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Burning Calories on a Rebounder...

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Today was a busy day for me, exercise-wise...

it was also a short day, as my husband got home about 1 am and we were up till after 2 am talking. I got up in time to see our son off to the bus, but after a quick breakfast of tea and toast with vegetmite, I took a nap.

When I woke up, I realized that it was Tuesday and I'd almost forgotten I'd said I'd meet my girlfriend for Water Zumba at the Y, so I set about getting changed, packing a change of clothes, getting a towel, my water, everything except my brains evidently - as I got there and didn't have a lock for the locker. So that bag just came on into the pool area with me and got hung up on the side wall hooks.

After class, we ate lunch. After lunch, I ran some errands...came home... and still felt tired and headachey and ringing (tinnitus), no matter how much water I drank or anything. Obviously I didn't eat too well this weekend and not enough sleep, and need to detox.

Finally I decided to rebound anyway, even if I felt cruddy. It was warm upstairs, about 75-80 degrees, but I had ceiling fan on fast enough that I was feeling a breeze and it felt good. Went through "Take on Me" "Forever Your Girl" "My Prerogative" and "Addicted to Love". Basically I just treated it as if running on the rebounder, with some jumping jacks and just generally pumping my arms etc, no fancy footwork or trying to follow along with an instructed video, none of that. Just wanted to get lost in the music and pound it out.

I was sweating good about 12-15 minutes and I went on for a total of 25 minutes. Then... in the process of trying to log the cardio minutes based on my Perceived Rate of Exertion and factoring in the calories, I was NOT happy with the low numbers for calories burned that SparkPeople's "Random Calorie Guesstimator" could spin out for me!

Sooo (I'll get it and paste in my notes in a bit...), I plugged in other Cardio "equivalents" based on how I've felt when I've done those types of exercises - you know, like the "rate of perceived exertion" (oh and I tried to take my pulse rate, but I keep losing track of the number of heartbeats while I also had music playing in my ear.I should have just taken earphones off and cut to silence to count - it's like watching the numbers count by and I'm counting my heartbeat at a faster rate and pretty soon I'm all discombobulated - rather like someone reciting the alphabet in random order while you are trying to spell a word or do some writing of your own. Jokesters!)...

What SparkPeople said:
Trampoline jumping (including rebounding, tramponline running) 25 (min) 160 (cal)

My other "guesses" based on how I've felt when I've walked or run at those speeds compared to how I felt after rebounding this evening...

Running: 10 min/mile (jogging) 25 (min) 500 (cal)
Walk 15 min/mile 25 (min) 225 (cal)

I was on the rebounder....basically in straight ahead running type positions, and was sweating good by 12-15 minutes (of course, my bedroom upstairs was like about 75 degrees (F), but we can disregard that little detail...). So why is there like a 400 point spread?? That's absurd!! And I was sweating, you know, dripping in my eyes, burning my eyes, (forgot to get me a sweatband because I didn't think I was gonna work out that hard!!).

In other news, my iPhone seemed to be fritzing out through my playlist. It's really disk 1 and disk 2 of a 2 cd set about 80's Hits (I forget exact title, but it's popular hits during the 1980's.). Basically my 25 minutes was largely made up by these 4- 5 songs, but there was a fair amount of skipping back as my biuetooth would chirp merrily to alert me that it was ditching the song at a random point and going on to another song. May be time to find a different way to play songs. I need a teenager to program my iPhone (one that actually knows how to change the library to my external hard drive and find the songs that are ALREADY there... oh, and I even won an iPod from SparkPeople a year or two ago but haven't been able to figure that out either.)...

"Forever Your Girl" 4:13
"My Prerogative" 4:32
"Take On Me" 3:46
"Good Thing" 3:19
"Addicted To Love" 4:04

You know how fast these songs are, right? (well, if you're familiar with 80's music!) So, you can imagine that for chunky little Wide Load me, I'd be working up a sweat. The 160 calories for all of that is total malarkey!!

Right now I have all 3 of those exercises on my fitness tracker - I'm thinking I may just pick one and delete the other two. And I'm thinking I'll pick a middle number...

But... I am seriously wondering though, for any of you who use FitBit or BodyBug, is this the kind of situation where a FitBit or BodyBugg would actually make a more accurate judgement call as to the number of calories you burned (more or less)?? I'm so IRKED!! There can't be a 400 point spread here... can there? Does the temperature of the room factor in on that too, even though the ceiling fan was keeping a bit of wind-chill going on so that I never felt like it was "too hot" while I was working out. I just sweated. (sweat is good, right Yoovie? like I just killed off some fat cells??).

I'm too tired to sort this all out... but need to get this posted and whatever other SparkPoints before the midnight witchin' hour when I'm just too late.

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MSBOOTCAMP 1/12/2014 10:02PM

    Hi, are you still rebounding?? Great and FUN workout!


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MJ7DM33 9/7/2011 3:37PM


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XFITSTRONG 9/7/2011 6:11AM

    The Body Bugg may give you a more accurate #. I always got confused though, because when I would do the elliptical and push myself to get my heart rate pumping and I would be pouring sweat, it would register quite a few lower calories burned than when I would do a slow easy jog on the treadmill. Great job on the exercise. I have always wanted a rebounder.

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HOTPINKCAMARO49 9/7/2011 1:27AM

  emoticon You go, girl! emoticon

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Rambling Labor Day...

Monday, September 05, 2011

Last night, I tried out the Vegemite that I bought at World Market yesterday... very tasty! I was warned online to try a thin coating, not to slap it on like a thick layer of cherry preserves. NO kidding! But after eating some donuts the thin layer I had helped antidote the cake donuts. Yum!! Was really like eating beef bouillon (and in fact, one of the suggested ways to take it is in a cuppa hot water and about a 1/2 tsp of it and stir it like a savory "tea" drink, much the way my mom used to make us beef bouillon "soup" in a mug on cold winter days.). Then this morning, I spread it thin on some leftover pieces of Naan that my son abandoned here at the house when he went off to Oklahoma.

Allowed myself to just vacuum for about an hour in one corner of our cluttered bedroom. It was dussssssty and cob-webby, really nasty. Rome wasn't built in a day and my house won't be vacuumed in one day. But I estimate I killed off a bunch of baby spider eggs, and maybe a half-million dust mites or other allergenic particles, the stuff that makes my husband and I cough at night when we're trying to sleep - all sucked down in my Dyson! I can't gloat yet until I've emptied the Dyson into the trash (which should go out tomorrow, if they aren't held up a day because of taking today off.). We wouldn't want them to hatch inside the canister.

Sooo the guys are on the way home. Think I'm gonna put the bedroom back together for the night so we can sleep, and will have to work on it another day for more vacuuming.

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    Great job cleaning! emoticon

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Thinking of changing my SparkPeople Name...

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Today I spent time with my mom. She's been out of state visiting my brother and his in-laws for the past three weeks. So we had lunch, got a froyo for dessert at Yogurt Xplosions, hung out at Target and World Market, went to see the open captioned version of "The Smurfs (2D", and had dinner at Jose Peppers (not my favorite place but Cheddars parking was too full for my mom to find handicapped access parking)..

Since I was up until 3 am, and slept in until about 10, I had an apple for breakfast and then just had lunch. It was light enough. Just took about 3/4 of it home. And after I got home, I realized I'd forgotten to ask them to substitute the black beans for the pinto beans (pinto beans have lard in them. I got a lardy butt already, I don't need to eat more!). So I guess most of this will end up being trashed. Oh well.

Enough yack and preamble... and on to the subject at hand. I keep thinking I want to, need to..change my SparkPeople handle to something more positive. For starters, the DrPepper company isn't paying me a stipend to advertise their name for free, right? Otherwise, eh well, who knows whether I can be bought for a price?? I can't say I'd never do it for even a million bajillion gazillion dollars, because I've never been put in that position. And the DrPepper company hardly knows or cares whether I exist, or that I want to recant from drinking so much DrPepper in years past, which has contributed to my current pathetic state of body. (not the sole cause of, obviously - much more in the pot than just DrPepper!!)

So then... I thought, what does "Julia" mean??

Looking at my baby name books and scads of online reference, most of them seem to agree that it is of Latin origin, which has trickled down through the various countries and languages into a variety of variations (isn't that redundant?)...a variety of alternate spellings - Yulia, Gillian, Galia, on and on.

Plus, the supposed meaning of Julia (or Julie, but I always liked Julia better and that's my legal name), since it was name of the girls in the Roman family Julius - could mean downy-haired, youthful, soft-haired (which mine is), vivacious (hmm, that's debatable!), or beautiful (I found only exactly ONE website that claimed it meant 'beautiful'). Most sources said "Youthful" or "Downy-haired". I wouldn't necessarily consider the hair on top of my head to be "downy" but I'm a bit squeamish at the idea that they might be referring to other body hair as "downy" - um what? armpits? my legs? gack!! what were they? perverts?!

Next, I looked for SparkPeople user names using "Julia" as all or part of their name - hundreds of user names, most have first name last name, first name middle name, but quite a few have numbers after them. I'm guessing most were variations of birth dates, anniversary dates, or other special dates in their history/herstory. Could also be SAT scores, their area code, secret astrology codes, who knows? I don't think I want to go there with tagging my name with a number.

I looked for SparkPeople names starting with "Beautiful" - well there are hundreds of them, I couldn't go through them all, even at searching 100 names per "page". Beautiful!! That's terrific.

I looked up Youthful and no one has selected "Youthful" to be a part of their name... Hmmm

So I'm kicking around ideas that could reflect a future goal.... JuliaIsYouthful ... YouthfulJulia ... etc (need to research what the maximum number of letters and characters allowed? I counted 15 on some of what looked like the longer names, and msdrpepper is only 10 characters.

Gotta do this right.... no rush.... and I need to rebound or do something to shake a leg here before I go to bed (again, much too late, but I was not home all day!!).


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CANBDONE 9/5/2011 3:04PM

    How 'bout PURTYGRL?

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AWESOMECAROL55 9/5/2011 11:41AM

    Go for've made amazing progress on Sparks..I'd say a name change is a good idea!! I have no clue what you should change it to..look at me the best name I could come up with for me is "amazing" I think the 55 IS my SAT's definitely not my bust size!! LOL


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JESSIKA_56 9/5/2011 10:47AM

    I like Vivacious!!

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    OK, this may sound cheezy, but what about JubilantJulia? You are always so full of joy and fun wit, and that is the first thing I thought of when I read your blog. Whatever you choose, don't lose ME from your friend list! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Labor Day Weekend plans changed...

Sunday, September 04, 2011

So I'm home instead of traveling. Yippee!

The guys took a road trip. Long story, but I'm quite okay with it. Got a lot to do, so need to get to bed and get some sleep so I can get started tomorrow!

Went to one of my favorite Mediterranean places today and didn't feel obligated to order the huge dinners I usually have. Just the gyros, with the extra sides of tabbouleh and hummus. (I need to teach this spellchecker that these are good words. Oh. Well I guess it had some good options already available). Ate only half the sandwich, all the tabbouleh and hummus, some of the pita. Plus a bite of my husband's spinach pie. Yum!

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JANNEPERRY 9/4/2011 9:22AM

    I hope you have a great at home weekend. I don't worry too much about the food on holidays, as any less than perfect choices I make are a lot better than the choices I used to make! emoticon

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CANBDONE 9/4/2011 8:11AM

    You're learning to be flexible instead of being derailed when plans change. emoticon

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STORMYKAT1 9/4/2011 1:04AM

    My hubby & I enjoyed dogs & s' mores over the campfire with several neighbors.
Fresh fruit salad was our healthiest food choice this evening. The opportunity to bond with friends for a pleasant evening made the day.

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ECONLADY 9/4/2011 12:47AM

    Sounds like a great meal! My hubby and I went out to the movies and had Mexican. I ate half of my burrito and saved the set for lunch tomorrow.

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She said she wasn't wanting to walk "long"....

Thursday, September 01, 2011

but here is what she did:

(and I can't remember enough of that poem or song to go into phrasing the rest of my day into the same style, so if you're old enough to recognize it, sorry, that parody breaks down now!!)


One loop down, (a "loop" is roughly equivalent to a "city block" in those areas where a block is a long rectangular unit, 16 blocks to the mile east and west, and 8 blocks to the mile north and south. It only works on flat checkerboard pieces of land, such as found in places like Kansas. However, in my community, there were some rolling hills and the farmer who originally platted the area where I live was actually the town drunk, according to the story that one of our former mayor tells. I believe it. On the map, it looks like someone dropped a bowl of cooked spaghetti on the ground. Where it landed, that's how the roads were plotted!! It's a mess!!)

.. so I'm walking this loop, dragging my rear end, all my body parts screeching about not wanting to go to a walk, but my brain desperately wanting some GROWN UP ADULT (you know, Ma and Pa conversation, not "Adult" as in porn!) conversation with my husband. So I kept telling my guts and legs and heart burn etc. to just SHUT UP and walk. Usually I'm kickin' my husband's butt when we walk together because I want to walk fast and he wants to dawdle (he hasn't gotten the concept of HITT (sp? the high intensity interval training, yea, that's it, HIIT, I got double vision...oooops, that's a Foreigner song, not my real eye situation!). We ate kinda late in the evening (AGAIN!) and so then my gut was really aching just as bad after the meal as before the meal... (yea that "heartburn" thing I think is related to my bra. That's a blog for another day.). And so we finish that walk, and I'm kinda looking at him like, do you want to walk longer? because he's slowly recovering from a bout of plantar fasciia - and I know *exactly* how that is because I had a bad bout of it several years ago and I did use a gradual re-introduction to walking again to heal that up. He's doing the same and doing well. So he said he was up for walking longer if I wanted to, but he knew I'd been uncomfortable and had said I wanted to walk longer. But... heh... (okay back up a bit, usually the "longer" loop takes me ohhh 15-18 minutes, today it took longer because I was so uncomfortable and didn't want to really tear things the time we got there and needed to decide if to walk the next "loop" a shorter loop, the pressure was easing off the "heart burn" (which is really a point at the top of my huge post-pregnant 13 year later belly just below my boobs and it doesn't involve my heart, breathing etc that much. It's just where I'm constipated and it's sooo hot that I dehydrate even after drinking a lot of water...and the aloe vera juice that I've been drinking hasn't wiggled on through yet, and then I ate a couple of salads and had NO dessert (we went to Ryan's, you know, major pig-out buffet/smorgasbord kind of joint common in the SouthEast)... so after walking (so this is really bad English, starting off every sentence with "so"..)....some of this was beginning to ease on out...passing gas..shifting...and I wasn't done talking to my husband, wasn't ready to go back and listen to Chatterbox13, the male Unit, who was supposed to be doing his homework even though he knows he got a "get out of jail free" card when the doctor called and said he DID have strep throat after all!!).

And off we went for the next loop (which I have saved on my map tracker as "anonymous"), so the total when we got home was 42 minutes. Was supposed to be a "short walk", remember? And actually it was a short walk because I just walked it waaay slloooowwwwer than I usually do. But at least I walked it.

Time to get my bath and soaky and get some sleep because I really needed it. I didn't sleep well last night. I think it was my first "restless legs syndrome". (DH says I need to get tested for sleep apnea.). But after I gave up and took a soaky bath in epson salts & baking soda & lavendar and took some MSM and the Calcium/Magnesium multi and a B vitamin and my "Circulegs" herbal formula, things settled down and I slept well enough after that. Was just a short night though, because I got up and checked on my SparkPeople emails etc before leaving to go get my mom from the airport (she was happy to be home, BTW.).

Okay so I guess this is all TMI and not very well organized. So much for my delusions of writing...

Whoops, better hurry, it's almost midnight! I'll turn into a pumpkin...

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JANNEPERRY 9/1/2011 10:35AM

    Your blog made me laugh! I hope you had fun walking and writing your blog! Do tell, what is aloe vera juice and what is it for? emoticon

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    That's GREAT! And I'll bet you are feeling REALLY good today! emoticon emoticon

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