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Freaking Friday!!!

Friday, November 09, 2012

It is going to be a busy day. I have a WIC appointment and a doctor's appointment for my son today. I am leaving work at noon to make the appointments. I have to get all my work in before I leave for my 3 day weekend. I have Monday off due to Veteran's day. I think its really great to work for a bank for this reason alone.

Last night's dinner went very well too. Grandma and my dad loved it!!! I made bbq ribs, egg noodles, asaragus, carrots and corn with pineapple! Yummy!!! I have no clue what I am making for dinner tonight. I am thinking hamburgers. I am not sure yet.

Saturday, I am hoping to go out with James. He is planning on taking me to lunch and then the rest is a surprise. I have to get everything ready tonight so I do not have to worry about cleaning or anything tomorrow.

I am also trying to get a kitchen table and chairs. I have been shopping around for a little while. I think I found one I can afford and is nice looking.

Well that is it for now...


The next few days....

Thursday, November 08, 2012

It has been along week already. I made Chicken stir fry last night. My dad loved it!!! He is very hard to please. My Grandmother ate dinner too. I am very proud of myself for making a wonderful dinner that everyone enjoyed. emoticon

Tonight, I am making bbq ribs, egg noodles, carrots emoticon, mushrooms emoticon and asparagus. I am hoping that it will be a hit too. I set up my crockpot this morning and I am letting the ribs slow cook in beef broth. emoticon

I am still thinking about what I am planning for tomorrow's dinner. I know on Saturday its leftovers. emoticon I have been really good about portion sizes so I usually I do not have to many leftovers. Since Kaleb's dad will be taking him for the day I will be free to do whatever I want.

Tomorrow, I get out of work at noon. Kaleb has his 2 year old check up appointment and we have WIC. emoticonUnless Kaleb gets sick then next time he has to go to the doctor's is when he is 3 years old. I do not have to go to another WIC appointment for 3 months!!! Yeah Me!!! emoticon

I am two pounds away from losing the weight I gained on my vacation to New York. I am wick it excited to see my numbers going back down. emoticon After my mother comes back from New York I will be able participate in the gym activities again. emoticon Since my mother, sister and brother in law are still in New York I have to help my dad and grandmother in there daily routines. This time away makes me appreciate my mom even more. emoticon

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SANDICANE 11/8/2012 8:20AM

    congratulations on your commitment to yourself as you help others!!!

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Life as I know it

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

I am so glad today is Wednesday. As much as my mother drives me crazy I cannot wait to see her in a couple of days. emoticon I am not even sure when she will be back but my guess she will be back on Tuesday.

My sister's baby shower is on Friday. emoticon I am hoping that for her sake that our relatives can handle it. I know my sister is very emotion before the lose of our cousin. I am praying for her. emoticon

I made a roast last night. emoticon I actually had my grandmother eat a little bit. emoticon I am very happy about this. She has not ate in 3 days. Everything taste weird to her. I do not want to force her to eat. She is getting a blood transfusion today. This is just suppose to keep her alive a little longer. I am hoping she will make it until her birthday in February. emoticon She will be 82 then. Only God knows when the right moment is.

As for me, well I really like this new guy name James. We are going out again on Saturday if he can find a babysitter. He wants to take me to lunch and I think something to do in the country. He is very much a country bumpkin. I cannot wait to be able to kiss him again. I get butterflies in my stomach every time I get a message from him. emoticon


Updated Date!!!

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Well, I nervously waited for James to show up at the coffeehouse last night. I decided to read my book while I waited. emoticon When he showed up he was wearing a cowboy hat and smelled very nice. He was even better looking in person then he was in his pictures. emoticon

We went into the coffeehouse and ordered two hot coffees. emoticon He sat in the back where we could talk and laugh. We actually hung out for an hour in the coffeehouse. We talked about politics, parents, kids, work and our interest. emoticon I did not want the date to end so I suggested we take a walk in downtown Greenville. emoticon We walked for an hour. He was very shy and reserved. I took my hand and held his. He just started grinning like Chester the cat. emoticon emoticon

I could have walked for hours but we both had to get back to our kids. emoticon So nearing the end of our date I decided I wanted to kiss him. emoticon I knew he would not make the move. So I politely asked if I could kiss him. That was it. I was done.

Good Kisser, Good Job, Good Looking, Smelled Good and Great Conversation!!!... It was soooo Good!!!! emoticon

After leaving, he text me an hour later... we are sooo doing it again!!! emoticon

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GOLDENRODGIRL 11/6/2012 11:58AM


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40LESSOFERIN 11/6/2012 10:21AM

    That's great!! Nothing is a better motivator then dating to stay on track... emoticon

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GARDENCHRIS 11/6/2012 10:05AM

    lucky you!

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    I met my husband on a dating website!! I'm so excited for you!! And I agree also, there is something about a good smelling man!!

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VICKYMARIEC 11/6/2012 8:50AM

    LOL..there is something about a great smelling man!

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Playing the hand God gave me

Monday, November 05, 2012

My mom, sister and brother-in-law are in New York. They are attending my cousin's funeral today. On Friday, they are still having my sister's baby shower. It is going to be bittersweet. I am so glad nothing tragic happen during the time I was pregnant. I am praying for my family. I am trying not to think about it. emoticon

We didn't really celebrate my son's second birthday. I am reordering his cake after my family gets back into town. I am made him a good dinner emoticon plus sweet potato pie. emoticon He ate two pieces of the pie. Then I brought a piece to my grandmother. She ate almost the whole thing. Then I took Kaleb swimming. He had so much fun. I love to hear his laugh. He actually was brave enough to swim on his back. emoticon

My grandmother is not doing so well. Hospice came in last week to help us. She is lighted headed all the time. She sleeps 20 hours a day. Our family is lucky enough to get her to eat every couple of days. My dad stayed home with her while the rest of the clan is in New York.
I will be shocked if she lasted until Christmas. emoticon

On a better note, where my focus will be on for the rest of the day if I am lucky, I have a date after work. I am really nervous. We are meeting at a coffeehouse. emoticon I hope it is fun. I hope he is as great as he seems on paper, the phone and computer. We have a lot in common. I am very attracted to the photos. emoticon

That is what has been going on with my life this past weekend... I am hanging in there! emoticon

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NANCYRUBIO 11/5/2012 8:06AM

    Look for the positive in everything. Sorry about your family in NY, hopr they are alright. Take care of GRandmother. Give her lots of love.

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NCSUE0514 11/5/2012 8:04AM

    I've suffered a lot of loss in the past few years. I can't say I know how you feel, but I can say that in my case, time helped to diminish the pain and change bitter memories sweet. I pray that you will find the strength for each day, and God's comfort all the time.

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