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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Well, here we are again, another year. Looking back on my year I would have never thought I would be here. Its been stressful and painful and emotional. My best friend is sick and That has been extremely rough. I am a tough woman with lots of determination. I think that went people that know me see how much I have grown. That makes me feel good about me.
I know that I can do questions asked.
Here are my goals for the year ahead.

1. To log in everyday to sparkpeople
2. Log my food for everyday
3. Drink at least 8 glasses of water
4. Workout for at least 30 minutes everyday
5. Taking time for myself
6. I am going back to school this semster so I am going to pass all my classes with B's
7. To lose at least 30 pounds this year
8. To post at least once a week

Those are my goals. I can do this. I am going to do this. I am doing this. Its DONE!!!

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CMROSE74 1/5/2009 2:17PM

    Your goals are great I'am going to steal some of them. LOl.

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LIFES*2*SHORT 1/3/2009 12:30PM

  You can do it... and don't let anyone... ESPECIALLY yourself... tell you otherwise!


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New Year New Week

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Life here has been straight up crappy. My fiance and I called it quits last week. He has to decided to call it quits. I am hurt and upset pretty much sleep and work thats it. At least we are talking kinda. Its just been stressing me out a lot. He leads me to believe that he just needs a break but...every break or breakup leads me to getting hurt. I just keep putting myself into this mess.'s where I confess what I have done. I have given up the drugs completely. We broke up because I wanted to still do pot and he didnt. Stupid right....At the time I didnt think so. Oh and before I get nasty comments about that fact I should give it up for a man...I am give it up for me. However, I want the man back. So now I am in the hard part....everyone of my friends except 2...smoke. I know I cant say no...I know how I feel on it. The biggest problem I fact is that everyday...I have smoke it for five year....I know what my friends cant get adicted to it....well I use to think that was true....I could go months without it....but now that I have made this decision I want it all the time. It would be so easy to get. Seriously, everyone I know does it. The worest part about it is that I lost the a really great man because of it. F up isnt it. I have to do something...I know that I will probably will get some comments that say I am stupid. But I was so clouded by my own selfishness I couldnt see past it. So now I am here confessing what I need to confess...So I can start this new year off right. SO thats it...had a bad week with I want to start from scatch.



Friday, December 14, 2007

I think that title is pretty attention grabbing....

Well its December and I have learned alot this year....but I didnt reach my goal but I did learn alot of things about how about a recap of 2007

I moved back here in December of last year thinking that it was going to be a week or two thing.

My boyfriend and I broke up in January and I was heart broken and very much hurt....and very much unemployed and hating me and my life.

I turned 28 in February and my best friend and I stopped talking due to lots of issues. So I very much depressed and life just didnt seem to get better.

An old friend came back into my life in was werid and just seemed unnatural but I just accepted the friendship with limits.

April started watching her children and tried to get along with her sister.

May...well got a new job, found with my friend sister....still living with my parents....still feeling depressed and out of my element....

June....finding a new job and meet a new friend named frist I thought she was snootie....I was so wrong.

July....reliezed that Christina was amazing and a good friend...started to realize live was getting better

August....what amazing month that was....I met my boyfriend, Tony.....he was suppose to be a one night stand....He is so wonderful....he really makes me wonder why I couldnt have meant him sooner.

September....well.....I was in between jobs and a wonderful man by my side....I made it through

October.....I quit one of my jobs....started full time with the other....big mistake

November.....Dealing with more responsibity and starting to hate my job even more

December....I have been here for a year....I brought a car, got a man that loves me, I know true friends, dealing with family, starting a new job in a week, and still working on an apartment but I did manage to lose almost 10% of my body weight this year.....and maintained it....yeah


Me and My Life

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Its been awhile since I have been a true blue active member, live has been so busy. I finally have a time to breath and update everything. And my blog was on my to-do list today.

Lets see....

I quess can go frist.....last time I weight-in at 276.6....well I havent moved the scale to much I am now 276.2....but at least I maintained the weight but its been really busy....slow and steady wins the race.

Love life.....

Well you all might think I am crazy but I met my boyfriend, Tony on August 7th and we are engaged. We are gettig married on October 25th, 2008. I am super excited. I just know that he is the right one. We have met most of each other friends and family and everyone approves except his mother bonnie....but I thats okay....hes an only child and she is the only child without a husband so she feels alone....I just have to win her over with kindness. I really love Tony.....I have waited my whole life for a guy like him.

Work Life....

I got fired from the call center job but I didnt like it anyways,....I did end up getting the job at the hospital for the fiscal department that lasted 6 weeks....when my contract ended. I was unemployed for about 12 days....I talked to my old boss at I am working there part-time and as of tomorrow I will be starting admitting clerk position at the same hospital I was working contract so I am really life is pretty good.

Apartment Life

I am saving money for apartment...Tony and I are going to move in together hopefully in 3 months. I also I got to kitten...a boy and a girl....the boy is 5 months old and his name is Fat Boy. The girl is 5 weeks old and her name Lucky.

Well thats about whats going on....I have to update this a little later when I have more time.



Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Updating my life one blog at a time....

I got a job at a call center selling male enhancement product about 3 weeks of last night I got fired for a pranker that I didnt realize was a pranker....oh well....I was happen there anyways but I did meant a really great friend, Christina there so I believe that was the reason why I got employed there....but I tell you more about her in a few....
As for a new job, I was still interviewing other places and I got a new positon at a hospital being a Accounting Two pays less but I think I will like it a whole lot better. I took my drug test yesterday and I am just waiting to find out when I start....hopefully friday...that would be nice at least.
As for Christina, she is 31 and has 3 children isnt married but has a boyfriend named Leo...She is one of the only friends I have that doesnt do drug, drink and she I think she will be a good influence on me...I just got along with her right off the bat...

Now to my love life...I am seeing 2 people which is the frist time for me...I always just date one person and then I get disappointed....but I decided that I am just going to have fun and see what happens,.....
THe frist man...

Howie...I like to call him Mandel....he thinks its cute...hes 24, gradulated from Oswego and works as a teller during the day and a cashier in the evening...we met thru time I met someone on the internet....

only protenial problems...hes a mom's boy, he very passive, and still lives with his parents and he is 4 years younger, he calls 5 to 6 times a day
Positives...he works, has his own car, pays for everything, nice

Second Man....

Damon....I like calling him Jose because thats his 1st name....he so sexy....hes 21, graduated from some Mexican high school and is a master mason...right now he works as a farmhand. We met thru Christina's boyfriend Leo....

Only protenial problems...he speaks broken English, He is only a resident alien, (I have heard alot of thinks about Mexicans...I dont know how true any of them are), I dont know what my friends or family are going to thing, he is 7 years younger than me.

Positives...I am very attractied to him, he works, pays for everything, I am teaching him english while he is teaching me spanish, we have alot of fun together...

Thats whats going on in my lovelife...

My sister is coming up to New York...she is actually on the bus as we speak probably right on the other side of Charlotte, North Carolina. I am really excited about her coming up here. I am taking her shopping, we are going to dye our hair and its going to be so fun.

I am hoping to get a cell phone on August 6th...thats a hugh deal for me...I want the blackjack...I let you know.


I finally in the 270's and I fit into a really old pair of jeans...I have been wearing them all week....I can believe it....I am sooo thrilled....I am at 276.6.
I am only 6.6 pounds away from being in the 260's I havent seen 260 since 1999. So lets party like its 1999!!!!!

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KATHYANNNNN 7/19/2007 8:03PM

    Amy I saw your mom at church for a split second-are you in NY??? Congratulations on your goal!!! YOOOO HOOO!! See ya sometime I hope

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