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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Duh! I just noticed I could write up to 3 blog posts a day, for 3 points!


( need better reading glasses. Or more sleep?).

Had a funeral to go to this afternoon. Was sad, so few people were there. But a perfectly beautiful fall day for a graveside service. Military honors were presented. This was the first time I could not hear Taps being played - the bugler was too far away from our tent. Never saw them that far away. One I went to about 15 years ago, they were just outside the tent and about blasted all of us across the street (or at least the hearing people. Or I should say, the formerly hearing people!). I could just barely hear it then.

SO I just imagined I was hearing it off a CD, even though I wasn't actually "hearing" it in person. Still managed to cry, even though I hardly know the guy (I remember his wife though - he died almost 18 years to the day of the anniversary of her death...).

Oh better hurry to do Blog 2 and 3.

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TAMIK1964 9/27/2011 5:16AM

    That is sad that so few people were there. Seems to be the way with older people. I always think about how many of their friends have also gone before them.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

"Rise of the Planet of the Apes" - got to see the captioned version today. ( ). Haven't completely wrapped my head around it... a lot of morals involved. Or lack of morals, I should say... humans treating apes with chemicals to alter their own brain make-up to where they were "almost" like humans...but they (the apes, orangatuns & gorillas in the movie) had none of the "moral systems" of humans (whether Christian, Judaism, doesn't matter - it's that innate "Spirit in Man" that *usually* has some understanding of right and wrong. I'm still trying to figure it out so I feel like I'm unarmed for a battle of wits - as this was a bit overwhelming for me, a bit mind-boggling... (plus, I didn't read the book and I really have foggy memories of the older "Planet of the Apes" series of movies from what? 1970's? 1980's? forget exactly when those came out. Doubtless, I need to a) read the book(s) and/or b) re-watch the older movies but try to get the CAPTIONED version so I could actually get a clue...

It's frustrating not really "getting" all the nuances of a movie.

Oh the other hand, I watched it with out any movie popcorn, candy, pop, none of that rot gut!


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    Good for you on the movie junk! emoticon emoticonDrex and I went to see "The Help" this weekend and loved it! We skipped the junk, too! emoticon

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New Jumping Exercise!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Went for my walk today, 2 miles in 39 minutes 50 seconds - although, by the time I got the iPhone app turned off it, was 39:52 on the app screen. I stopped a few times while walking so I'm counting it as 39 minutes. There's no way to report seconds of exercise on SP (except on the Virtual Races page.).

This evening we went to Taco Bell and so I decided all I wanted was pinto beans & cheese. I had a huge salad at lunch, and had to guesstimate what the calories was... and I had leftover rice and Quail for breakfast (from the Mediterranean restaurant earlier in the week.

So when we got read to leave to go to Taco Bell, what did we find?? about 25 of our famous "Miller Moths" (army cutworm moths) flying around our porch light. I got a flyswatter and promptly started jumping up and down smacking them down. They are "harmless" at the moth stage, but I figure every one that is smacked down is one less sexually active moth that can lay eggs later in the spring or whenever it is they do their business - which impacts wheat crops. Around here, we don't take too kindly to bugs eating up our crops... (not that any farmer really likes bugs in their crops, regardless of where in the world they live, but being as the Wichita metro is within 25-75 miles of some of the best wheat growing acreage in the state, and I know a few wheat farmers...).

Then after coming back from Taco Bell, there was a fresh new batch of Miler Moths, so the son and I spent some more time jumping and smacking them down. Kind of a wild combination of "Basketball Jones" and a tennis-like backstroke of the fly swatter to reach upwards into the gutter and under the porch eves and upper part of the garage.

Not sure that I burned a lot of calories jumping as it doesn't take long to knock 'em down (they are disoriented by the porch lights because they are looking for the moon and it's cloudy out here.). But kind of fun, in a weird way...

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PROVERBS31JULIA 9/23/2011 12:11PM

    hah I just remembered I forgot to actually report it on the tracker. Hmmm I suppose this comes under the category of creating a new exercise title. I bet SparkPeople webgurus will be scratching their heads on that one!! "what now with that strange woman!?" ha!



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M77355 9/23/2011 9:11AM

    Cute story and no trampoline needed!

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GETUP-N-GOGIRL 9/22/2011 10:14PM

    Hey! Exercise is exercise, no matter how you get it done! LOL

Great job, Julia!

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Over the weekend, I somehow found out (I've forgotten already) that RedBox has Wii games one can check out and "try before you buy". I guess there are a few others, like yours truly, who choke at the idea of paying $40 MSRP for Zumba for Wii (the entire 5 or 6 DVD set is like what, 60-80$ and includes some dumbbells or some such?). When I tried to rent it from my iPhone app, no dice - the app didn't show games (but I'm still on iPhone 3.2 OS on a 3G and so likely the latest RedBox upgrade would include showing games). So then I remembered to check it on the PC and logged in and sure enough, I could reserve it from my PC.

While there, I decided I had saved some calories and could "afford" a McDonald's chocolate shake (small). Got it into the car and GROSS! It was the most chemical tasting blob - I guess my taste buds have really gotten away from the Milkshake by Monsanto taste... high fructose corn syrup has this really ick overly sweet without being a satisfying sweet like just mere mortal sugar or honey or stevia. It was so nasty, I couldn't hardly get started drinking it - had tiny sips and each one just nastier than the previous. Drove home as fast as I legally could, went inside the house, and dumped the entire contents of the plastic cup into the toilet. It took two rounds of flushing to get it down (sorry, Wichita Water Department!). At least the saving grace was for $2.14 I got a nice plastic recyclable cup and "foam topper". Joy Joy Whooopee doo!

Or better yet, the saving grace was that I didn't have to suffer the calories for all that mess (or the morning after detoxing hangover??). Is SparkPeople having an effect on my mind??? Could it be that juicing veggies is really changing my tastebuds for the better? (and I haven't juiced nearly as much these past two or three weeks as my girlfriend has.).

Soooo then later on, not very long after I'd had the few sips of this Mutant Milkshake that I had taken, I just got this sudden headache, and got really upset with my son goofing off with his less than dedicated approach to doing his homework, plus the fact that I was not happy that I couldn't play the Wii game after I got home with it (he'd taken the Wii game and hooked it in on his desk, with this fantasy that he'll "soon" be getting a Hi Def TV/Monitor combo thing that does everything except prepare dinner and whistle the "Star Spangled Banner", but in the meantime, his junk is in front of the TV so the rest of the family can not use the Wii with the TV. That's going to change pretty soon....).

After I went off on him, I decided I better slam down a big glass of water and go for a walk. I was planning a 2.5 mile "virtual walk" to make up for not getting to the Twilight Walk in time to participate last Saturday... and as mad as I was at myself for my totally overblown reaction to DS's unwillingness to do his homework (he didn't even want to goof off by going for a walk with me, which I offered several times before I lost it with him...). So I told him I was going for a walk and depending on how I felt, it would either be a long walk or a shorter walk (no need for him to know about McDonald's Mutant Milkshake and my reaction to it.).

Took off walking and when I got done, I'd been gone just barely an hour, not quite, and my iMapMyFitness app on the iPhone said I'd gone 2.74 miles, but the mileage tracker on the map thing here on SP said I had gone 2.83 miles... so, plus/minus .10th of a mile. Whatever. It was still more than 2.5 miles (which would have been the 10 laps around the track at the high school where the Twilight Walk was held.).

Came home and I was really red in the face - was wishing I had taken a bottle of water with me so I drank the entire purple bottle full of water - think it was a full quart jar? and then drank some more water mixed in with some Simply Grapefruit juice. Yum.

So, after all this I wasn't very hungry - and when my husband came home, I took off to get to Aldi's before they closed, so I could get some of their yummy avocados on sale (.49 cents EACH!! They've been like $1.49 or more the past few months!). Came back, dropped off stuff for them to eat, ran some other errands and was thinking that I was kinda mad I didn't get to enjoy a small bit of ice cream - that Mutant Milkshake just hadn't cut it for me. Got to the grocery store and found some Ben & Jerry's Toffee Ice cream (they had some other high-falutin' name for it, Toffee Crunch ? or something, no idea.).

Now you know they make those in the 1/2 cup servings but then there's the standard pint things which are 4 of the 1/2 cup servings. And usually, in the past I'd just eat all 4 servings at once....(and granted, the last time I've had that size Ben & Jerry's has got to be back in the winter some time?? I'm not sure how long, I'm thinking it was during the time that DH was living with his mom while she was in her apartment in Hospice Care - she designated him to be primary caregiver, would not have me over, despite my previous years of helping my mom take care of my grandparents and of my step-dad with Hospice. Stress-R-US, for sure, until she finally let go in mid April and passed on to her safe place.).

So tonight, I was looking at it and eating and thinking, "Man, that's really mean of Ben & Jerry's to make their pint cartons in that weird cone shape where it's almost impossible to visually measure out 1/2 cup, in a car, with no scales and no extra bowls to scoop it out..." and you know I don't plan to share it with the DS for sure (not good for his braces, right?!). (oink!)

But I just kinda thought, well, you know, the top 1/4 coup will be a "thinner" layer, then the next 1/4 cup will be a bit thicker because it's not as wide in diameter as the top layer was, and then the 3rd layer would be a bit thicker yet because it would be towards the bottom half of that "cone" and the 4th layer would be more of a hockey puck size because it's not as wide in diameter at the bottom of the carton as it is at the top. And so that's what I did, just ate and enjoyed each bite and kinda plotted how to get the carton into the house without DS noticing, which was easy because there were other groceries in the car he could be sent to go get while I real quick shove the paper bag and carton in the freezer. I'll have time to mess with it tomorrow to hide it if necessary.

Justification. Rationalization. But 3/4 of that carton is in the freezer tonight and I feel satisfied (although I do need more water right now, or maybe some yogurt, something to offset the tiny bit of sweetness I'm still imagining tasting... oh hey, I could go brush my teeth too, that minty-fresh has a way of killing ice cream sweetness for sure.

I'm gonna go to bed soon! I'm beat!! It's been awhile since I've walked that longer walk.

(even though SparkPeople's new Virtual Race option only works for 1 mile walk, 1 mile run, 5k walk (which is what, 3.1 miles?), 5K runs, and I think marathons and half marathons?? Nothing in there for a 2.5 mile walk. Oh well. I fudged and called it a 1 mile walk and then clarified it in the comments that I was doing a 2.5 mile walk.).


Stuff I've seen elsewhere on the Spark but couldn't save on front profile page:

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Walk, Walk, Walk - Get those steps in!!

Move a LOT more, eat a little LESS

Sedentary - less than 5,000 steps/day
Low Active - 5,000-7,499 steps/day
Somewhat Active - 7,500-9,999 steps/day
Active - 10,000-12,500 steps/day
Highly Active - 12,501+ steps/day
Old Order Amish women with very low, 4% obesity:
- 14,000+ steps/day
(trying to find the original URL for this info...)

Oh hey, here's a book - has the photo I was thinking about earlier "Growing Old Is Not For Sissies:

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JESSIKA_56 9/18/2011 4:36PM

    I aim for 10,000+ a day, but the days where I swim instead of walk/run are harder to get my steps in and I usually end up around 8000 on those days.

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    emoticon emoticon

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MJ7DM33 9/18/2011 3:12PM

  Thanks for sharing!!! Good info to know!!!

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GLEORIA 9/18/2011 10:53AM

    Good step information.

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