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Hunger Scale Explained

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I just saw this on someone else's page. I need to copy this down to look at and study... but too distracted to really focus on a blog. I guess I can consider this like a "Post-It" note and write something else later. Also I can't find this exact website...

Hunger Scale from

Hunger Scale Explained

0: Starving.
Ignoring body messages, eating disorder.

1: Weak and light-headed.
My stomach acid is churning.

2: Very uncomfortable.
I am irritable and unable to concentrate.

3: Uncomfortably hungry. Your stomach is rumbling.

4: Slightly uncomfortable.
I am beginning to feel signs of hunger.

5: Comfortable.
I am more or less satisfied, but could eat a little more.

6: Perfectly comfortable. You feel satisfied.

7:Full. A little bit uncomfortable.

8: Uncomfortably full. You feel bloated.

9: Very uncomfortably full. You need to loosen your clothes.

10: Stuffed. You are so full you feel nauseous.

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MJ7DM33 12/21/2011 8:05PM

  Thanks for sharing the info! emoticon

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JANNEPERRY 12/21/2011 9:02AM

    Thanks for sharing! emoticon

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ILOVEROSES 12/21/2011 7:16AM

    Thanks for sharing.

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LITTLEFARMMOMMA 12/20/2011 10:38PM

    Thanks! That was interesting! emoticon

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BABYSTEPS84 12/20/2011 10:12PM

    Thank you for sharing!

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SKINNY1DAY 12/20/2011 8:17PM

    thanks for the info

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ANDBEYOND 12/20/2011 6:45PM

    Thanks for the info!

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RRP546 12/20/2011 6:19PM

  very nice now i know how full i am

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Body For Wife??

Monday, December 19, 2011

Just found this webblog "Body For Life" by James someone... oh it says here "James Fell"

He has a hilarious writing style!!
ction-body-for-wife/ not gonna try to quote this -- too many places where I was laughing at how TRUE it is for me - even though he's targeting men, specifically, and yes, I'm planning to email that link to my husband! If he can get on board with me, it should help me out - you know, the teamwork thing, the family that works out together gets sweaty together, all of that... he has this to say:
"Emotional Eating Book
I’m in the process of co-authoring a book on emotional eating which is first on the list for publication. This book will be the exact opposite of anything Oprah would endorse. It will be a scientific analysis of impulsive eating behaviors and how you can learn to control them to reach your fat loss goals, improve your health and feel great inside a high-performance body. Plus, I’m in charge of the writing part, so you know what that means."

Boy, I'm looking forward to that book. Or maybe I'll find it in his blog, as it sounds like much of his blog will be republished as a book?

Then he has "stupid stories" which of course, are hilariously funny (depending on how willing one is to look past the sophomoric humor)...

But he does make a lot of interesting comments...

I'll be busy reading.... see you later!

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HONEYFULL 1/5/2012 12:00AM

    Great ! Hope even I can read this book.

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JANNEPERRY 12/19/2011 9:01AM

    Thanks for sharing--sounds super funny!

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Funny (sad) photo... (not of me! but it could be!!)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Friend sent me this photo:

and I just realized that this is one of the reasons why I keep my upper arms covered!!

I gotta print this out for motivation to do ST for my arms!!

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M77355 1/19/2012 8:03AM

    Aaaaahahahaha hilarious!

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TRULYVISIBLE 12/24/2011 4:37AM

  If you didn't explain the arm I would have never have seen it as that. Very interesting shot.

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NUMD97 12/19/2011 4:28PM

    Best chuckle I've had today. Thanks.

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JANNEPERRY 12/17/2011 10:43AM

    Thanks for the chuckle! emoticon

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JESSIKA_56 12/17/2011 10:12AM

    Oh dear!! I really thought.... how funny!!!! Thanks for sharing!

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IDLETYME 12/17/2011 7:14AM

    What a GREAT picture! Thanks for sharing!! emoticon emoticon

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PHEBESS 12/16/2011 8:21PM

    OMG, that is too funny!!!!

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MJ7DM33 12/16/2011 8:14PM


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PAMNANGEL 12/16/2011 6:22PM

    Can't comment now. Must get my dumbbells out.

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HEYBUTT 12/16/2011 5:39PM

    It's funny things like this that remind me why I NEVER post photos of myself online (and shudder that someone else will!).

Too funny!

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TIMOTHYNOHE 12/16/2011 4:42PM

    OK. Now you *do* understand that spot training doesn't work. Do all your strength training and be faithful to it -- upper, lower, core and full. It's all good.

That is a very funny picture!

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CHEETARA79 12/16/2011 4:10PM

    LOL! I totally thought that lady was naked! emoticon

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BIKERBABYZ 12/16/2011 2:52PM

    This is TOOO funny! OMG, note to self: MUST. STRENTH TRAIN. ARMS. !!

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CORKY982 12/16/2011 2:42PM

  Haha I know it shouldn't be so funny - but I just died laughing at that!

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MSG - Monosodium Glutimate and other "seasonings" contributing to obesity?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lest this seem like deja vu, all over again (with apologies to Yoga Berry), this blog is a re-post from another Sparker's blog. (It's also a bit outdated, perhaps, because they are ripping into President George W Bush, but it would be interesting to see if President Obama is helping the situation any at all, especially as it would appear to be directly conflicting his wife the First Lady Michelle Obama's anti-obesity initiatives with children etc....).

Author Unknown: Read and pass on

I wondered if there could be an actual chemical causing the massive obesity epidemic, so did a friend of mine, John Erb. He was a research assistant at the University of Waterloo, and spent years working for the government.

He made an amazing discovery while going through scientific journals for a book he was writing called The Slow Poisoning of America. In hundreds of studies around the world, scientists were creating obese mice and rats to use in diet or diabetes test studies.

No strain of rat or mice is naturally obese, so the scientists have to create them. They make these morbidly obese creatures by injecting them with a chemical when they are first born. The MSG triples the amount of insulin the pancreas creates, causing rats (and humans?) to become obese They even have a title for the race of fat rodents they create: "MSG-Treated Rats" .


I was shocked too. I went to my kitchen, checking the cupboards and the fridge.

MSG was in everything! The Campbell's soups, the Hostess Doritos, the Lays flavored potato chips, Top Ramen, Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper, Heinz canned gravy, Swanson frozen prepared meals, Kraft salad dressings, especially the 'healthy low fat' ones. The items that didn't have MSG had something called Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein, which is just another name for Monosodium Glutamate. It was shocking to see just how many of the foods we feed our children everyday are filled with this stuff. They hide MSG under many different names in order to fool those who catch on.

But it didn't stop there. When our family went out to eat, we started asking at the restaurants what menu items had MSG. Many employees, even the managers, swore they didn't use MSG. But when we ask for the ingredient list, which they grudgingly provided, sure enough MSG and Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein were everywhere. Burger King, McDonalds, Wendy's, Taco Bell, every restaurant, even the sit down ones like TGIF, Chilis', Applebees and Denny's use MSG in abundance. Kentucky Fried Chicken seemed to be the WORST offender: MSG was in every chicken dish, salad dressing and gravy. No wonder I loved to eat that coating on the skin, their secret spice was MSG!

So why is MSG in so may of the foods we eat? Is it a preservative or a vitamin?

Not according to my friend John. In the book he wrote, an expose of the food additive industry called The Slow Poisoning of America, ( ), he said that MSG is added to food for the addictive effect it has on the human body.

Even the propaganda website sponsored by the food manufacturers lobby group supporting MSG at
explains that the reason they add it to food is to make people eat more. A study of elderly people showed that people eat more of the foods that it is added to. The Glutamate Association lobby group says eating more benefits the elderly, but what does it do to the rest of us?

'Betcha can't eat just one', takes on a whole new meaning where MSG is concerned!

And we wonder why the nation is overweight? The MSG manufacturers themselves admit that it addicts people to their products. It makes people choose their product over others, and makes people eat more of it than they would if MSG wasn't added.

Not only is MSG scientifically proven to cause obesity, it is an addictive substance: NICOTINE for FOOD!

Since its introduction into the American food supply fifty years ago, MSG has been added in larger and larger doses to the prepackaged meals, soups, snacks and fast foods we are tempted to eat everyday.

The FDA has set no limits on how much of it can be added to food. They claim it's safe to eat in any amount.

How can they claim it is safe when there are hundreds of scientific studies with titles like these?

The monosodium glutamate (MSG) obese rat as a model for the study of exercise in obesity. Gobatto CA, Mello MA, Souza CT, Ribeiro IA. Res Commun Mol Pathol Pharmacol. 2002

Adrenalectomy abolishes the food-induced hypothalamic serotonin release in both normal and monosodium glutamate-obese rats. Guimaraes RB, Telles MM, Coelho VB, Mori RC, Nascimento CM, Ribeiro Brain Res Bull. 2002 Aug

Obesity induced by neonatal monosodium glutamate treatment in spontaneously hypertensive rats: an animal model of multiple risk factors. Iwase M, Yamamoto M, Iino K, Ichikawa K, Shinohara N, Yoshinari Fujishima

Hypertens Res. 1998 Mar

Hypothalamic lesion induced by injection of monosodium glutamate in suckling period and subsequent development of obesity. Tanaka K, Shimada M, Nakao K, Kusunoki Exp Neurol. 1978 Oct

Yes, that last study was not a typo, it WAS written in 1978. Both the medical research community and food "manufaturers" have known MSG's side effects for decades!

Many more studies mentioned in John Erb's book link MSG to Diabetes,

Migraines and headaches, Autism, ADHD and even Alzheimer's.

But what can we do to stop the food manufactures from dumping fattening and addictive MSG into our food supply and causing the obesity epidemic we now see?

Even as you read this, George W. Bush and his corporate supporters are pushing a Bill through Congress. Called the "Personal Responsibility in Food Consumption Act" also known as the "Cheeseburger Bill", this sweeping law bans anyone from suing food manufacturers, sellers and distributors. Even if it comes out that they purposely added an addictive chemical to their foods. Read about it for yourself at: http://st tmpl=story&u=/ap/20040311/ap_o
n_go_co/obesity_lawsuits_4 (I couldn't get this link to work either, but I did some googling and found this link, which I believe to be the same info. It's dated 2005.
gress_grants_immunity_to_food_producers.htm )

The Bill has already been rushed through the House of Representatives, and is due for the same rubber stamp at Senate level. It is important that Bush and his corporate supporters get it through before the media lets everyone know about MSG, the intentional Nicotine for food.

Several months ago, John Erb took his book and his concerns to one of the highest government health officials in Canada. While sitting in the Government office, the official told him "Sure I know how bad MSG is, I wouldn't touch the stuff!" But this top level government official refused to tell the public what he knew.

The big media doesn't want to tell the public either, fearing legal issues with their advertisers. It seems that the fallout on the fast food industry may hurt their profit margin.

So what do we do?

The food producers and restaurants have been addicting us to their products for years, and now we are paying the price for it.

Our children should not be cursed with obesity caused by an addictive food additive.

But what can I do about it? I'm just one voice, what can I do to stop the poisoning of our children, while guys like Bush are insuring financial protection for the industry that is poisoning us.

I for one am doing something about it.

I am sending this email out to everyone I know in an attempt to show you the truth that the corporate owned politicians and media won't tell you.

The best way you can help save yourself and your children from this drug-induced epidemic, is to forward this email to everyone. With any luck, it will circle the globe before Bush can pass the Bill protecting those who poisoned us.

The food industry learned a lot from the tobacco industry. Imagine if big tobacco had a bill like this in place before someone blew the whistle on Nicotine?

Blow the whistle on MSG.

If you are one of the few who can still believe that MSG is good for us, and you don't believe what John Erb has to say, see for yourself. Go to the National Library of Medicine, at* . Type in the words "MSG Obese", and read a few of the 115 medical studies that appear. (* my note: this link now becomes: )

We do not want to be rats in one giant experiment, and we do not approve of food that makes us into a nation of obese, lethargic, addicted sheep, waiting for the slaughter.

With your help we can put an end to this, and stop the Slow Poisoning of America. Let's save our children


And soooo I thought it would be interesting to find anything more recent ...

I see a lot of people have posted this information over the years here on SparkPeople, but interesting that I'm not finding any "official position" articles from the leadership. Hmmm

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

TWNOMWE 12/16/2011 1:54PM

    MSG is not only in fast foods but also in many Chinese foods.
What MSG does is cause necrosis(kills/destroys) of the neurons in the hypothalamus that tell you that you are full, so the overeating syndrome because there is lack of communication between the stomach and the brain.
Thanks for the blog.

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BREWMASTERBILL 12/15/2011 8:38PM

    What's funny is that when I go to pubmed, I don't find these hundreds of studies to substantiate it. In fact, I found one study that said there is no relationship between human obesity and MSG.


"A lack of epidemiologic evidence to link consumption of monosodium L-glutamate and obesity in China."


Or maybe this one is of interest:
R>"MSG intake suppresses weight gain, fat deposition, and plasma leptin levels in male Sprague-Dawley rats."

"Monosodium glutamate is not associated with obesity or a greater prevalence of weight gain over 5 years"


Evidence that MSG does not induce obesity."
R>Based on this actual research from pubmed, it seems like this article is rubbish. I'm not saying go out and consume MSG with reckless abandon, but I think it's safe to say the relationship either doesn't exist or hasn't been conclusively established. Let's move on.

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    Dr. Blaylock, a board-certified neurosurgeon, has devoted a large portion of his career to fighting and desiminating info about glutamates and brain cancer.

Also to give mice diabetes, they feed them alloxan. Alloxan is the ingredient that makes white flour, white. And it's deliberately added to a TON of processed food for human. Alloxan is the reason why unbleached flour became the big thing of the past.

Also note there are 13 different names for MSG, and, 23 other additional compounds deliberately added to processed foods which give off glutamate compounds or break down into the same.

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CMFARRELL36 12/15/2011 6:27PM

    Thanks for your blog.
I so agree with so much of what is said in it - I even emailed my now-adult sons and said that i now feel vindicated in refusing fast foods as much as possible and allowing it only as an occasional treat!
They are now 23 and 21 - and used to moan at me for my restriction. And they'd go for a burger or whatever when they were out with friends - outwith my control. But at least what I could control, in this respect I certainly did.

Yes, fast food is also higher in fat etc, so that will also contribute to the obesity epidemic.
Also restaurant food is higher in fat too - creamy sauces, whatever.

So I've always tried to make meals at home - especially when money was tight, cos it was far cheaper than fast food, and probably still is (with careful shopping).
And my goodness, you can get the home-made food every bit as tasty, if not more so, than the fast-food - - -at least, when you've given yourself a good chance to do without fast food, so your taste buds have been able to re-learn the far better taste and flavours of real food.

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Stop Drinking Soda Pop!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

When somebody drinks a Coke (or DrPepper, or any other soda!!) watch what happens…

In The First 10 minutes: 10 teaspoons of sugar hit your system. (100% of your recommended daily intake.) You don’t immediately (hurl) from the overwhelming sweetness because phosphoric acid cuts the flavor allowing you to keep it down.

20 minutes: Your blood sugar spikes, causing an insulin burst. Your liver responds to this by turning any sugar it can get its hands on into fat. (There’s plenty of that at this particular moment)
*** but that's not entirely true, as other websites below have pointed out, as the problem has more to do with overeating. If a person had only eaten the number of calories in that day and had allowed in for the calories in a particular soda pop, it won't necessarily be turned into fat. But it won't necessarily yield any nutritional benefit, either!!

40 minutes: Caffeine absorption is complete. Your pupils dilate, your blood pressure rises, as a response your livers dumps more sugar into your bloodstream. The adenosine receptors in your brain are now blocked preventing drowsiness.

45 minutes: Your body ups your dopamine production stimulating the pleasure centers of your brain. This is physically the same way heroin works, by the way.

60 minutes: The phosphoric acid binds calcium, magnesium and zinc in your lower intestine, providing a further boost in metabolism. This is compounded by high doses of sugar and artificial sweeteners also increasing the urinary excretion of calcium.

60 Minutes: The caffeine’s diuretic properties come into play. (It makes you have to pee.) It is now assured that you’ll evacuate the bonded calcium, magnesium and zinc that was headed to your bones as well as sodium, electrolyte and water.

60 minutes: As the rave inside of you dies down, you’ll start to have a sugar crash. You may become irritable and/or sluggish. You’ve also now, literally, pissed away all the water that was in the Coke. But not before infusing it with valuable nutrients your body could have used for things like even having the ability to hydrate your system or build strong bones and teeth.

So there you have it, an avalanche of destruction in a single can. Imagine drinking this day after day, week after week. Stick to water, real juice from fresh squeezed fruit, and tea without sweetener.
Primary Source: by Wade Meredith

This above scenario has been reprinted in gobs of places around on the Internet... and I've tweaked in with my own observations and experiences.
-to-your-body-when-you-drink-coke/ includes links on what happens when you drink sodas containing artificial sweeteners.

OOOOOKAY - and here's a news flash! (I know, I'm probably preaching to the choir for some of us...) But here's additional information as to what happens to a person who drinks a soda EVERY DAY or MOST DAYS OF THE WEEK:

* You'll be fatter
* You'll probably have diabetes
* You'll be at higher risk for heart disease
* You're probably less healthy in other ways...

I believe it. I have a good 15-20 years of DrPepper still riding around on my belly, even though I haven't drunk it every day in years (at the present, I probably average 2-4 DrPeppers a year.).

And here's a horrifying article - what happens to our kidneys when we drink Diet Coke and not water!! Many who are diabetics or hoping to lose weight are attracted to the diet pop because "it has no calories." Right. But really?

Water is balanced at pH 7.0 but Diet Coke is like 2.51 on the acid side - it's one of the most acidic foods one can eat, and can interrupt the digestion process!!

Sooo anyway, just a reminder to myself why I can't afford to drink soda - and I need to pass this info on to my son who can't understand why I'm being "mean" and not wanting him to drink soda pop!! I saw the basic info elsewhere on another Sparker's blog and wanted to repeat the message with my own input. It's too important a message and needs to get out.

Drink More Water!!!


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

BMCPHEE13 10/25/2012 11:20PM

    thank you for the post very eye opening !! i drink pepsi and quite a bit ... i do not like water but i may try to add a little juice to some seltzer water or just reg water ... thank you again guess its what i needed to hear

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    Wow! Thank goodness I only like to drink water! I used to drink Diet Coke so much that it was a family joke, and now, when I taste it, I think, "How did I EVER like this stuff!?" emoticonThank you for a great informative blog! emoticon

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JANNEPERRY 12/15/2011 8:18AM

    I never drank regular pop and have cut the diet to maybe once a month--like you said, it's bad for you too. With all the water and 1-2 cups of coffee, who has room for more fluid!
Thanks for the reminders

(Now I know why you picked your name!)

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SMIDGON 12/15/2011 5:40AM

    Any one else having to "Log In" before you can add a comment?

I only have a soda when I have a sore throat.

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GORIANA 12/15/2011 1:20AM

    Don't forget that the soda is not good for your teeth. I grew up on soda and that has a lot of acid that eats away at the enamel. It doesn't necessarily stain your teeth, but it makes the enamel thinner which means the yellow from the dentin shows through and people think you need to bleach your teeth, which would only mess up your teeth more.

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JANTWO 12/15/2011 12:59AM

    WOW. I like Diet Coke..... emoticon

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