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Intense Exercise can CAUSE cortisol development? Runners Trots? Etc.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Just read an interesting article this morning from the famous Riordin Clinic in Wichita...

A lot of interesting details to consider when engaging in intense exercise, especially in how critical it is for athletes ( or us athletes-to-be, or athletes-in-training, however some of us may regard ourselves.). Among the interesting details is a chart showing how much protein an athlete needs, going down the chart a listing by starting weight, and across the chart, the amounts, based on levels of intensity (ie, how long one exercises, how much effort etc.).

This is a fairly long article, stretching out 3-4 pages of their April 2012 newsletter and there is also a discussion as to the risks of nutritional deficiencies athletes might run, as a result of carelessly eating a lot of calories that was not nutritionally dense, including side effects of too much cortisol (the stuff that puts the belly fat on, people!), runners trots, frequent colds & coughs, and many other issues. In addition, a discussion on what needs to be in the water we drink to rehydrate after exercise.

So in some ways, this blog is a rough draft, and I am not sure I have a way to save it as such. I may have to come back and edit it later.

Oh hey, there's a "add link" option which should make it easier for you to just click on it! (otherwise, the way the links usually break at odd places when I put them in a blog or see them in someone else's blog - I generally just select the entire link over however many lines it got broken into in the blog, and then right click on it, and select "open in new tab".)

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JANNEPERRY 4/5/2012 10:36AM

    Thanks for the link to the newsletter. Some great topics and very relevant to me. I only skimmed it, will sit down and really read it this weekend. emoticon

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Twinkies vs Children's Breakfast Cereals - the Sugar Rush!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Okay, I admit it, full disclosure here, I got the idea for this blog from AMBER281 on one of my teams,

This website slideshow is similar in concept to the emails we used to get from SparkPeople - the "Which is lower in calories - Krispy Cremes or Chicago Donuts" type of story. Except this one might hit closer with those of us with kids or those of us who still enjoy our childhood cereal flavors, because this one visually illustrates popular adult or teen foods and the amounts of sugar they contain, compared to a cup of Captain Crunch or Apple Jacks or Honey Crisps or other popular breakfast cereals (in the US).

Somehow, I have a feeling that I'd rather let my son eat his Captain Crunch instead of Krispie Kreme!! emoticon But I can't handle either one now, so it's good ole hot oatmeal flavored with berries and stevia for me.
emoticon emoticon

By the way... Did you know you can make excellent oatmeal with your Keurig Coffeemaker? Who knew!!


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CONFUSEDBIRD 3/26/2012 11:36PM

    I am craving something sweet tonight and trying to stay out of the kitchen. You made oatmeal sound awesome in your blog. Sweet and filling, Here I come kitchen! lol

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BOSS61 3/25/2012 5:26AM

    Someone on my list (I cannot remember who - I only remember my Spark friend named Julia...) blogged about starting the day with Cap'n Crunch and wondering why they were insatiably hungry all day long. Try the sugar jolt to their bloodstream!

My personal opinion is that Kellog and General Mills are profiting at the expense of the health of our kids. We never brought much cereal into the house, and never the overtly sweet choices. We also only do the donut thing once or twice a year for slumber parties or what-have-you. As our kids are now teens they get it. But when they were littler, they would campaign for the bad stuff!

Great blog Julia!

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LNSYLVSDOGS 3/24/2012 10:30AM

    Oh yes! I knew I was forgetting something when I responded the first time!

My theory was that pop tarts= pie AND that donuts= cake. I figured that if people ate donuts for breakfast (like they do sometimes), then, why not cake???

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    I love oats...DH says I am part horse. emoticon

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LNSYLVSDOGS 3/22/2012 7:40AM

    I like old fashioned oatmeal, too. But, I can remember a time when I looked at the Pop Tarts my kids liked and figured....Pop Tarts = pie....and cake is no worse than those sugary breakfast cereals. So, I figured it was anything goes in the morning. I ALSO managed to gain 50+ pounds during my kids' childhood.....and, thank goodness, found SP!!

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ELISADENK 3/20/2012 9:35PM


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    I love oatmeal, but I'm kind of strange because I like it to be old fashioned without ANY sugar or sweetener on it whatsoever. Yes, my husband says I'm strange! emoticon

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Perspectives on "what one 'should' weigh at various heights...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We hear it all the time around on the Spark - that what one person weighs at a certain height is not the same as what another person at the same height weighs... we know part of it is because one person might be more muscular and "weigh more" but LOOK thinner... and the reverse is also true - a person might look heavier, but be all "fluff" because of being surrounded by fat, which takes up more volume for the same amount of weight. We know that, right?

So what brings this back to the forefront? I was reading a newspaper article in my email (local paper) - and noticed a link to the newspaper's "Rogue's Gallery" (the County Sheriff's & Police's Top Wanted Felons etc.). It's a slideshow of the various individuals, their mug shot, names, alibis, age, race, markings (tattoos, scars, moles, birthmarks, that sort of thing), AND height and weight. Woooah. I found several of the gals who were 5'3" and were just all over the place - 110 lbs, 165 lbs, 135 lbs, some looked heavier than what the information says...some looked thinner...some looked very thin and their weight was also very low....

The point isn't why are they on the Most Wanted list, but more I'm thinking maybe looking at such a lineup occasionally might help to desensitize, perhaps that's the word I want? myself to the preconceived notions of what a person "looks like" at this or that weight. If it helps others, then so be it.

In any case, a "Most Wanted" list is one of the few places where height and weight are listed as a matter of public record. I suppose Driver's Licenses information might be as well, but we all know THAT information is not correct! Also, I'm not sure if the height and weight listed with the mug shots was pulled from each individual's driver's license information, or if they are measured and weighed during the booking process??



Unfortunately I'm not up to date on the wisdoms of other spiritual beliefs and cultures, but I thought it was interesting to notice this in the New Testament of the Bible:

2 Corinthians 10:12 (King James Version) 12: For we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves: but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.

Could it be that our Father didn't want us stressing out over my weight, instead, wanting me to focus on more important issues, whatever they may be, as I go through my own journey in this life?



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    I just looked at my driver's license for TX and was surprised to see that it does not indicate the weight any more!

Your blog really was interesting, and I thank you for it! emoticon emoticon

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BESEVEN 3/15/2012 10:37AM

    I wish they would quit asking about weight on driver licenses where I live. As of Dec., when I renewed mine, they were still asking for it. It's stupid. You get them for 4 years. An awful lot of people will have significant weight gains and losses in 4 years.

Anyway, you are sooooo right about weight and BMI being pretty unhelpful. One 5'8" person might look obese at 180 and another might look very fit. It's all about muscles and hip-to-waist ratio.

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JANNEPERRY 3/14/2012 10:07AM

    It is interesting what each of us "obsesses" over. I'm never embarrassed to share my clothes size, because in my mind almost everyone would think it is small. But my weight, that's a different story. I never have the confidence to have that on my ticker or anywhere else.

Most certainly there are more important things in the world to concern ourselves with, and focus on.

I like what redshoes2011 said regarding other important measures and how they relate to risk of heart disease.

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MISSRUTH 3/14/2012 7:43AM

    I don't know if they weigh people when they arrest them... in the state where I live, they don't put weight on the drivers license any more (just height and eye color, and of course whether male or female)-- maybe they figured too many people lie about their weight! Or maybe weight can fluctuate too much?

At any rate, it really is an individual thing. It would be a big mistake to just go by the BMI and not take into consideration how athletic/muscular someone is. Plus like RedShoes said, people can be thin but be REALLY unhealthy, body weight alone is NOT an indication of a healthy lifestyle. My husband is the "right" weight for his height but eats crap and doesn't exercise : (

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EM1388 3/14/2012 3:37AM

    Like this blog! Really makes ya think! Thanks for sharing!

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REDSHOES2011 3/14/2012 12:16AM

    emoticonblog.. I weigh in at 75kgs at my present avatar- this make me obese lol..
But alot of people chase a number and BMI if I hear about this again I will scream.. I have up and down beanstalks in my family- they all die thinfat- it is what we eat all the time that hurts us.. BMI is also a 100 year old dinosaur- the safe measurement is hip waist ratio to avoid heart disease..
Thinfat people can have chicken legs, arms and no butt- but many times they have a stomach and this is where they carry dangerous fat logged hard about the vital organs..

Comment edited on: 3/14/2012 12:17:52 AM

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A New Role Model???

Monday, March 12, 2012

Look at this video!! Oldest Showgirl in the world - and she was 85 at the time this video came out!!

Dorothy Dale Kloss (love the "dancer" pants!!)

"...Only I'm still dancing! Isn't that wonderful!?"


What fun!

And just earlier this morning, before we left to go to Topeka for a funeral, I was looking at my stash of DVD's and realized that one of my all-time favorite movies is still "Billy Elliott"...

Now, to find my niche... release my repressed dancer??

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    Hey, thanks for inspiring me! The timing was perfect! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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BRANDTSGIRL 3/12/2012 7:31PM


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Interesting Personality Test

Friday, March 09, 2012

It takes a little while to do, but hang in there! You'll have to figure out what the pictures mean to you, so set aside a little time, say 5 minutes, at least. The results are very interesting, similar to most of this type of association test, with a different spin. Enjoy! ? I think this link will work?

Oh and it claims I'm a harmonized. Was tough for me as a lot of the pages didn't have options that truly spoke to me, or more often than not, were ALL true for me at different times of day or night. Kinda like a "horrorscope"...?

(later- I did it again and it said I was a seeker! I just knew it, I have a split personality! Hee hee!)

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CRYS828 3/11/2012 1:52AM

    I really enjoyed that and it was spot on.

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AWESOMECAROL55 3/10/2012 3:23PM

    A Seeker ....Thanks

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    well I managed to find it and I found out I am a
SEEKER emoticon

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CONFUSEDBIRD 3/9/2012 10:50PM

    Wow really enjoyed that, thanks!

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PHEBESS 3/9/2012 10:08PM

    Very cool test - thank you!

Apparently I'm an Energizer - which cracked me up, it sounds like that bunny commercial! (Though the description is fairly accurate.)

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    Thanks for posting this. It says I'm a "seeker" and that just sounds good to me this morning.

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JANNEPERRY 3/9/2012 9:31AM

    Thanks for sharing that. It was fun to take a look at!

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JESSIKA_56 3/9/2012 7:51AM

    Very different and interesting, thanks for sharing!

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SPEEDY143 3/9/2012 2:49AM


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JULESJ1OK 3/9/2012 2:48AM

    Wow... took the test, that was fun and interesting, Thanks!

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CHIBIKARATE 3/9/2012 12:53AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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