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Rain Prayer Worked In Kansas, Then Once Again In West Texas

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rain Prayer Worked In Kansas, Then Once Again In West Texas

By William Lindsay White
Emporia Gazette, 1935

(note: This prayer was written in 1935 by W.L. White, editor of the Emporia (Kan.) Gazette and son and successor to the Gazette's famous editor, William Allen White. It has been reprinted in various lengths and substitutions of words all over the Internet. I received one version by email. Found this longer one that has sections that were probably cut out because it was "out of date" or not applicable to people outside of Kansas... but I still like it. Disclaimer: I'm not a member of the Congregational Church, as referenced below...)


As a dues-paying member of the Congregational Church, the writer is entitled, under its creed, to address his maker, directly in prayer, without the intervention of prelate, saint, parson or priest, in any place, on any subject, at any time, and in our own language.

So here goes: O Lord, in Thy mercy, grant us a rain, and by that we don't mean a shower. We want to go out in our car in the early evening and watch the lightning go ripping across the southwestern sky in hot blue forks as the fat clouds roll in on us from Chase County. We want to hurry home to close the house with the first fat drops the size of marbles on a suddenly rising wind, chasing us and plunking on the hood of our car. We want to scramble all over the house just as the first sheets descend, frantically slamming down the windows, while the drops thunder on the tin roof of the porch and lightning blasts illuminate the waving treetops.

O Lord of Hosts, we want to look out of the windows and watch the regiments of fat, close-paced raindrops march diagonally down in sheets, until we can't see the outlines of the street light on the corner and it looks like a great pale luminous ball through the driving drops. We want to hear, about a minute after the first rush, the gurgle in the tin gutters under the eaves, and, in 25 seconds more, the sputter of the downspout and the hollow churning of the water in the cistern.

God of Israel, Isaac and Jacob, let it come down so hard, let the drops dance so high that the outlines of streets and sidewalks seem covered with a six-inch fog of splattering drops. Then let it just keep up for a while, and then begin to taper off, and then turn right 'round and get a lot worse, swishing, pounding, splattering, pouring, drenching, the thunder coming — "Crackity-BAM! Bam - bam - bumble - bumble-bumble" — and the lightning flashing so fast and furious you can't tell which flash goes with which peal of thunder.

So that all the women will get scared and climb on top of the feather beds and scream at you not to get too close to the windows. So that in between lightning flashes you can see the dirty yellow gutter water rippling across the street, instead of along its sides.

And then, O Jealous God, repeat the whole act about three times, and in the middle of the second time, we will get out the old tin wash pan and climb the attic stairs to put it under the tiny leak in the roof which usually you can't even notice in an ordinary rain. And after a couple of hours, kind of taper it down, O Lord, to a good, steady rain — not a drizzle — but a business-like one, that keeps up until just about dawn and then spits a few drops occasionally during the morning from a gray sky.

O Shepherd of a Chosen People, when we walk to work that morning, let us see pink, thin-nosed angleworms that have crawled out of the grass and drowned in the sidewalk puddles, and big pools of standing water in every yard, with just the tips of the fresh green grass breaking the surface. Let it knock all the buds off the elm trees, so that streets and sidewalks are covered with a brown snow, except where the running water has gathered into thick scum over the pools around the choked drains.

Then let everyone begin wondering what the rivers are doing, and when we go down to the bridge, make us drive through about two inches of dirty yellow water running over the pavement, and when we get on it, let us watch a pig and two Buff Orpington hens and half a woodshed float by, about three feet under our shoe soles, and Lord, let the farmers holler their heads off about how it will be to wet, now, to get their corn in early enough.

Thou Art My Shepherd, I shall not want if Thou leadest me into green pastures, and beside the still waters, while the little pasture ponds stand full to the brinks of their cement dams.

O God of Battles and Lord of Many Mansions, if you don't want it to rain in Kansas, all right. And if you do, all right. But we are weak in faith and pray for a sign such as you gave to Aaron to confound Pharaoh's magicians and sorcerers. Take this business of weather prediction out of the hands of a lot of incompetent Washington Bureaucrats and make it Thy special province. They're playing horse with us, Lord. They promise a rain and all we get is a mangy little thin-flanked shower that you could hang your hat on its hip bones.

Kansas is indeed the Promised Land, O Lord, and if it gets a break it will flow with milk and honey. But we can't live much longer on promises. So in Thine own way and in Thine own time make up Thy mind, O Lord, and we will bow before Thy judgment, and praise Thy everlasting name. Amen.

Other versions of the prayer:
te.htm - very cool photo of a tile installation with excerpts from this prayer!

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JANNEPERRY 7/27/2011 8:18AM

    Thanks for sharing the prayer--both prayer and the rain are so needed! emoticon

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PROVERBS31JULIA 7/26/2011 5:30PM

    I know, right? Reading this brings tears to my eyes. I was reading it out loud to my mom at the restaurant Sunday and there were storm clouds developing. As it turns out, was mostly storm and wind and not so much rain. I know people who are fasting and praying more than usual.

emoticon emoticon


emoticon emoticon



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    Oh, my. This prayer needs to be answered in the South Plains of Texas, Lord. Please answer before we have no grass left, not even any weeds, and the top soil disappears into parts unknown. emoticon

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Lame Goal Rewards...

Friday, July 22, 2011

Okay so this is kinda dumb but as a kid, I always loved the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader uniforms. Those gals looked so hot!

So I'm thinking ... gotta make up some goals and rewards, right?
ms,34.htm not sure what product will be around by the time I lose enough to get to the sizes that they offer, but could gradually add more Cowboys clothing as I lose more weight.

End goal - well one of the rewards might be my own imitation DCC Uniform (wouldh ave to be a costume because evidently they are hand made for each cheerleader and there have only been a few modifications over the years. I personally liked the older style with the big belt buckle, rather than the newer ones with the v-dip in the front. OH well.

In any case, my DH will most certainly enjoy those rewards... ahem.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

HIKETOHEIGHTS 7/25/2011 5:15PM

    That oughta get his attention, lol. He is a lucky guy!

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JANNEPERRY 7/23/2011 10:32AM

    I think that's a great reward! If it's not fun, why bother! emoticon

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JBINAUSTIN 7/22/2011 9:35PM

    With that reward, I bet your husband will really support your program...

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XFITSTRONG 7/22/2011 9:14PM

    You are a riot!!!! I love that idea!!!

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Clothing Clutter....

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I have mounds of clothes in my bedroom floor. I'm ashamed of it. I have mounds in front of the closet making it difficult to hang clothes back up inside after I do the laundry...

But truthfully I have TOO MANY CLOTHES.

Why? Most of them don't fit. But if I lost the weight, then I could wear them, right? And gradually donate to charity, or even throw the "too big" sizes away. Some are far from being "gently worn" so better to throw it out or find a rag recycling company that will accept them (another of my pet peeves for another day's rant.).

But then I think, well, some of them I didn't like wearing much even when I was that size, or they fit "funny" or something else was "wrong" with them and I never wore them much back when I could actually kinda sorta fit them. So the logical thing to do is get rid of those clothes, right?

Then the "Third Generation Depression Survivor" panic mode hits me and I think I just NEED to keep them because what if I lose the weight and I can't afford to buy new clothes? Or I'll think it's a perfectly nice fabric, I could use it to make something else? or whatever, fill in the blank, one silly excuse is just as silly as another one. Right?

And so I sit here on my humongous rear end, with my legs aching from sitting too long, reading other people's blogs and having flashback memories of when I was younger and ran and did yoga, and having fantasies of being able to do that all again. Why is it I won't get up off the computer, go upstairs, and GET RID OF THOSE CLOTHES THAT DON'T FIT NOW and I WON'T REALLY WANT TO WEAR EVEN WHEN I GET TO THOSE SMALLER SIZES!!!


all those things I should not be. I'm the poster child for BAD EXAMPLE!

And NO I'm not publishing this to Facebook!

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BAKERICLISA 7/23/2011 6:25AM

    Yep, got rid of a WHOLE bag full of both bigger AND smaller sizes. The smaller ones were clothing, that as you said, never fit right or has just gone out of style no matter how much money I spent on it.

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SSORENSEN1 7/23/2011 2:39AM

    Get rid of them! You will feel sooooo much better. I recently gave away 45 large trash bags full of clothes and my closet and house are now super organized, i love it.
Good luck, keep on sparking. emoticon emoticon

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GETUP-N-GOGIRL 7/22/2011 10:44PM

    Um... did you somehow look into my bedroom (and on the floor) to see those same clothing piles?! (Also, piled on TOP of the dresser because they won't fit into any more drawers or my closet? My DH is about to strangle me from my clothing clutter!

I have been trying to tell myself to pare down my clothes for awhile now. But for whatever psychological reason, I just haven't been able to part with them.

So... will you match me--just this once--in getting rid of just five items?
--I will pick my five items out and take them to the thrift store.
--I will accomplish this by Monday at the latest.
--I will come back and let you know that I did it.

Of course, you're not obligated to. I'm just inviting you to.

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JANNEPERRY 7/21/2011 7:44AM

    I'm not sure I have any words of wisdom for you. Hmmm. Are you ready for change? To set some goals? I really think your writings on the clothes are useful to you--to see where you're at---now where do you want to go?

Don't be afraid to change, mix things up. You will feel better in the long run for it! emoticon

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101 Reasons To Exercise (more technical - from several different websites)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My friend Patricia sent me this list back in 2006 when she was on NutriSystem. I was "always gonna" print it off to motivate I could exercise and get this 120 pound "other woman" off my back and out of my pants...and just be the skinnier 120 pound-ish me!! The Me that never was 120 pounds because I was in Junior High, I guess, when I reach that weight (not knowing because I was just a kid and didn't have that sort of worry put on me.) and went past it to being 160 pounds my sophomore year of high school. I was aware then - clothes didn't fit, I felt awful, my pedophile relatives did things that made me more "aware..." . I got sick and started exercising to clear out the crud, and kept on walking and running, and then lost 30 pounds to 130 pounds. I still had lots of jiggly flab on my rear end.

Fast forward past fat-life events, I can visit about those later, but now I'm posting these 100 reasons here. I'm a little confused by SP rules about what I can upload, but I'm including my sources and links, like I would have to do in English when writing my papers and including my references, sooo oh well, here it goes, and I have actually printed this off. I'm finding it on so many different websites, I really have no idea who the "original source" is - every fitness blog, every diet website, they all seem to have this one set of 100 reasons, no author described. I want it here in its entirety so I can refer to it (and besides, I never know when another website link will go away and then I won't have a link to refer back to. You can go look at the links and see if they work for you.). My email account is full of emails sent to myself with some wonderful stupendous website of wonderful useful info and then months, years go by and suddenly the links are outdated and POOF! all the info is gone.

Those are my excuses for the day and I'm sticking to them! Now - On to this list... and I'm hoping to eventually modify this into a more PERSONALIZED list for me (like how Yoovie and L8DYBUG324 and BLKANGEL76 and many others have done, but specific to me.). I'm using this as a springboard - to get my ideas force the stop hiding!!

and enough of the preamble...

101 Reasons to Exercise

Research overwhelmingly shows that regular exercise lowers the risk for many diseases, enhances the functioning of virtually every physiological system in the human body and improves psychological well-being.

1. Helps you to more effectively manage stress.
2. Helps you to lose weight – especially fat weight.
3. Improves the functioning of your immune system.
4. Reduces medical and health care expenses.
5. Reduces your risk of getting heart disease.
6. Increase your level of muscle strength.
7. Improves athletic performance.
8. Can help relieve the pain of tension headaches.
9. Allows you to consume greater quantities of food and still maintain caloric balance.
10. Helps you sleep easier and better.
11. Enhances sexual desire, performance and satisfaction.
12. Reduces the risk of developing high blood pressure.
13. Increase the density and breaking strength of bones.
14. Improves your physical appearance.
15. Increases circulating levels of HDL (good) cholesterol.
16. Assists in efforts to stop smoking.
17. Helps you to relax.
18. Can help improve short-term memory in older adults.
19. Helps to maintain weight loss – unlike dieting.
20. Helps to relieve many of the common discomforts of pregnancy (backache, heartburn, constipation, etc.)
21. Reduces your anxiety level.
22. Helps control blood pressure in people with hypertension.
23. Protects against “creeping obesity.”
24. Reduces vulnerability to various abnormal heart rhythms.
25. Improves the likelihood of survival from a heart attack.
26. Helps to overcome jet lag.
27. Slows the rate of joint degeneration in people with osteoarthritis.
28. Lowers your resting heart rate.
29. Helps to boost creativity.
30. Reduces circulating levels of triglycerides.
31. Helps you resist upper respiratory tract infections.
32. Increase your anaerobic threshold allowing you to work or exercise longer at a higher level, before significant amount of lactic acid builds up.
33. Improves your ability to recover from physical exertion.
34. Helps to preserve lean body tissue.
35. Helps speed recovery from chemotherapy treatments.
36. Increases ability to supply blood to the skin for cooling.
37. Increases the thickness of the cartilage in your joints.
38. Gives you more energy to meet the demands of daily life, and provide you with a reserve to meet the demands of unexpected emergencies.
39. Increases your level of muscular endurance.
40. Helps prevent intestinal ulcers.
41. Increases the density and breaking strength of ligaments and bones.
42. Improves posture.
43. Increases your maximal oxygen uptake.
44. Helps you to maintain your resting metabolic rate.
45. Reduces the risk of developing colon cancer.
46. Increases your tissues’ responsiveness to the actions of insulin, which helps to better control blood sugar.
47. Helps to relieve constipation.
48. Expands blood plasma volume.
49. Reduces the risk of developing prostate cancers.
50. Helps to combat substance abuse.
51. Helps to alleviate depression.
52. Increase your ability to adapt to cold environments.
53. Helps you maintain proper muscle balance.
54. Reduces the rate and severity of medical complications associated with hypertension.
55. Helps to alleviate certain menstrual symptoms.
56. Lowers your heart rate response to physical exertion.
57. Helps to alleviate low back pain.
58. Helps to reduce the amount of insulin required to control blood sugar levels in Type 1 diabetics.
59. Improves mental alertness.
60. Improves respiratory muscle strength and endurance.
61. Reduces your risk of having a stroke.
62. Helps you to burn excess calories.
63. Increases your cardiac reserve.
64. Improves coronary (heart) circulation.
65. Offsets some of the negative effects of certain antihypertensive drugs.
66. Increases your stroke volume.
67. Improves your self-esteem.
68. Reduces your susceptibility for coronary thrombosis.
69. Reduces your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.
70. Reduces the risk of developing breast cancer.
71. Improves mental cognition.
72. Maintain or improves join flexibility
73. Improves your glucose tolerance.
74. Reduces workdays missed due to illness.
75. Reduces blood viscosity.
76. Enhances your muscle ability to extract oxygen from your blood.
77. Increases your productivity at work.
78. Reduces your likelihood of developing low back problems.
79. Improves your balance and coordination.
80. Improves your body’s ability to use fat for energy.
81. Provides protection against injury.
82. Decreases (by 20 to 30 percent) the need for antihypertensive medication, if you are hypertensive.
83. Improves your decision making abilities.
84. Helps reduce and prevent the immediate symptoms of menopause.
85. Helps to relieve and prevent “migraine headache attacks.”
86. Reduces the risk of endometriosis.
87. Helps to retard bone loss as you age, thereby reducing your risk of developing osteoporosis.
88. Helps to decrease your appetite.
89. Improves pain tolerance and mood if you suffer from osteoarthritis.
90. Helps prevent and relieve the stresses that cause carpal tunnel syndrome.
91. Makes your heart more efficient.
92. Helps to decrease left ventricular hypertrophy in people with hypertension.
93. May be protective against the development of Alzheimer’s disease.
94. Improves your mood.
95. Helps you to maintain an independent lifestyle.
96. Reduces the risk of gastrointestinal bleeding.
97. Helps to increase your overall health awareness.
98. Reduces the level of abdominal obesity – a significant health risk factor.
99. Increases the diffusion capacity of the lungs, enhancing the exchange of oxygen from your lungs to your heart.
100. Improves heart tolerance
101. Improves Your Overall Quality of Life!

OH now, here's a different one... but only 100 reasons, and the last reason has to do with being protective against the development of Alzheimers. Sigh. Another one to look at and compare list later.

and here's 130 reasons to work out -

ARRRGH I can't win!

oh here we go - Benefits of Lymph Massage -

Health Benefits of Rebounding

I'm so out of here. I need to get upstairs, thaw out, and go to bed and get some sleep! School is back in session later today, snow and freezing cold irregardless, and 6 am will be here before I know it. Nighty-night.

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    Really great comments and a positive spin for motivation. I know that so many of those reason I can apply to me since I have greatly improved my food choices and exercise. Thanks for sharing! emoticon

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JANNEPERRY 2/10/2011 6:11PM

    Thanks for posting that great list! There are plenty on there I never thought of! emoticon

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Treadmill vs Outdoors

Friday, October 29, 2010

So I'm catching up on this HUUUGE backlog of Sparkmail, racking up my points. I believe it is a limit of ten Sparkmails a day, I think, that I get points for reading, but many have links to articles that I haven't read, which offer MORE SparkPoints, hint hint.

One of the articles I found today was a discussion on the pros and cons of using a treadmill vs running outside - here's the a link from off one the Weekly Spark Pages I received:
s_articles.asp?id=1461 (is it legal for me to link back to a Spark Article in my blog?)

So, that got me to thinking about some of my challenges and I thought I'd share some of my thoughts on the benefits and disadvantages of using both surfaces - such as I've experienced them (admittedly, not much of EITHER the past few weeks...months...years... *sigh* ).

With treadmills, I don't own one at home, and so my primary experiences with using them has been at the local YMCA's or, occasionally, on the road at a hotel's "exercise room" if I'm blessed with a hotel that offers that. So - some of the things I would say are "disadvantages" for me might not be issues if I had one at home, but I don't have one, so oh well. One of the disadvantages for me is that I go find the one farthest away from other people walking or running on the other dreadmills, err, I mean, treadmills, farthest away from the visual distraction of TV's blasting away, and ALMOST INEVITABLY Someone has to "feel sorry" for me I guess, and come plunk themselves at the dreadmill next to me. Of course, they run faster than me, farther, whatever, and so I immediately feel intimidated. Or if they don't do that, then they start coughing all over me. Or something gross like that.

Now another thing I've noticed about dreadmills is that after I get done walking or running, I pretty much need to hang onto the handle for dear life for awhile after I turn it off and get off the machine. I keep having the same residual "rocking train" or "pitching sailboat" motion like I do when I get off the train after a day of traveling. Very weird. When I go for a walk around the neighborhood, or even a run, when I'm done, I'm done, and my body/mind doesn't keep thinking I'm still in motion.

Seems like there are some other issues with the dreadmill, but they have more to do with environment - not being able to control air, light, music, etc in a gym. I'm already deaf enough to mess up having easy conversation with sign-impaired hearing people, and frankly am somewhat sign-impaired myself, growing up in a hearing family and my husband and child are both hearing...but oddly enough, with my excellent low frequency hearing (below the ranges necessary for speaking in English - but might be pretty good for speaking with certain animals, I don't know..), the gym itself seems terribly noisy - all the machines hummmmmm, all the heating and air conditioning units hummmm, and the lighting is so bright that I find myself wishing for sunglasses indoors... so when I get done, I feel tireder than I did when I went in.

So enough whining - I go for walks outdoors most of the time, even in yucky weather. The big thing I have to watch about walking outside is being aware of the surfaces. I have one leg that is a smidgen longer than the other, and most of the time, that's not a problem. On roads that have sloped sides and a higher point ("crown") in the middle, I usually walk on the right side (traffic behind me - kinda dangerous, ya know!?) so that my right leg doesn't start aching from hitting the ground harder (it's the longer of the two legs I have. I realize some don't have any legs at all, or only one leg, and as far as I know, there aren't any humans with more than two legs, except maybe the occasional "Conjoined twins" configuration - what used to be called "Siamese" twins, only, it's not about the Thai people at all, just a birth defect that was first noted with two boys born in the country formerly called "Siam" and now called "Thailand".). If I have my wits about me and remember to put in one of those heel wedge inserts into my left shoe, I can usually get the two legs to be about the same length and then it doesn't matter so much if I walk on a flatter/more level surface, like sidewalks or flatter roads. But, I have noticed that the regular road surfaces are much easier on my knees since it's a softer road material than sidewalks which are usually a harder concrete surface. So I guess that makes a difference.

One thing I've noticed in winters past and haven't been doing as regularly or consistently the past few winters, is that when I walk in the cold weather of winter, I really seem to burn more calories for the effort that I am putting out. I've read that walking outside in cold weather burns way more calories - one set of calories for the actual walk or run performed, and another set of calories burned up from shivering and trying to stay Warm!! I guess one could *really* burn a lot of calories walking or running in cold weather while being "nekkid" - and maybe more from trying to run faster to evade the law enforcement trying to arrest me for public indecency. Not likely that I'll be wanting to test that theory anytime soon...

Okay so I'm just thinking of ideas off the top of my head about what differences I've noticed, and may write more later about this, as I think more. Or not.

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BUTTERFLY464 11/16/2010 5:21PM

    Our daughter recently gave me her treadmill, I'm enjoying it. I can run anytime day or night. And I can run in my PJ's if I want. Don't have to comb my hair. It's great! And it helps me time myself. I'm walking 5 then running 1, then alternating. Hard to track the time like that outside.

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JANNEPERRY 10/29/2010 8:08PM

    OK this was one of the most entertaining blogs ever-Thanks!
My daughter often complains about the number of empty treadmills-and someone has to come up to the one right next to her!

I don't use treadmills too often because I always seem to go slower on one than outside, and I have a short stride, so I kick the top of the machine and bruise my toe (really).

Outside is better, but I'm a baby in the cold and wind-no matter what--it's outside in the cold and wind at 9 am tomorrow! emoticon emoticon

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AWESOMECAROL55 10/29/2010 7:26PM

    I walk outside only..never on a treadmill. I enjoy the outdoors, the scenery, and the air seems invigorating. I have used treadmills before when I was a member of the YMCA...I believe I burn more calories out doors and walk further. Treadmills are boring to me & seem like a burden .. make my workout NOT a lot fun whereas I truly enjoy walking outside.!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MELISSAISAFOX 10/29/2010 5:19PM

    I TOTALLY understand treadmills in a large facility, I am not a fat whatsoever. I much prefer walking outside, but when the elements get in the way I use my treadmill for sure. Walks outside are often longer because you don't see a number ticking away and tormenting you.

I am lucky enough to have one at home and I've actually started to use it while I get into the habit of running. For me it's easier with a steady pace vs. who knows what I'm doing outside.

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