved
I love how my clothes are fitting and I'm trying to avoid the scale all together, still my number 1 struggle is eating healthy but I'm trying, I'm taking it one day at a time

PIYO DAY 34: Strength Intervals: who told her this is nice? my legs were like what the heck is going on....are you trying to kill us?but I pushed passed the point of pain and finished...happily it was only 20 minutes workout, and prep the food for the next day...this week I'll stick to my meal plan as close as i possible can do it

PIYO DAY 36:Drench: still can't make myself to do this one...I got to spoiled with the 30 minute workouts that i just don't like the hour long ones...but hey I did PIYO upper body and I really felt it and made me feel better after a really bad day at wise I did good (except for the oreo cookies I ate at dinner) burned 198 cal

PIYO DAY 37: Core: Ohhh my abs they hurt so good and bad, the crisscross part makes my upper, lower and obliques feel like they are on fire, the PIyo punter is getting easier to do and now I can actually see my foot when I look over my shoulder and do the kick, piyo pikes getting better, burned 178 cal and food wise I did pretty good I might say

PIYO DAY 38: Buns: this one gets me every time, my legs feel like they are so numb i can't even feel them, the good thing is that I'm getting my booty a bit more hard and lift every time
keep dealing with my eating issues and trying to do the best I can

PIYO DAY 39: Sculpt: Seriously, what was she thinking putting this one right after the other one...great sweat but ouch my arms feel like jello, all those pushups

PIYO DAY 41: Drench: Finally I did it!!! I bit the bullet and did this one...I almost passed out, thank God for those 10 minutes of only yoga, I was about to die... 425 cal burned

PIYO DAY 43: Sculpt: I really enjoyed this workout, it helped me clear my mind a little bit, got bad news from my home country about my father and i really was in a funk .... gladly I could do this instead of stuffing my face..there it is a nsv for me

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PSAGI77 8/19/2014 10:14PM

    I stopped the program because I had my stepdaughter visiting...definitely I started to see some changes in my body,

restarted month 2 today so I'll be keeping up with my long blog and let everyone know my final results

so far I have noticed more definition on my abs, my legs and my arms and kept it despite of interrupting the program for some weeks

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THEWIFE06 8/15/2014 1:26AM

    How are you doing with it now? I'm curious for your end results!

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KOLYNNA2 8/8/2014 2:59PM

  Would love to see an update!

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PSAGI77 7/23/2014 4:58PM

    hi KY_RD79, I did T25 and honest to God that was a beast, like I always say is Insanity on steroids. an excellent program and I totally loved the energy
As for PIYO is not crazy jumpy hard on your knees workout but even though is low impact the intensity is high, she breaks the moves really good and the modifier is awesome, not a single jump and you manage to burned from 200 to almost 400 cal depending on the workout.
and the aftermath is super, you feel so sore and like all the muscles you thought you didn't have, yes you do have it.

so my advice go for it, it's a really good program

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KY_RD79 7/23/2014 4:16PM

    I have been wondering about this workout DVD and thinking of trying it. How do you compare it to T25 intensity? That was a little hard on me!

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T-25 Round 2 Beta Cycle

Monday, December 23, 2013

Goals for this time around are different. Instead of focusing on losing I'll be focusing on maintaining...Holidays are not the best time to go on a plan to lose weight, at least for me

12/23/13: Core Cardio
It was so great, I nailed it!!! gave all I got and I felt really dizzy but accomplished.

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SOKKERNUT 12/29/2013 1:05PM

    emoticon emoticon

My sister got me T25 for Christmas but it was on back-order, should be here soon and I can't wait to start it, give me short but intense workouts and I am there! emoticon

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KELLIEBEAN 12/24/2013 2:08PM

    Good plan to maintain. During the holidays!

Be careful about that getting dizzy thing!

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RSSSLHB 12/24/2013 8:28AM

    emoticon emoticon

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T-25 Round 2 Alpha Cycle

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

First I have to start saying that I totally love this program... just 25 short minutes and you work your whole body.

I forgot to blog my first round but the results I got and my husband got were amazing, he lost 35lbs from Alpha to end of Gamma and I lost 16 lbs

so now we are ready for round 2 and finally arrive to our goal of losing 50 lbs for him and 50 lbs for me ( I know, I know he is closer but this time I'll be more committed to my meal plans and reduce my cheating so fingers crossed emoticon )


Started at:

Weight: 166.2lbs
Chest: 32.5
Waist: 26
Hips: 36

Yesterday we started with Alpha you think that after finishing the program and starting all over it would be easier? think again.... I was sweating like crazy and had to stop and modify towards the end a couple of times....ohhh those squats not easy...but I did it I finished and pushed harder than the first time I did it... let's see how Speed treats me tonight

Speed 1.0 not exactly a calorie burning machine with this one, but it was ok, a lot of stretch in between cardio and stability work, definitely I will have to push harder the next time

The most terrifying one...Total body circuit was in store for me today....still I can't manage to nailed it but I know by the end of this cycle I will be able to do it without breaks..

Ab intervals done...still trying to master the V-ups that exercise makes my lower back to be careful with it


Week 1 was finished with not change, which in some way is good news, eating on my side wasn't the best so I didn't lose any weight, with that being said here we go week 2 (I consider this one a dangerous one because of Thanksgiving day but we already plan for it and we think we have everything under control.... fingers crossed tough )

11/25/13 - Alpha Cardio
I NAILED IT!!! emoticon emoticon i did it with no modifier and no breaks, I am extremely happy even tough my polar failed on me and stop working emoticon but I think I burned more calories than usual

11/26/13 - Alpha Total Body Circuit

This one still a monster, had to take some breaks and towards the end I was feeling like really out of breath...had to push myself to finish it off, still optimistic that I'll nail it one day...not to far in the future

11/27/13 Speed 1.0
Another workout nailed!!! emoticon I was able to keep up with the T-25 breaks (except for 2 seconds while taking sips of water), I'm feeling stronger each time .. preparing myself for thanksgiving tomorrow, thinking maybe I will do a couple of extra workouts to burned calories before the gathering and feast

Week 2 Finished good, I mean I didn't lose any weight but I didn't gain any weight during this big Holiday ... Thanksgiving is usually my downfall because of the food and because I realized the Holidays are here and I get really nostalgic and I start to miss my Family in Colombia

Is really hard to be by yourself in the sense of I don't have my mom and dad here nor any of my siblings and nephews and nieces and my childhood friends also are there, so despite that I have my husband and kids with me I feel kind of like if a piece of the puzzle is missing.... that's when I usually turn to food to comfort my I'm trying really hard to control that...


12/2/13 : Total Body Circuit
Still a hard one but I kind of getting the rhythm of it, it wasn't bad at all today, plus I did the holiday challenge from Shaun T and a couple of other challenges from another place...feeling much better than I did during the Holiday break

12/3/13 : Speed 1.0
I NAILED SPEED 1.0!!!!!!!!! and I feel amazing about it!!!
On a side note one of the bosses at my work today came to my desk and said "OK Paula, I'm reporting for duty" and I was like huhhh??? and he said that someone told him that if he wanted to lose weight I was the person to go...I felt pretty good about it...kind of like a little bit of pride about myself and I said OK...this is what you have to do and gave him a few points and a little challenge to start him up with fitness

12/4/13 : Lower Focus
Lower Focus done last night, it was a really killer workout my legs are going to look great after all this squats LOL... also I finished the Holidayedge challenge that Shaun T organized and the plank challenge and cardio challenge from facebook

12/5/13: Alpha Cardio
Did alpha cardio last night, for some reason it was really hard to focus this time... hopefully I can focus and give my 100% to TBC and Ab intervals tonight

I guess I feel so out of focus because I'm still homesick...the holidays can make a number in my mind.

12/6/13: Total Body Circuit + Ab Intervals
this killer, I was sweaty and out of breath by the end of Total body cardio...then to face the fury of the V sit ups and more squats and that pyramid at the end Ohhh Lord, but it was totally worth it, I felt like I was coming back to my regular self and I regain the control and focus of my workouts

In general this past week with his ups and downs was pretty good, food wise I wasn't cheating as much as I use to so the scale rewarded me with a nice 3 lbs of weight loss emoticon emoticon
Now onto starting Week 4 with full strength


12/9/13: Cardio
Totally nailed it!!! and it felt so great

Last week wasn't a very good week for me, I caught a bad cold so doing the workouts wasn't an option...still I managed to lose 1 lb

Week 5

12/16/13: Total Body Circuit
I still have a cold plus my throat is so sore but managed to do this one, I did the best I could and I even think that when I finished I felt a bit better... I also started to do the 5 day meal plan and see how much can I lose this week, I want to be able to reach my goal for this month of 10 lbs

Sorry I didn't post more often last week, with the whole holiday hustle it's been crazy...

Goals have change for this time around and instead of losing I think I'll focus more in maintaining my weight so here we go

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MBEEMOM 11/25/2013 3:00PM

    Wow! What terrific progress for you and your husband. Your results are inspirational!

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PSAGI77 11/19/2013 10:59AM

    VEGIBIKER, T-25 is a new program from beachbody, the correct name would be Focus T-25, his creator is Shaun T from's an awesome program short and "sweet" to the point, you have no breaks, and it has a modifier, also month 2 (Beta cycle) includes some weights, and month 3 (gamma cycle) every move incorporates weights

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JUNA89 11/19/2013 10:16AM

    emoticon WAY.....TO.......GO!!!!!! emoticon Work Guys! emoticon

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VEGIBIKER 11/19/2013 9:41AM

    I've never heard of this program - but I'm going to have to look it up - the results are fantastic! Way to go and keep it up!!

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What can I say, week 3 was a real struggle with myself...was just not motivated to do any of the workouts, but at the end I found my inner self or more like it the desire of not quit the program so I did it, half assed most of them but accomplished to finish my week

I'm noticing more muscle in my body and that my body is more defined, weight loss zero but still happy with the changes and mostly because I see that I can endure the exercises a bit longer with less breaks so that's an accomplish.

My goal of getting ready for this race is getting accomplished and I'll be strong enough to face the obstacles in Race Day.


Training for my first Spartan Race with Asylum - Week 2

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Week 2 started and I really felt like I kind of got the hang of this but I guess it gets harder every time which is a good thing though, that means I'm pushing my self harder every workout.

new workouts this week Game day and Relief. Game day is a beast he took all the known and unknown sports and made a workout out of them no rest in between, great workout even though I thought I was going to die, well I feel that way with this whole program LOL, but this one is hard, it just showed me that still I'm not a physical athlete but hell I felt like one.

Relief is just muscles were really enjoying all those stretches and breathing and just not jumping I love it.

This week didn't went for a run (shame on me), was to tired and just didn't do it...

Weight wise I didn't lose any pounds but didn't gain either, I'll control my food better this week so at least I can lose 1 lb.


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