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Feeling blue

Monday, October 02, 2006

Today my buddy moved away. She was one of those rare friends that is more like family then a friend. She was my work out buddy and someone that I can bounce ideas off of. I'm really going to miss her. It's hard for me to make friends. I'm pretty shy. I've been like that for a long time. I guess it's something more I can work on. With every hurt there is a lesson to be learned. I guess I have some growing to do.


Old habits die hard

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Yesterday we took a road trip and I used to go and get a Moo Latte at DQ coming and going out of that town. I managed to get past it this time. I did however eat the 2 Subway cookies and I got a bag of toffee nuts for the ride home. I'm still working on overcoming these comfort foods and habits that if I go out of town I get a special treat or if I go to a movie I get to eat a bunch of junk. I've managed to change a lot of my habits but these ones seem to be the ones that are lingering and I have to work on. I did choose better menu options at the restaraunt and I did pack and eat some healthy snacks for the road. I gained a pound but I'm not going to get discouraged. I'm proud of myself for getting right back to the program instead of using it as an excuse to binge on junk. One day at a time I guess..


Never giving up

Friday, September 29, 2006

I like this topic. I'm pretty close to 42 now and have been through some times. I believe that if something painful happens in my life that I'm not going to let that pain be for nothing. I'll pick a lesson out of it and learn from it. Life is a journey. Enjoy each and every day. Focus on the prize. I'll get their eventually. But, I don't want to lose sight of the process and to get something out of each day. It's like that one song "Live as if you were dying"



Thursday, September 28, 2006

I was surprised to get on the scale this morning and see another loss. I put on my size 6 pants and they were not snug. It feels good to be back in shape. My wedding ring fits nicely instead of cutting off my circulation. I'm determined to keep in shape now. I had lunch with my friends and I made healthy choices that was actually tasty and fit perfectly into the plan. It feels good!


Getting closer to my goals

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

It's nice to have a plan. It's been working great as far as losing weight. Now, I want to challenge myself to grow in other directions.


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