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New Job

Thursday, April 12, 2007

My new job is taking care of my friend's 3 children. I am very excited about doing this. Becca is 7 and of course she is school age. She is a big help. Then there is Vinne (3 years old) who thinks he is the king of the castle. He is really smart. Then there is Brian the youngest (6 months). Right now all he does is cry, eat, sleep and poo, however, he is very handsome.
I guess for the most part I will be starting Monday. What a great way to get some super duper exercise...I can bring the kids to the park and play games and do a whole of things.
There mom and i have been friends for alongtime. She just joined Sparkpeople yesterday. This is just going to be so much fun. Yeah Me!!!

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CINCYGAL 4/15/2007 7:34PM

    Congratulations on your new job!! Chasing young uns burns plenty of calories and changing diapers builds character(yeah right). Much success to you in your new position.


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    Congratulations on your new job. I think that is wonderful. Have a great weekend.
Amy : )

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A little about myself

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I openned an post and I was told to write something about myself so here it goes...
I am 28 years old and I just moved back to New York but not by chose. But you can find more about that in previous blogs.
I am currently depressed because I dont have a job and i am staying with my mom who is driving me crazy. Dont get me worry...I love my mom but she feels that she can retach the cord between her and I. I keep telling her its my life and she needs to let me live it. She is driving me up the wall. We have such a better relationship when I am further away.
My dad is the strong silent type. He is doing really well. He is currently at work right now and I quess he is working late. He bought me flowers for Easter which was totally unexcepted. They are yellow but now I kindda dont want them because of my mom saying what she did. It really hurt my feelings. She doesnt care.
Of course, there is Tammy and Eric (sister and brother-in-law). They moved down to South Carolina in November but I have a feeling Tammy is to happy with the move. I told her its hard to move and start over but she is strong I think if she can get over the emotions that comes with moving she will me fine. Eric is a sweet heart. If my parents' were to ever have a son he would be just like Eric...which is scary if I were Tammy. Just kidding. Eric is a good guy and tries to make Tammy happy. I fiqure he has to be somewhat strong but Tammy can be hard to deal with at times.
The only people I hang out with when I am not at home is Jamie and her sister Jessica. Jamie is someone whom I thought was alot of trouble but turns out I was wrong. Jessica is 19 and acts very young. She drives me alittle crazy at things she says but one day she will grow up.
I miss people I once hang out with and sometimes I wish I could change the past...but in the end I am glad I can't because I am the person that I am today because of the people and sisuations that have happen.
So that is alittle bit about me.


Cinco De Mayo

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I am not hispanic but I love Cinco De Mayo. Its coming up on the 5th of May. I totally had to change my sparkpage to give it a little spice. I went to Florida and learned so much about that holiday.
So now I have to find out if they have any kind of celebration for their independance day in New York. I wonder if anyone else on here celebrates it.
If anyone ends up reading this blog let me know if you celebrate it and if so what are your plans?

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!!



Monday, April 09, 2007

A very nice guy named Gio and he is 36 years. My friend, Jamie, introduced us on the phone. He seems pretty sweet. We have talked on the phone several times. He lives in Long Island. He coming up here on the 18th of April which is only 9 days away.
He is filing for divorce and he also has a 16 month old baby girl. He is a proud father. Acouple of his friends are my friends and what I have been told is that we would hit it off really well.
He works in construction and loves his mother. Those are very good signs but I am still keeping my gaurd up. I asked him why his wife and him are getting a divorce. He said she cheated several times and the last time kiddnapped the baby and took a flight to Washington to meet a man she never met. After he got his daughter back he fought for custody and proved to the courts his wife was a unfit mother. According to him and a friend of mine, the wife has no rights to the daughter. But he gives her supervised visitation once a month.
What makes me hasten is the fact that he has only been seperated since August. Every conversation we have had...he has brought up her name. I understand that he is still hurt from her but I dont want to get hurt from him either. I am so ready for Mr. Right. When I am on the phone with him we have such a connection. I havent felt that way in alongtime. I dont want to get disappointed.
Even though I have my guard up I still get butterflies in my stomach whenever I do get to talk to him. I am really excited. I wonder if he is getting excited to see me?

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VELOCITY11 4/14/2007 9:29AM

    I have experience with this situation!! haha I don't know how close you two have become, but talking about the ex is typical of all people, especially by those who have been burned badly and recently. As long as he doesn't regard her in a romantic manner, I think you're safe. Tread lightly and allow for change. If they contemplate reuniting, then that's his mistake, not yours. Give your opinion and be on your way. He may come back. Mine did! :)

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Update On Life

Friday, March 23, 2007

Last weeks goal was to find a job.
I so completed that. I started my new job yesterdy. I am flipin'. Monday is my next day so this weekend I am just going to enjoy it. Because I will be working mad on hours and I will only have one day off a week. Its well worth it. I have totally enjoyed the work and I am really good at it.
I dropped 2.4 pounds this week which was great because the last two weeks I havent changed at all. I havent measured myself yet but I will.
Got to go to my Goddaughter's house for her birthday party tonight. She is turned 7 today. I got her some pretty earring. She is going to love them.
My ex and I are talking. I think we are going to work things out.
Still praying about it.

Plans...or goal whatever way you look at it.
Hugh goal is to 100 pounds this year....I am down 16.2 pounds since January 1st.
Small goal to be 275.2 by April 9th.
I am going to have to purchase a car...real nervous about doing that so I need lots of praying is going on for that.
My ex and I are talking and I feel like my heart is back and I feel normal. So I really hope we can work it out.
I hope to be back to Cleveland Tennessee no later than September. I really miss being there and its 80 degrees there today. I am so jealous.
Thats about it...I think.
Catch you on the flip side.

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VELOCITY11 3/24/2007 9:42AM

    Moving back to Tennessee or just visiting?

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