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Good Choices, Bad choices, Map suggestions...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

This was another one of those days where I made a lot of stupid poor choices (eating ice cream out of the box) and then making better choices (going for a walk, sweeping the floor, etc.).

Plus, in platting the walk to my neighborhood map, I keep forgetting the name I gave the route. When I go to the place where I can click to access my saved maps, it has a left frame with all the names of my various routes - starting with A, B, C, D...going to at least V (because it turned out the walk we walked tonight was #V - what happens when I have more map routes than there are letters in the English alphabet??). Then there's a big gaping hole. I've always thought it would be great to see little thumbnail clips of the walk so I could visualize the walk that I just finished and match it up (because I end up giving them complex names, based on which surrounding streets I walked and in what order. That's complicated!! Maybe I can explain more another day, if anyone really wants to know, but since they are all labeled anonymous or private, hmmm oh well.)...

Anyway so I just suggested that to the SparkTeam and we'll see what happens next time the want to get ambitious and redesign some of the pages!!

My DH is wanting me to shut it down and go upstairs to sleep, perchance with him... ;-)


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    Yeah, right... sleep! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Two Spark Teams for Wichita? !

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

For awhile now, I've noticed we have an Official Spark Wichita team (does SparkPeople set it up first? how does it get to be "Official"? And I also noticed we have a "Wichita Women" Spark Team.

The Wichita Women team is leaderless, and thus, not a lot of activity going on... I've no idea who started the team, or the history (or herstory, I guess?). Several that I've met are ladies who live just outside the Wichita metro, I think one lives south of town, and I'm north of town. I think I found it by searching for "Wichita", rather than "Official Spark Wichita" or whatever.

In any case... I wrote a note about it inside Spark Wichita and already I've received a few comments that they didn't even know there was a Wichita Women's team.

Do we even need two Spark Teams for Wichita? Do other cities have two or more teams just specifically for their city? Places like NYC I can see maybe they might - like one for Manhattan, one for Queens, one for Long Island, whatever (I don't know all the Burroughs, sorry, I've never lived in NYC.).

I'm guessing someone wanted a "Women Only" team so they could feel comfortable discussing "girly" things without embarrassing any of the guys? Who knows.

Not sure what all a team leader does for these online teams or whether or not I want to take that on...I'm mostly gathering information. So it would be interesting to find out what the history of that team is?

Gotta go figure out what the captioned movie is for this Sunday at the E. 13th Warren - check it later and hacker alert: this is an "announcement only " Yahoo group, so members can not see other members' email addresses for off! I have and will be happy to ban any who are spamming our members. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. (just in case there are any who do that sort of thing around here but I kinda doubt it, so please don't feel like I'm picking on you specifically! emoticon heh!!)

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BCARSON11 9/16/2011 8:35AM

    I don't think Spark sets up any team. The team picks the name. If it has the word "official" in the name, those who set it up probably put that word in the name. Wichita women sounds different than Wichita since it is for women only.

If you want to lead a team from Wichita, you should ask to be leader of the leaderless team. There are articles available to help beginning team leaders. I'm not sure of the exact title. If you can't find them, I will see if I can find them for you. There is also a team for team leaders.

I used to live close to Wichita in Arkansas City, Kansas. (I live in Richmond, VA now.) I just responded to this because I was reading your page and blogs because you had commented on something on my page. (I'm not a stalker or anything!)

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JANNEPERRY 9/14/2011 9:08AM

    If you are interested, you should go ahead and be the team leader. I think you'd be great. You are active on SP. There is a team for Team Leaders too. That will give you support and information regarding being a team leader. emoticon

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Sunday.... 9.11.2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

Didn't have any real plans today, so nothing much got done. About the only thing was our family getting haircuts from my girlfriend. Son had homework and wouldn't take it seriously that I wasn't going to let him go see the captioned movie today ("Cowboys and Aliens") so he got mad that I wouldn't cave in and take him when he just kept goofing and figuring out all the creative reasons why he just could NOT do his homework. SIGH.

I need some lessons on Tough Love. Back in the day, "Tough Love" was a beating with a belt, but that's not kosher these days.

Gotta get up early and go walk. And I want to start juicing again. My girlfriend is having good results juicing without fasting - she's still eating, but I guess the juicing just helps feed her body the nutrients she's not been getting for so long and she's seeing a lot of benefits. I on the other hand muddle through with a sense of foggy brain...muddled thoughts... tiredness. I just need to be more consistent in exercising!!

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    Oh, I hated those homework days! *sigh* I wish I had good advice, too, but I don't really. We usually had to pick our battles and as Liz said, if they didn't do their homework, it usually ended up making them ineligible for sports or something at school they wanted to do, so if we supported the school in this, they learned from their natural consequences, even though it was hard for us to watch! emoticon

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LIZ329 9/12/2011 2:38AM

    Yes, I remember those day with my kids and their homework. I don't know how old your son is but we sort just left them alone when they got older. They pulled through at the last moments and sometimes even got some great grades.

Think positive, put the juicer on the counter and get moving. I know emoticon
We are going to have a fantastic week!

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What Time Is It!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I had my time zone fixed at one point some time ago. Just now realized SP was tracking something of mine as if it was already 9-11-2011 ...

Went to Start Page and to the Edit/Account thing under my name and got to the time area. It says:

Set Local Time

Select your local time below to customize for your location. This will adjust how you view message board posts, your trackers, SparkPoints, and more.
Default Date and Time: 9/11/2011 12:43:03 AM
My Date and Time: 9/10/2011 11:43:03 PM
New Date and Time:

So I fixed "New Date and Time to have our current time 11:43:03 pm but after I hit the "Save Changes" button, it reverted back to saying that the New Date and Time was 9-11-2011 at 1:43 AM.



I'm tired. Will deal with it later.

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    Grrr! emoticon

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FITANDFIFTY2 9/11/2011 12:48AM

    I have the same issue, so I just let it go.Maybe you can figure it out... hope you have a great Sunday, Spark Friend!

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

I went to bed before 10 pm last night I think it was, and slep well enough until about 2 or 2:30 am. Got up for bathroom and drink of water, but seemed like I was up several more times after then (keeping in mind that the previous week I was only going to bed AT 1:30 or 2 am!!).
Finally woke up again around 5 am and felt sluggish and dull and achey as if I hadn't slept at all. So much for going to bed early...

Went for walk and stars were so bright. And then I remembered that I'd forgotten to go outside and see the auroras (or at least see if there were any this far south. I did get a YouTube link for a video shot overnight in Minnesota...

It's a lower resolution camera, so doesn't have that lush look like you see in some movies. It takes a fairly high resolution high powered camera and lots of $$$ to get those really super gorgeous shots... and places like Kansas there is usually so much atmospheric interference (haze? dust?) that the auroras were never that big and rippling, at least not the 3 or 4 I've seen - colorful, yes, but not like this one.).

But I digress... so I just got to enjoy a nice long walk...came home and ate some cereal and a few hours later was still hungry so ate leftover veggies from dinner last night.

Anyway I feel really tired, so I'm gonna go to sleep soon. Won't get all my possible points but oh well.


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